How Often Should I get a Full Body Massage?

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Full body massage is not something everyone indulges frequently.

Most people reserve it for vacations in exotic lands and they think of massages as reminders of the blissful time they had in a foreign land, but massages are more than just a vacation activity. They are very rejuvenating for the body can help you deal with problems caused by lifestyle choices.

You can go to your local spa or get a home therapist to help you out. Frequent body massage is very good for your body, it delivers more benefits than once-a-year massage.

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Before you start getting four massages every week, here are a few factors you should consider.

How many massages can you actually afford?

Massages are not very cheap, you need to consider your monthly budget before you start squeezing in a dozen massages every month. That said, there are relatively low-cost options that you look into.

A few massage franchises give you monthly massage packages at lower rates. You could also look into private practitioners, they tend to cost lower than franchises and also do not expect tips. They are also likely to do massages at your home at a lower cost.

There are also a few massage places that do good massages at dead cheap rates, but the atmosphere and amenities won’t be that great.

If you feel like you want the occasional indulgences, check out My Home Therapy good thing is that you can call them for a home service massage or you could go for the ultra-premium spas. While these don’t really offer much higher health benefits than a normal spa, they are a really exciting experience.

How does my body’s condition affect the frequency of body massage?

Knowing what are the things that are causing stress to your muscles and how often you need to massage is critical. Getting too much massage will be detrimental to your wallet while too little will mean you won’t get the maximum benefit out of them.

If you are in good health: Monthly once

If you are healthy and just want to gain additional health benefits from massage, it is best to get a massage once or twice a month. Do not keep a huge gap between messages as you do not want your body to start from scratch every time, you want to build on your previous sessions.

If you are pregnant: Biweekly

If you are expecting a baby, you will most likely start gaining weight. Other than the baby’s weight your body will also start building up on food reserves. All this increased weight will put increased stress on your major joints like the hips and knees, and also your lower back. A full body massage can help relieve the stress on those parts and can help you move and sleep better. It is best if you start taking massage sessions from your second trimester.

If you have delivered a baby, massage can still be very helpful. Giving birth places a lot of stress on your lower back and frequent massage sessions will help relieve it.

If you have trouble sleeping: weekly once

If you are not able to sleep no matter what you do, massages will be the way to go. While sleeping pills and drugs have many side effects, a message is just blissful. A full body massage will achieve your body’s parasympathetic nervous system, the system that switches on the rest and digest mode of your body. A weekly massage session will thus help you sleep like a toddler.

If you spend too much time sitting at a desk: Monthly or biweekly

If you are running a standard 9 to 5 job, spending most of your time stuck to a desk and staring at a computer screen, your body will be placed under a lot of stress. You will develop many issues over the course of time and you will not even be aware of them. Going to a  masseuse will help you pamper your sore appendages, such as your neck, fingers, and arms. Only when the therapist starts working on you, will you be able to actually become aware of the issues your body is developing.

If you are indulging in a lot of sports and physical activity: Weekly

Exercising regularly is one of the greatest steps you can take towards a healthy lifestyle. With constant working out, you might tighten your muscle bundles and these might feel sore after some time. Getting a full-body sports massage will help you recover much better from your workout sessions, you can even target specific parts of your body depending on your workout.

If you have a minor injury: Weekly or biweekly

Maybe you went too hard on the final lap or did a yoga pose without proper supervision, it is possible to injure yourself while working out. You can start with weekly massage sessions. Once you start healing, you can slowly increase the gap between each session. This will help you heal faster while also reducing the amount of pain you might feel.

If you are extremely stressed: Weekly

Stress is the worst enemy of a healthy lifestyle. It won’t let you sleep peacefully, it will even impact your appetite. Spending a considerable amount of time every week in a rejuvenating massage might be the first step you can take towards general wellbeing.

If you have ailments that cause chronic pain: Weekly or biweekly

Whether you have depression, irritable bowel syndrome, or another chronic condition, massage can help you. A well-trained masseuse can make you feel good and happy. If you start a dialogue with them about which action feels good and which parts of your body are sore, they will be more than happy to comply with your requests and help you out.

Teaching you healthy habits

Most of the pain comes from everyday habits. Be it whether you sleep on only one side of your body or spend all day in a chair, they will all have an impact on your muscles. A masseuse will be able to teach you healthy stretches and habits you can follow to reduce their impact.

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  1. For generations, full body massage has been regarded as a health enhancer and tonic. The stress of work, the climate, and other factors can cause our bodies to feel worn out and dehydrated. Full body massages can replenish your body’s energy, as the article says.

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    Thanks for sharing this post on massage benefits and how it can help. You have explained it very well.

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