All About Sara Rue’s Inspirational Weight Loss Journey

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Losing weight is not an easy task. You should, however, love the way you are and feel confident in your own body.

But nonetheless, there are several factors that come with obesity. You can either have diabetes or your heart can be at risk.

But thankfully, there are several ways in which you can lose weight. The whole internet world is filled with tips and videos that will enable you to lose weight.

Shedding some extra pounds of that stubborn fat can be really tough. But here is an inspiration for you to get you going.

Today, we are going to talk about the journey of Sara Rue’s weight loss. She is one such woman who made it possible even in her 30s. So let’s find out how she actually did it.

Who is Sara Rue?

sara rue weight loss
Sara Rue Weight Loss | Via Mix949

Sara Rue is an American actress. She is a very popular face on the television screen and is known for a lot of roles. She played Carmen Fererra in Popular and also Claude Casey in Less Than Perfect. Sara also hosted a live reality show in 2011.

She is the daughter of Joan Schlackman, who was also an actress and a municipal employee. Sarah is Jewish and is brought up in New York. Sara first appeared on the TV screen when she was nine. Her first break was in 1988 in the film Rocket Gibraltar.

Sara is currently playing Dora in Impostor of TV Land. But we are not here to discuss her acting career. We are here to talk a little about her personal life.

Sara has long been involved with shaping up herself. Sara has been on her weight loss journey for a few years now, and she reveals that she has been able to lose at least 50 pounds as of now.

She is 30 years old is a mother to a two-year-old daughter. So we are here to see how she stayed motivated and what she did to lose weight. So let’s begin with our Sara Rue weight loss journey.

Sara Rue – Before And After

sara rue weight loss
Sara Rue Before and After Weight Loss | Source

Let’s admit it Sara was overweight before. As per sources, there was a time when Sara was frustrated with her weight and decided enough is enough. She, however, encourages people to love the way they look.

Sara Rue just wants people to be aware of the problems that come with obesity. She has been a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, and she also heads a weight-loss campaign. She feels that the maximum women in this world are overweight, and they start gaining those extra pounds just after they leave their teens.

Sara thinks it is a grave issue, and it needs to be addressed. Sara says that there have been several stages in her weight loss journey. However, she is proud that she achieved her goals.

The actor says that losing weight is a complicated thing, and it also involves emotional stress as well. But for her as an actor, there were certain prospects which were not fit for her simply because she was overweight.

The actor lost 50 pounds ever since December 2009, and she says that she wanted to feel physically and mentally fit. She just wanted to feel healthy, and that’s exactly what made her lose weight even after hitting 30.

The actor says she has been aware of her eating habits. She has reduced her portion size and also involves regular exercise to burn those extra calories. The actor feels there is no single component that can alone benefit you in losing weight. A healthy lifestyle, along with some balanced diet and exercise, is going to get you there. Sara now fits in US size 6 instead of 14.

How Sara Lost All the Weight?

Sara believes it all starts in the mind. It first begins as an emotional process and is an immensely complicated thing. Sara said when she hit 30, she had a picture of herself imagining how she would want to see herself as in 5-10 years. That’s when she decided its time.

She believes her weight loss was an internal wish, and therefore, she does not feel any need to sensationalize it. She wanted to feel healthy and wanted to be comfortable in her own skin. Sara encourages everyone to love their body as it is but also warns them about the risks of being overweight. She says being obese can cause health problems, diabetes, and also an increase in blood pressure. She says that losing weight odes not mean being skinny or trying to impersonate a Victoria Secret’s model. It just means being healthy and comfortable.

Sara says the really important step in her weight loss journey was cutting down her portion size. She became more conscious of eating. Earlier she was a foodie and never really paid attention to what she was putting down in her system. But now it has changed.

Sara not only watches what she stuffs her mouth with but has also reduced her portion size. She made healthier choices and maintained a balanced diet. Sara did not quit on any foods as such but mostly tried to stick to a plant-based diet.

She also says that there is no magic button for celebrities to lose and gain weight whenever they want. They all have to work really hard for it. And keeping all these circumstances in mind, that exactly what she did. She tried to be a role model for her daughter, and she is proud of where she is today.

How Much Weight Did She Lose?

Sara Rue’s weight loss journey was not an easy one. She had to stay immensely motivated and consistent in order to achieve results. She set daily goals for herself and watched what she ate.

Ever since she was on her weight loss journey, she has been able to lose 50 pounds. She used to fit in US size 14 and now has made herself fit into US size 6.

Did Sara Rue Have A Gastric Bypass?

Before we dive into how exactly did Sara Rue lost weight, let us first see what is gastric bypass? Gastric bypass is a medical procedure that changes the formation of your small intestines, thereby enabling you to lose weight. It meddles with your stomach and the way it handles food.

This surgery generally reduces the size of your stomach, which enables you to feel fuller with less food. This is a full-fledged medical procedure that involves anesthesia and surgeons and even medical appliances. In this, the surgeon divides your stomach into two, and it reduces the size of your stomach to about a walnut. This is what will hold your food from after the surgery.

So seeing this scary procedure if you think Sara rue went through this to lose weight. The answer is NO! She did it the natural way, which involved a healthy diet and lots of exercises.

6 Weight Loss Tips Of Sara Rue

Sara Rue shed a total of 50 pounds by following a healthy and strict lifestyle. This is what made her lose those extra pounds and made her look fit without looking like a zombie. She did not, however, have any diet plan and did not gain any weight whatsoever.

Sara Rue’s weight loss journey inspired many to get motivated and lose those extra pounds. Here are six easy tips from Sara Rue herself, which everyone can follow to maintain a good and healthy body.

#1 Watch What You Eat

Sara believes in keeping a track of what she eats rather than following a strict diet. She feels that rather than the diet itself, eating without thinking is what leads to weight gain. She decided to cut down junk food from her diet and also reduced her portion size.

Keeping track of what you eat throughout the day and maintaining a healthy and plant-based diet is what will help you eliminate all the junks from your diet. This is what kept Sara healthy and fit.

#2 Include Plants And Leafy Vegetables In Your Diet

Cutting up meat altogether from your life might be difficult. And this elimination might not work for everyone. However, Sara saw visible results by turning into a vegetarian.

She believes that lean meat is an excellent source of protein, but this, however, adds up to the fat of your body. Lean meat also enables to add up to that extra muscle in your body.

Sara, however, had no interest in gaining muscles she was just sure about losing all that extra pounds. This why turning vegetarian and making some healthy food choices worked exactly fine for her.

#3 Ask A Professional Whenever In Doubt

There is nothing like I know it all. Every person has a different body type with its own measurements and requirements. So asking a professional for help is always the right choice. Sara believes that weight loss cannot be done by focusing on one factor alone.

Only a good diet can not help you lose weight. This is why she took professional help and she has a yoga trainer to help her. Professionals can study your body and they can advise the best for you. They also tell you the most effective weight loss plan.

Seeking professional help will enable you to strategically lose weight in a short amount of time rather than following some crazy diet plan.

#4 Stay Motivated All The Time

Losing weight is not an overnight process. It takes lots of hard work and dedication. There are many people who just give up when they fail to see results in their expected amount of time. Sara, however, advises not to do this.

She says people who start a weight loss journey makes mistakes. It is quite natural. They might be bored with their diets and might take cheat days too often. But that is all exactly fine. It is better to skip and come back again rather than quitting altogether.

Sara Rue’s weight loss journey did not happen initially. She says despite being a celebrity, it took the same amount of time, which it usually does. She says that the transformation happens slow but it is definitely worth it.

#5 Create Small Milestones

Sara Rue’s weight loss journey inspires people to keep their goals smaller. There is no need to stress yourself out by making long term goals. You cannot expect your body to lose 10 pounds in just a week. If you are dealing with stress, anxiety, overeating, or under eating, seeing a therapist is one great way to get back to a healthier you. Click here to see a therapist that fits your individual needs.

There is no magical way of doing that. Instead, start slow. Give your body time to adjust to the new processes and new diets. Start with daily goals and then gradually move to weekly and monthly. These short term goals will definitely give you long-term effects.

#6 Always Exercise

As said before, just a proper diet cannot help you lose weight. It will not give you the desired shape. You need to exercise really hard to be where you want to see yourself. Yoga or cardio or even running and jogging can help you in your weight loss journey.

In this case, again it is best to get professional help because they will very well understand the requirements of your body and will be able to give an effective exercise plan for you. If you are looking for a quick, non-surgical way to shade excess fat, you can go for CoolSculpting. Being an expensive treatment, CoolSculpting cost varies between $2000 to $5000 each session and also depends on the area where it is treated.

What Sara Wants You To Know About Weight Loss

Sara wants us to know that losing weight is not an overnight process. There is no magical potion that can aid in losing all those extra pounds in just a day. She says that most people think that celebrities have easy access to tools and materials, which can enable them to gain and lose weight as per their convenience. This, however, is not true.

She says that even celebs have to work really hard like all other normal people to lose weight. It is all your hard work, dedication, control, and motivation that is going to help you in the long run as our Sara.

The Takeaway

You might have seen and heard many weight loss journeys, but Sara Rue’s is the most genuine one. Sara Rue herself has been through this phase, and that is why she understands the situation. These tips will definitely help all those who really want to get back in shape.

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