169 Exciting Beauty Activities to Do at Home When Bored

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If you’re a beauty enthusiast and have seen many fun beauty activities you wanted to try out, but you didn’t have the time before, this is your golden opportunity!

From painting your nails to experimenting with new hairstyles, these beauty-related activities can help you feel more confident and look your best, especially when you’re bored at home:

Exciting Beauty Activities to Do at Home

    1. Try the Hanacure at-home facial
    2. Treat yourself to a pedicure
    3. Condition your hair with a natural conditioner like avocado or honey.
    4. Use a crystal Gua Sha to shape your face
    5. Do some mess-free self-tanning
    6. Indulge in a bubble charcoal mask
    7. Use a Jojoba oil hair mask to get rid of split ends
    8. Make a cling wrap mask
    9. Make a turmeric under-eye brightener
    10. Do a glitter face mask
    11. Create a DIY de-bloater
    12. Self-applied eyelash extensions
    13. Perfect your smoky eye
    14. Explore an obscure online beauty shop
    15. Make an immunity-boosting smoothie
    16. Try meditation
    17. Read a teenage beauty book to travel back in time and relive your adolescent years
    18. Make a DIY lip scrub
    19. Try a funky wash-out hair color
    20. Do a baby foot treatment
    21. Use a pore strip
    22. Make a DIY bath bomb
    23. Try dermarolling to reduce wrinkles, under-eye bags, and stretch marks
    24. Try dermaplaning to make your skin softer and brighter
    25. Give yourself a scalp massage
    26. Practice a cut crease
    27. Play with your eyebrows and experiment with different shapes
    28. Give yourself a steam facial
    29. Make a DIY essential oil diffuser
    30. Tint your own eyebrows
    31. Attempt some minimalist nail art from DIY books
    32. Choose the right mask to pair with the perfect wine

Beauty Activities to Do at Home

  1. Try a butt mask
  2. Read up about the potential causes of butt acne
  3. Whiten your teeth
  4. Work on your at-home blowout technique
  5. Try the Olaplex hair perfector treatment
  6. Listen to a beauty-themed podcast
  7. Reorganize your beauty cabinet and take a ‘Shelfie’
  8. Play around with colorful eyeliner
  9. Splurge on professional nail art
  10. Sample beauty nail file & buffer set
  11. Experiment with cupping
  12. Give your hair a little TLC with Coco and Eve’s Like a Virgin hair mask
  13. Perfect your bright eyeshadow looks
  14. Recreate a salon facial
  15. Finally, organize your makeup
  16. Try the famous foot peel
  17. Perfect your hair styling techniques
  18. Take some time out for some fun with a vibrator
  19. Indulge in a hot bath with some DIY bath bombs
  20. Make a beauty wish list for the next time you go shopping
  21. Clean your makeup brushes, preferably with a cleansing palette
  22. Try a body mask
  23. With some time and effort, remove your blackheads.
  24. Practice your makeup skills
  25. Get your glow on with an at-home peel
  26. Do a face massage
  27. Try the Foreo UFO, a high-tech approach to sheet masking
  28. Brush up on your skincare knowledge
  29. Experiment with your brows to find your perfect shape
  30. Do a full-body tan
  31. Make a DIY face mask
  32. Treat yourself to a spa day

DIY Beauty Activities

    1. Do a peel-off mask
    2. Use an eye mask to soothe your tired eyes
    3. Stimulate skin with jade rolling
    4. Try an upper lip wax
    5. Get kissable lips with a DIY lip scrub
    6. Give yourself a scalp treatment and deep clean it naturally
    7. Give yourself a haircut
    8. Try out magnetic lashes
    9. Grow long lashes with an eyelash enhancer
    10. Experiment with contour
    11. Take a bubble bath with bath bars
    12. Try dry brushing
    13. Do a full-body scrub
    14. Take a cold shower
    15. Clean up your bikini line
    16. Indulge yourself with some DIY body butter
    17. Make your hands feel good with a manicure
    18. Try a dip powder manicure
    19. Try a lotion pack to hydrate your skin
    20. Go through your beauty blog or website online
    21. Try mixing all your lipstick shades and see if it gives a wearable shade
    22. Try using a facial roller
    23. Check out the new Glossier products
    24. Explore a fascinating Dutch braid tutorial
    25. Use caffeinated tea bags to reduce under-eye puffiness
    26. Throw a virtual dance party
    27. Experiment with clay-infused skincare
    28. Clean out your beauty bag
    29. Clean up your acne
    30. Start a beauty blog highlighting your experiences

at-home Beauty Activities

    1. Cook with more superfoods
    2. Take more midday naps
    3. Make collagen-infused golden milk
    4. Find out what shampoo and conditioner are ideal for your hair type
    5. Learn how to layer your skincare correctly
    6. Rejuvenate your skin at home micro needling pen
    7. Figure out your signature scent
    8. Tart your own YouTube beauty tutorial
    9. Recycle empty beauty containers
    10. Practice pulling off that perfect eyeliner in no time
    11. Feel fresh by using a facial cleanser
    12. Work your skincare in properly with a charcoal-infused konjac sponge
    13. Start using a hyaluronic acid serum
    14. Try out some cardio exercises
    15. Practice some yoga to get your blood circulation going
    16. Try bath salts infused with charcoal
    17. Give yourself a ‘Haircial’
    18. Go online makeup shopping
    19. Oil train your hair
    20. Apply some SPF to protect yourself from the blue light of your digital screens
    21. Hydrate your hair with a hair serum
    22. Apply some saffron-infused milk to your cleansed face
    23. Apply potato pulp to your face
    24. Get your makeup professionally done
    25. Give yourself a full body massage
    26. Get a wax instead of having to shave
    27. Shave your face
    28. Get a full skin consultation with a dermatologist
    29. Wear hair extensions (temporary or permanent)
    30. Be a bit generous with yourself and do one big beauty haul

beauty haul

  1. Try a pixie haircut
  2. Get bangs to give yourself a new look
  3. Try the L’OREAL clay mask trio for your skin after you’ve done a deep clean
  4. Try all-natural eye masks which use gold powder
  5. Use the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream daily to give yourself a little lift
  6. Try RevitaLash’s amazing lash serum
  7. Try Paradox’s elixir, which is like a hangover cure for your hair
  8. Improve your DIY manicure to make it look like a professional one with the Seche Vite’s chip-resistant top coat
  9. Make your own beauty products by reading up on the many benefits of different ingredients
  10. Figure out what chemicals and ingredients are there in the products you’re already using
  11. Read a beauty philosophy book
  12. Read a book on the history and evolution of beauty and skincare products
  13. Try to imitate popular beauty products by making them at home with natural ingredients
  14. Figure out what look and style works for you the best
  15. Read a French history book to find out about their famous practices
  16. Read a beauty business book to understand what it takes to be in the beauty industry
  17. Check out plant-based beauty products
  18. Read James Hamblin’s Clean: The New Science of Skin to understand the working of the skin and what habits are best for you
  19. Try recreating iconic celebrity hairstyles with your friends
  20. Read up about the common myths about aging
  21. Explore Korean cosmetics
  22. Check out Mihaela Noroc’s The Atlas of Beauty for pictures and stories of beautiful women from over 50 countries

diy choco mint lip balm

  1. Try making your own choc-o-mint lip balm
  2. Try making your own coconut whip makeup remover
  3. Read Christopher Hopkin’s Staging Your Comeback to learn how to look your best even after you reach 45
  4. Figure out your perfect diet to look and feel your best all year long
  5. Try a pre-shampoo hair treatment.
  6. Explore nail stickers
  7. Attempt a heatless hairstyle
  8. Properly learn how to paint your non-dominant hand.
  9. Try using an ice roller
  10. Put up a picture of your favorite beauty icon on your mirror
  11. Try these coconut oil hair mask recipes
  12. Slip on a hand mask and give your cuticles the hydrating boost that they need
  13. Spend some time with an LED mask
  14. Try a nail-conditioning oil to repair all the damage caused by handwashing and sanitizing
  15. Try using baking soda as an exfoliant
  16. Soften your hair by rinsing it in a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water
  17. Soak your feet in Epsom salt to repair dry and cracked heels
  18. Try a Korean half bath-‘ban-shin-yok’ to boost your circulation
  19. Try doing an in-/post-shower lymphatic body massage
  20. Check out how to give yourself a glass-skin massage
  21. Layer on a soothing muscle gel as a substitute for aromatherapy
  22. Treat your flaky scalp with honey to get rid of the dandruff
  23. Drink a glass of orange juice to give your skin the Vitamin C it needs
  24. Apply a paste of papaya ground in your mixer for glowing skin

beauty activities

There are many ways to be beautiful without spending a lot of money.

From your head to your toe, these activities will rejuvenate your entire self and give you a glow brighter than ever before.

You’ll not only end up looking and feeling better than before, but some of the best beauty activities suggested on the list will help you be more intimate with your inner beauty.

It’s the perfect time to learn how to make skincare fun when you’ve got a lot of spare time on your hands!

Remember, it is important to love yourself first and foremost, and then let your beauty shine through.

So, pick your favorite and get started!

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