Natural Beauty: Discovering What’s Really in Your Skincare Products

If you are looking to attain natural beauty, your skin must be at the heart of your endeavor. As the largest organ in your body, the skin needs extra special care to thrive. There is a sea of beauty solutions wherever you look in the market today.

We all know that many products are not effective, and even worse, they are more harmful than helpful. With this reality, you don’t have to resign to gimmicks by marketers: you should find out what is really contained in your favorite skincare product. This is the only way to be confident about your skincare efforts, and indeed to tap into the merits of natural beauty.

Common Ingredients in Conventional Skincare

Whenever you invest in a skincare product, you are probably looking for hydration, wrinkle reduction, radiance, acne treatment, scar elimination, and so on. In this regard, beauty products are sold to achieve a specific purpose, like acne removal or skin brightening. With this in mind, let us look at the most common substances found in skincare products.

1. Retinoids

This ingredient is used with the promise of improving acne, skin tone, fine lines, scarring, moisture retention, and others. The most common retinoids to find in your label include retinyl esters, retinal aldehyde, and retinol.

Retinoids are mainly found in anti-aging products and are extracted from vitamin A. A strong version of retinal is tretinoin. Products with this ingredient can be found over-the-counter.

Even though there are benefits to be enjoyed from this ingredient, there are side effects that cannot be ignored. First, some people may be allergic. Using the ingredient for the first time has been seen to cause redness, burning, scaling, and even worsening of acne.

Also, this ingredient can be made with other artificial compounds like fragrances and preservatives. To this end, choosing all-natural ingredients is the best way forward.

2. Copper peptide

This ingredient is used a lot in skincare to boost collagen. It promotes firmness and smoothing of skin to give radiant results. It is also an antioxidant and has been shown to promote tissue repair in the skin. In this regard, many anti-aging preparations can be found in the market containing copper peptides.

Having said this, using this ingredient for a long time has very serious effects. It can lead to organ damage owing to excessive toxicity. This means that you cannot use it for the long haul. Also, excess copper in your system will make you nauseous and give you gut problems.

3. Kojic acid

Hyperpigmentation and age spots are usually treated with kojic acid. It works by slowing down the production of melanin, which is responsible for skin pigment. Those who are looking for common skin lightening options will choose creams that contain kojic acid.

However, it is worth noting that the side effects are many. First, skin lightening makes the skin susceptible to sunburn. Besides, stripping the skin of its natural covering can cause skin cancer. Prolonged use can also lead to brown spots and hyperpigmentation. This acid has also been found to work like hydroquinone, which is a known carcinogen.

4. Artificial fragrance

Research findings have confirmed that fragrance sensitizes the skin no matter the skin type. This means that your skin becomes more delicate than normal. Artificial fragrances are made using harmful chemical derivatives, making them worse.

Most skincare products today come with all kinds of attractive but toxic scents. People are naturally drawn to pleasant scents. Manufacturers also use fragrances to mask the strong smells of skincare ingredients.

In light of this, choosing natural scents and aromas is better for your skin. Scents from nature are mild when used the right way. They deliver other benefits like aromatherapy.

There are so many other ingredients to talk about, and some are even more harmful to the skin compared to the list above. When you discover that modern skincare products contain not-so-friendly ingredients, you will naturally seek a better alternative. The good news is that nature has your back. From deep hydration to anti-aging and acne care, you can choose all-natural skincare products to enjoy natural beauty.

Best ingredients for natural skincare

Essential oils that fight stubborn acne

Essential oils are extracted from plants and natural elements to give you the purest skincare alternatives. These oils come with a host of characteristics, and many are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and so on.

For acne care, tea tree oil and neem seed oil have been observed to treat acne effectively. Carrier oil like jojoba, keeps the skin well hydrated as well. For acne prevention, tamanu oil has the staying power to keep your skin in stellar condition.

All these wholesome ingredients do not come with harsh side effects, and they are more effective. One can use lavender, turmeric, and frankincense essential oils for better results.

Natural anti-aging solution

When you are looking to restore and promote youth in aging skin, it is critical to use the right product to avoid worsening the problem. A natural face serum that promotes elasticity is awesome. You also want to boost cell regeneration and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. At the same time, you want high-level hydration.

Argan oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, coconut oil, Cananga oil, patchouli, and rose geranium oil will transform aging skin. New studies have revealed that face serum plays a vital role in transforming aging skin for the better.

Superior skin hydration

If you are looking to deeply nourish your skin every day with a natural alternative, consider a skincare product that contains coconut oil, lemongrass oil, ginger oil, and soybean oil. This way, you enjoy deep hydration and moisture-locking into your skin.

You also get aromatherapy benefits from fresh ginger and lemongrass aromas. A Bali-based natural skincare brand Utama Spice has a product called Lemongrass Ginger Coconut Lotion that provides superior hydration naturally. So now you can see, natural beauty can be achieved without compromising health.

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