5 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Organic Hair Products

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Organic hair products of different varieties have seen a spike in popularity in the last few years. There has been more emphasis on society for us to take good care of ourselves and our planet at large.

Your hair is naturally a treasured part of your body and identity, but are organic hair products the right way to go? What’s all the fuss and hype with organic hair care products anyway?

You have probably come across many organics that swear by all-organic hair products, and you still don’t quite understand behind all this. I will explain it all in this post…

The truth about organic hair products is that they contain elements that will leave you glowing with stronger, longer, softer, and healthier hair. Most organic hair care products are composed of super healthy ingredients such as water, shea butter, aloe, glycerin, and grape seed oil. With the numerous benefits associated with the use of organic hair care products, there is definitely a reason why there has been much hype about organic hair products.

It's Time to Embrace Organic Hair Products & 5 Reasons Why You Should

Sadly, it is evident that if you are already used to doing things in a specific way, you will probably not find the need to alter your routine. However, once you know the benefits of using organic hair products, you will definitely want to make a switch. But before we can explore the benefits of organic hair products, let’s take a quick look at the top four natural ingredients for healthy hair.

Top 4 Natural Ingredients in Organic Hair Products

Shea Butter

This ingredient is usually a goldmine of acids that function as an emollient, which means that they reduce the moisture loss from the hair. By doing so, Shea butter primarily acts as a shield against hair damage and dryness.

Aloe Vera

This is another excellent, all-around ingredient that bears numerous benefits. This element works to promote hair growth through an enzyme that mainly focuses on stimulating your hair follicles. Better yet, Aloe Vera is a powerful restorative for burnt or damaged hair.


If you are looking for a strong antibacterial ingredient that will promote a healthy and long-lasting shine on your head, then honey is the way to go. Moreover, it is anti-oxidant, antiseptic, and anti-microbial. Just a few drops of honey in your hair products will support hair balms and ointments. In addition, honey is known to contain a beautiful scent and is an excellent addition to any hair product that nourishes and adds vitality to your hair.

Coconut Oil

This is an ingredient in history since it has been used for ages to strengthen and infuse shine into your hair. Coconut oil also serves as an excellent long-lasting conditioner that boosts the durability of your follicles and serves as a healthy source of nutrients. This natural ingredient also prevents the raising of cuticles, which means that your hair remains lively and frizz-free.

It's Time to Embrace Organic Hair Products & 5 Reasons Why You Should

Why Should You Use Organic Hair Products?

Here are a few reasons why organic hair products are a healthier choice compared to synthetic products.

  • No Harsh Ingredients

This is arguably the best and most obvious reason to go the organic hair products way. The beauty of organic hair products is that they are often infused with ingredients that you can easily find in your local grocery.

Synthetic haircare products often contain large volumes of harsh elements that are not only dangerous to your hair but to your overall health as well. As such, the use of organic hair products dramatically reduces the likelihood of suffering from such outcomes. For instance, a shampoo infused with coconut oil will act as a good cleanser, keep your hair hydrated, elastic and strong all thanks to its keratin content.

  • Safe for Damaged or Color-Treated Hair

Hair that is heat-damaged, color-treated, or just fundamentally damaged will significantly benefit from organic hair care products. Instead of exacerbating the damage already inflicted on your hair, they will create a safe, thriving environment for your hair while you nurse it to its initial healthy state.

And since colored curls tend to be more fragile, an organic hair care regimen will go a long way in protecting them from harm that would prevent them from remaining in their healthy state. Most organic hair products are infused with keratin and humectants that ensure a proper balance of protein and moisture, vital in protecting your hair from damage.

  • They Strengthen your Hair

Organic hair care products that contain keratin as one of the ingredients have the ability to strengthen your hair follicles from the inside up to the hair strands.

Knowing that the human hair is usually 95% keratin, then this is an ingredient that is essential for optimal hair growth. And if you’re looking to strengthen your hair strands, a good leave-in conditioner is necessary since it will sustain your hair until your next wash day and improve its moisture-retention capabilities.

  • They Reduce Split Ends

While a majority of over-the-counter stylers claim to protect and moisturize your hair, the truth is that most of them are infused with alcohol. It could leave your much-treasured hair looking dry, which could consequently result in split ends that snap and break all over. Natural hair definers and stylers will not leave your hair looking dry and hanging high. These products will make your hair immensely soft and manageable to comb through when necessary.

  • Improves General Health

Your general health is more important than the beauty of your hair. When you use hair products infused with hazardous chemicals, you essentially expose your body to the chemicals.

And as we all know, you can’t rub shampoos on your head or coat your hair with chemicals without small drops being absorbed into the skin. Either way, you will be poisoning your body with the little drops of dangerous chemicals daily.

By utilizing organic hair care elements such as all-natural hair serum, you eliminate the unwanted chemical intake harmful to your body. Natural hair care will not only result in healthier hair but also better body health.

Hope this article was informative for you. I’m also one of those who try to include as many organic products as I can replace chemical counterparts with them. It’s time to make a change and embrace natural hair care!

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  1. I too made a switch to organic hair care products about two years back. And my hair has grown longer and is more healthy than ever before…

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