15 Unnatural Hair Color Shades that Look More Than Natural!

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Sometimes you need to quirk up your look and change your appearance for a change. Apart from makeup and dress code, a change of hair color also plays an essential role in improving your appearance.

We have all seen shades of browns, reds, and blacks, which are quite common. But when you are looking for the edgy side of yours, these hair colors will not do justice to you. Being entirely on the tapering side, unnatural hair color ideas are trending these days.

unnatural hair color

From pastels to blues and even whites and metallic are quite on-trend. Keeping these unnatural hair colors in mind, we will talk about some of the unusual hair color trends that will put you on edge and allow you to experiment with your wild side.

What Unnatural Hair Color Should I Dye My Hair?

Some unnatural hair colors have gained much popularity these days, and the craze is the same for both men and women.

You should not feel restricted with what color you want to dye your hair, but there are certain things you should consider to get that perfect color.

  • Consider figuring out your undertone. To achieve that perfect hair color, you should first figure out if you are of the warm or cool category. There are millions of ways on the internet that can help you figure out your category. So, before choosing a crazy hair color, it is vital to determine your tone.
  • Once you have figured out your category, it is now essential to learn what colors work best for you. Colors such as ash brown or cool blonde work best for people with cool skin tones, while darker colors such as auburn shades, golden brown, and other deeper shades work best for warmer skin tones.
  • Understand the color wheel if you want your unnatural hair color to be perfect. Do not choose a contrasting color to your natural hair color, or it can turn out different than what you wanted it to be. Instead, choose a complimenting color that will neutralize these tones and will work well with your undertones.
  • If you have blonde hair, then it’s recommended to help a professional because blonde hair is a little trickier to dye. Unnatural hair colors tend to end up looking completely different than what they actually are.
  • If you have grey hair, then you might want to consider your options before dying your hair with any unnatural hair color quite well. It is because whatever colors you will consider, it will come out very bright on grey hair. So tr to select a little darker shade so that it will tone down on grey hair.
  • If you want any unnatural hair colors like pink, green, or blue, then you might want to consider bleaching your hair to get the perfect color. But if your hair is naturally light or blonde, then you can still achieve the perfect shade without bleaching.
  • Consider your environment and workplace before dying your hair of any color. It is because not every unnatural hair color is appropriate for work and school. Blondes and reds are suitable for all occasions, but colors like pinks or blues might not blend with all situations, so weigh your options before choosing dramatic shades.
  • Apart from all these factors, you would also want to consider the city and place you live in. Also, choose a color that defines your personality and something that you wear most often or something close to your natural skin tone and eye color.

Must-Try Unnatural Hair Color Ideas

Now that we have discussed the factors that you should consider before getting a unique hair color, here are some best unnatural hair color ideas that are worth trying.

Rose Gold

unnatural hair color
via Glaminati.com

It is one of the trendy unnatural hair color ideas, which is worth a try. It is a perfect blend of pink, red, and blonde, making all the traditional hair colors feel alive. Rose gold has been around for quite some time now, and the best part about this hair color is that it is meant to complement every skin tone. It is exceptionally versatile, and it is an appropriate hair color for almost all occasions.


silver hair color
via OscarOscar

It is officially the time to embrace grey hair rather than covering it up. Silver or grey hair has been named the hair color of the year, and not to mention it has been quite popular in the last few years. This hair color works best for people with a cool skin tone. This hair color is not only sexy but also chic and edgy. If you are looking for a color that is classy and sassy, this is it.


unnatural hair color
via Pinterest

This unnatural hair color can give you a radical makeover and can instantly freshen and brighten up your look. Teal is a vibrant color, and you can play with the color palette going from dark, medium to light to find that perfect match for yourself. This hair color works well with all skin ton which is a huge bonus.

Pastel Pink

unnatural hair color
via Stella Lee

The Barbie world has finally come into reality, and the pink hair color of the Barbie dolls has finally made it into real life. Pastel pink is similar to rose gold, with the only difference being that it is very, very light. This hair color can be both subversive and bold, along with being delicate and demure. Depending on your skin tone, you can choose from light to deeper shades of pastel pink, which will also say a lot about your personality.


lilac hair
via LiveColour

A faint shade of purple has been a quite popular choice among experimental women over the past few years. This is one of those unnatural hair colors which are quite desirable. It reminds me of cotton candy, and it is quite cool and edgy. Lilac is a pretty sensational hair color and versatile, which looks great in every way you style it.

Mint Green

unnatural hair color
via Adobe Stock

Mint Green is one of those unnatural hair colors which has a hint of blue in them. It is one of the prettiest pastel shades of the green family, and it can work well for both warm and cool skin tones if you choose the right shade. You can choose anything from a more subdued to bright green depending on your tastes.

Cobalt Blue

via Pinterest

This is a crazy, bold, and vibrant color of the amazing blue family. It is a very versatile hair color and a head-turner. Depending on your skin tone, you can work with the shades of blue and find out something suitable according to your mood and preference.

Scarlet Red

scarlet red hair

Scarlet Red is an amazing hair color for fall this season. Red always seems to be a bold and bright choice, and it can instantly change your appearance if you are looking for one. Scarlet Red is also a very versatile color and works well with all skin tones. Scarlet red is one shade that has a bit of orange in it, which makes your face look brighter and fresher.

Lime Green

unnatural hair colors
via Makeup.com

Another shade of green family that looks as amazing as the previous one. It is not a pastel green but a much brighter and bolder green almost equal to neon, which is again quite the trend lately. It is a very vibrant shade, and not to mention it looks electrifying.


Well, orange is not a very welcoming color when it comes to hair color. You can always find people complaining about brassy and orangy hair when they go for blonde hair color. Nonetheless, people are learning to embrace this unconventional hair color, and they are getting more experimental when it comes to hair color shades. Orange is such a color that looks great on all skin tones. The one major thing here is that you can’t be afraid and give it all.


violet hair color

Fun and flirty shades such as violets and plums are quite in lately, and they can give you a very stunning look. Violet is a very rocking hue, and it can make you look hot and vivacious without being too out there. It is a deeper shade of lavender or lilac and works well with medium to dusky skin tone.


via Mamamia

This color can be found all over your Instagram feeds, and You can say that this hair color has taken the beauty world by storm. Opal is quite an unnatural hair color yet sophisticated and looks very graceful on anyone who decides to go for it. These colors are very reflective, and it does not look good on hair, which has too much yellow in it.


Blackberry is an excellent color for all those people who love dark hair but yet want some unusual color on their hair. It is quite a playful hue and includes shades of purple with a hint of blue in it. This hair color is meant to give you quite an edgy yet subdued look.


unnatural hair color

Gold hair color looks healthy and shiny. It is more like bleached and blonde hair but with a more metallic shine to it. It makes your hair look like you have gone under rebonding treatment after bleaching your hair. This color works great for both cool and warm tones. Gold has a subtle warmth to it and has taken the platinum hair color by an edge. It is more beige than icy-blonde hair color.


coral hair color
via Adobe Stock

Coral is a very experimental hair color, and it can take your hair game up a notch. This hair color is meant to brighten up the entire face, and it looks different on different hair, so you might want to get your hair bleached to attain the perfect color.

Things To Know Before You Color Your Hair With An Unnatural Hair Color

Unnatural hair color can look quite promising, experimental, and fun, but here are some things you should know before you dye your hair with some crazy bright color.

  • If you are not naturally blonde, you will have to bleach your hair and maybe even make the color pop several times.
  • Bleaching your hair several times can severely damage your hair. This is something you should know if you’re in for some crazy hair color.
  • Do not try to bleach your hair at home. Instead, try going to a professional to get it done for you. You can try it yourself only if you are fully aware of the process. You wouldn’t want to destroy your hair.
  • The color will eventually fade no matter what you do to protect it. So this is something you should be prepared for so that you don’t lose heart once you see the color slipping away from your hair.
  • The crazy color is going to leave its stains everywhere. So be prepared for it and avoid your wet hair from getting close to anything white or any light color.
  • Know the aftermath of coloring your hair. For example, if you color your hair red, your bathroom will look no less than a crime scene. And if you decide to go green, then your hair will still have shades of green until you completely chop off your hair.

How To Maintain Your Hair Color

You can’t avoid hair color fading, but there are still certain things you can do to make it last.

  • Make hair masks and hair creams your best friend. After having dyed your hair frequently, your hair can get dry and damaged, which will make it easier for your color to slip away. You can also prepare egg hair masks that will provide you with thickness and shine.
  • Always wash your hair with cold water. Warm water opens up the cuticles, making your hair color slide off and fade a lot quicker. Coldwater will hold the hair color to your hair and your color from bleeding and your bathroom turning into a mess.
  • Invest in high-quality hair products such as shampoos and conditioners. Go for products that are specially meant for color-treated hair. Also, avoid sulfates, paraben, or alcohol as these will make your scalp dry, making it produce more oil, which in turn will result in the loss of your bright hair color.
  • Avoid washing your hair too often, as this also depletes the quality of your hair color. The lesser you wash your hair, the longer your hair color will stay. So if you wash your hair every day, change that habit if you want your hair color to last longer.
  • Avoid styling your hair with heat, and if you do need to style it, then use a heat protectant. This will not only prevent your hair from damage but also prevent your hair color from fading quickly.
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun for prolonged hours. Sun has harmful UV rays, which are a natural enemy of your skin and your hair color. So try avoiding the sun as much as possible, or try covering your hair up when you are out.

Take Away

Unnatural hair colors are not as unnatural as they sound. They are just quirky, fun, and experimental. People love to dye their hair with crazy colors just because it suits their personality. Your hair color speaks a lot about you. So if you want to try out any of these colors, then go ahead because there is nothing to be afraid of.

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