Lipton Pure and Light Green Tea Bags : Review

Hi everyone! What I’m going to talk today about is far away from makeup and stuff but still related to beauty. From last 2 months I’ve gained quite a weight and it’s stressing me.

So I decided to go to gym and work out. Along with that I’ve started consuming green tea which is also an effective way to lose fat. You know or at least have an idea how it tastes and going for flavored one would do no help. So I’m going to review Lipton Pure and Light Green Tea Bags which I’ve included in my lifestyle. Keep reading to know my experience with it!

About this Product:

Price: Rs. 60/- for 10 bags

Shelf Life: 15 months

How to Prepare:
1. Place a green tea bag in a cup.
2. Pour freshly boiled water into the cup.
3. Dip the tea bag a few times and allow it to infuse for 1-2 mins

Lipton Pure and Light Green Tea Bags Review
This is the smallest pack available and a safe bet since it was my first experience with green tea. It comes in a funky green cardboard pack neatly sealed. Inside are the tea bags in a foil packaging.

1 tea bag is meant for single use. I first boil water and then let it cool for 1 minute and then I pour it in a cup. then I put in tea bag and let it sit for 2-3 minutes until the flavor dissolves. I’ve read somewhere that if you put green tea bag in boiling water it tastes bitter so I only put in in warm water so it tastes normal. I also mix 1 teaspoon honey to double the benefit. Some other healthy ingredients can also be added like ginger and lemon, it’s all up to you and choose what works for you.  Adding milk and sugar is pointless since it will add up calories. 

What I noticed was it made my stomach happy and my digestive system improved. Green tea doesn’t claim to lose fat just by drinking it and all it does is increase metabolism, the rate by which sweat increases thus leading to weight loss. I drink it first thing in the morning. After having it for decent time I’ve noticed that I felt active and energetic than before. I’m going to use it for a long time and then update this space about the results. Green tea is healthy so adding this to my lifestyle was worth it!

Benefits of Green Tea:
• Helps in weight loss.
• Keeps teeth clean and healthy.
• Packed with anti oxidants and detoxifies body.
• Boosts metabolism rate.
• Lowers the risk of Diabetes, Alzheimer, Obesity and Cardiovascular diseases.
Final Word: If you’re struggling with unhealthy, stressful lifestyle and also with weight issues, think no more and get green tea. It will not instantly show results but gradually. It works not only for fat but also for a clean digestive system and detoxifies body. I highly recommend this!

This is no way a sponsored post as I liked this product a lot and also wanted to write about benefits of green tea. Have you ever tried having it? How was your experience?

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