How To Lose Weight While Still Eating What You Want

The main concern of everyone these days is mostly about their weight, whether it’s about losing or gaining.

They can never be satisfied with their weight, and it’s always more or less. I admit I’m one of them. 😛

My weight has always been fluctuating, and I find it hard to maintain, so dieting will never work for me since I’m a foodie.

I know you are too, so I am today with simple hacks to aid weight loss and still eat fully!

Eat more veggies

how to lose weight while still eating

If you’re a non-veg food lover, then you need to stop now. No, I’m not telling you to stop eating it but limit it to eating once a week.

Include more veggies in your diet since they are less in calories. Eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These foods cover most of your plate, thus making you believe you’re eating enough.

In most cases, vegetarian foods are bigger than not vegetarian, so eating many of them won’t contribute to adding calories.

Sip on Liquids More

How to Lose Weight While Still Eating

Eating various fruits and vegetables in liquid form will aid in weight loss and, at the same time, will keep your stomach fuller. Drink liquids like green tea, juice, soups, and smoothies.

Tomato soup is yet another magical food packed with Vitamin C. Consuming it before eating meals will make you eat less and still feel satiated.

Get going more often!

How to Lose Weight While still Eating

None of the food is going to digest if you sit at one place all day. You need to be more active. It can be as little as a 2-minute walk or a light jog on the treadmill.

A sedentary lifestyle not only makes you gain weight faster but also exposes you to heart diseases, fatty liver, and obesity.

When you do light exercises every day, you keep your digestive functioning up to the mark. You can check out this article on women’s bodyweight workout plan for weight loss which will help you shed some extra pounds along with getting some strength.

Prefer Foods Rich in Fibre

How to Lose Weight While still Eating

Fiber foods like fruits, green vegetables, grains, and beans reduce hunger. Fibers get accumulated in the intestines and slow down the action of emptying the stomach. This makes you feel full for a longer duration and eliminate hunger pangs.

Instead of polished rice, go for unpolished rice as it will be more beneficial. You can also try healthier alternatives to rice according to this post from Proper Good) Just like this, roasted potatoes are better than boiled ones. Make it a habit to include one apple, one orange, one cup of any favorite pulses in your diet, and see the difference yourself!

Say hello to spices!

How to Lose Weight While Still Eating

I know fiber foods are not so great in taste and are quite boring (let’s be honest), but you can make them delectable by adding some spices.

Spices can make any food worth relishing, but don’t add spices to fatty and full-of-calories foods because any taste enhancer added to food can make you eat more and more of it.

You can add chat masala to your favorite fruits and enjoy!

Sometimes, colors matter

how to lose weight while still eating

Orange, red, and pink colors make any food look attractive. Use green chilies instead of red ones and use different colors of capsicum to spruce up your meal.

Pick differently colored fruits and combine them.

Eat black grapes instead of the usual green ones. Following this trick of colorful foods will help divert the mind from hunger to creativity.

Always Eat Happy Meals

How to Lose Weight While Still Eating

No, I don’t mean McDonald’s happy meal but the one which makes your body and digestive system happy.

Decreasing the intake of fat and carbs will help you. Instead of milk or butter, consume buttermilk. With its consumption, you’ll never feel hungry. So opt for foods that contain more Protein, specifically lean ones.

Have you got any weight loss cheat or hacks that work for you? If yes, then please share with everyone in the comments. 😀

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