What Does Your Hair Color Say About Your Personality

The first thing that people change about their looks is either the hairstyle or the hair color since hair is the most noticeable part of your appearance.

People dye their hair in all sorts of colors, from blonde to a pattern of the rainbow. But have you ever thought about how a hair color could affect someone’s personality?

What Does Your Hair Color Say About Your Personality

Personality mostly depends on how you act in certain situations, and that is how most people would describe you further. Although appearance plays an important role in defining your personality, hair color plays a small part.

Dying your hair with a completely different hair color than your natural hair can completely change your personality and say a lot about your character traits.

Link Between Hair Color and Personality

Personality is mostly referred to in that it defines your behavior, while personality is actually all the small traits of you that make you who you are.

Personality is the characteristic of thinking, behaving, feeling. Your opinions, views, beliefs, values, morals, attitudes, and moods all add up to your personality, which makes you different from others. Personality is the qualities in an individual that make him/her different from other individuals.

Your environment (society) also plays an important role in forming your personality, and it starts with the home, your parents, and then your teachers and peers.

People identify themselves as individuals when they get adolescent, and that is the time when your personality traits start becoming firm and stronger. You start putting your opinions openly and expect them to be respected. You perceive the world around you in your way, which is different from what your parents have taught you or what you have learned in school.

Personality has little to do with your hair color and is mostly based on society’s stereotypes. We come across these stereotypes through the movies we watch or through media. For example, a stereotype for blonde girls being that they are probably a beauty with no brains and a little mean. But when you add personal choice to it, hence giving away your personality traits.

When you see people with vibrant hair colors like pink, purple, or even orange, they likely desire to look unique and would probably be creative in nature.

You would also notice that they have a personality of somewhat a rebel. They wouldn’t like anyone ordering them, as well as they love to do what their heart tells them to. They are also highly intuitive. Such people can be compassionate or logical.

People tend to prejudice almost instantly based on how someone looks. It is not something harmful, and it is just human nature. We tend to get attracted to something that is not common and hence judge people on their looks.

If we change our hair color from natural to something else, will it affect our personality?

Studies say that changing a hair color affects adrenalin levels in your body. For example, coloring your hair red could make you one of those hothead redheads. Why? After you color your hair and look in the mirror every time, this gives signs to your psyche, and hence you automatically start to behave like a redhead and adopt the stereotype.

Different Hair Colors and What They Say About Your Personality

As mentioned above, hair color can barely affect your personality. Still, as the stereotypes have left such a long-lasting impact on our brains, hair color plays a role in making an impression of one’s personality.

It is also proven that hair color can almost affect our personality in a very real way. Here are some hair colors that say a lot about your personality traits:


A common stereotype that comes with women having blonde locks is that they are pretty, dumb, mean, cheerleaders that are very popular in school/college. There are only around 5%-10% of people who have naturally blonde hair.

Women with blonde hair are usually carefree, high-maintenance, and loud. Blonde hair signifies feminine traits, hence attracting more men.

These women have everything planned for their weekends and crave lying in their beds watching movies and spending their day in their pajamas.


What Does Your Hair Color Say About Your Personality

Brown hair is common around the world, doesn’t mean it is boring or normal. People from the west, Europe, for example, are especially attracted to this hair color.

Brunettes are mostly perceived to be responsible at any given work. They are hard workers and are also perceived to be reliable. Hence they have a stable and long relationship. They do like days off from work as they keep working hard and taking responsibility for almost everything.

Classic Black Hair

classic black hair

While people love getting their hair colored in different vibrant colors, people with black-colored hair prefer to keep it natural. This hair color is mostly found in Asian countries, and women prefer men with black-colored hair rather than any other hair color.

People with black hair color are mostly serious and intense. They may look mysterious, but they could start an interesting conversation, suddenly throwing an intellectual question. They are interested in news and learning new pieces of information. You could find them sipping coffee with a book in their hand at your local café.

Red hair

Many assume that people with red hair color are very short-tempered and mostly have tattoos all over their bodies. This is partly true.

People with red hair can be temperamental, but they are also very romantic, which is obvious as it is said that red is the color of love. It is not necessary that you would find these same traits in all redheads; some can also be opinionated, seductive, rebellious, and sassy.

Dyed Hair Tips

What Does Your Hair Color Say About Your Personality

The best way to keep your natural hair and add a little change is by dying your tips and experimenting with different colors.

This shows that you do like breaking the rules yet want to play it safe. You like being in the middle where you don’t cause much trouble yet want to have some fun.


rainbow hair

Some people are just not satisfied with one color and hence decide to get their hair colored in all rainbow colors. Some of them surprise you by having a completely normal hair color on the outside and different colors from the rainbow on the inside of their hair.

People with a vibrant hair color combination tend to be outgoing and loud. They are creative, which is obvious with their hair color. They always have their own opinion, which is always different from others. The personality of people with such unnatural hair color makes them unique, and they don’t care about what people think or talk about them. Such people know how to live life to the fullest and are the life of the party. Hanging out with them always calls for some adventure, and their company is all that you can ask for.

Bright Colored Streak

What Does Your Hair Color Say About Your Personality

Those with bright-colored streak are the cool, passionate music-loving people who have their guitar almost wherever they go. They are some punk rockers on your school/college campus. You can identify them from far away as they walk in with their knee-ripped black jeans, either paired with a black tank or a plaid shirt on that tank and some black converse.

These people are confident and can be a bit of a rebel. The irony with their look and their personality is that they can be shy at times. They are bold and creative and look for interesting people to hang out with or people with the same interests. They love having random jamming sessions, and they love things that can give them an adrenaline rush.

Natural Grey Hair

What Does Your Hair Color Say About Your Personality

People don’t like it when their hair starts turning grey. They try to dye it and hide their natural grey hair. It is a sign of aging, and hence, people try to dye them back to their natural hair color.

Grey hair is actually cool for some people. It signifies that you have a lot of knowledge and experience. If you are not into dying your grey back to any other hair color, it states that you like being natural and that you accept yourself just the way you are. You are warm at heart and an advisor for your close ones. You are honest and tell people about the reality of situations.


neon green hair

A lot of people are getting their hair colored in vibrant, eye-catching neon colors. From fluorescent pink to orange, people love dying their hair in these new colors.

The personality of people having their hair dyed in such colors is vibrant, just like their hair. They are outgoing, confident, and creative. They like being a part of the crowd and have firm opinions. Their make-up is on point every time they step out of their house. If you have a best friend that falls under this category, then be ready to take a trip to watch the concerts of Coachella or even go to the Burning Man festival.

Bottom Line

As mentioned above, hair color is only partly linked to your personality, and most being the stereotypes, the foremost role of dying your hair is to change the way you look. Colors make people happy and can have a different effect on your psyche.

There are various options available for men as well as women to choose from to dye their hair. The society heading towards a non-judgemental mindset and not having prejudices based on looks help in freely experimenting with your looks and not being embarrassed about it. At the end of the day, not all redheads have bad tempers, and there are still many smart blondes out there. You definitely don’t have to buy into the stereotypes about different hair colors. Your hair color doesn’t define you. But it does say a lot about who you are. Only you will know what the best hair colors for you are.

Dying your hair can cause damage to them by making them dry and making the grey hair appear at an early age; hence it is important to use a branded and reliable hair color to dye your hair with. When you have colored hair, heat also must be avoided unless emergency. If you absolutely have to use a hot blow dryer to dry your hair, we recommend using a hair diffuser attachment to spread the heat around so it isn’t so isolated in one area.

It is not necessary to always dye your hair to look different or to stand out. It depends on how you look at yourself. Try to do some introspection before you decide to dye your hair.

Natural hair is as beautiful as dyed hair and is definitely not boring at all. Even though you feel that you need a little bit of change, try playing safe first and get your ends dyed temporarily, and if you really like it, you can get it colored completely.

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