What to Look for in Natural Anti-Aging Products

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What to Look for in Natural Anti-Aging Products
What to Look for in Natural Anti-Aging Products

There has never been a better time than today to buy quality skincare. Thousands of safe options are available at all price points, and virtually every type of skin chemistry has a wide array of products specifically designed and tested for it.

However, natural anti-aging products are a relatively new phenomenon. People are staying active and retiring later than they used to. We also have different demands on our products than previous generations. More people are also starting to realize that looking great at any age is a matter of self-care that brings mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits that run more than skin deep. Lastly, we want (and deserve) all-natural products that can help us age better and look younger.

Here are just a few of the things to look out for when you’re shopping for anti-aging serums, creams, and other products:

Look for Natural ingredients

A product that bills itself as “natural” should, of course, have naturally-derived ingredients. When it comes to anti-aging skincare products, going natural is a good choice as our skin cannot cope with harsh artificial substances as it ages. All things being equal, natural ingredients are also far less likely to elicit an adverse reaction compared to synthetics.

What to Look for in Natural Anti-Aging Products
What to Look for in Natural Anti-Aging Products?

A wide range of organic and natural ingredients have a long host of benefits for your skin, and most of these are quite well-known. However, today, there are also less-known ingredients available in anti-aging products that can provide an even more powerful anti-aging action.

Look for these ingredients natural anti-aging products:

  • Grape Seed Oil

This potent oil is high in fatty acids, flavonoids, beta-carotene, and Vitamins C, D, and E. Together, this makes for a potent natural cocktail that can hydrate your skin, prevent wrinkles, and make scars less visible over time. The grape seed oil also promotes collagen production in your skin to help keep it supple and young.

  • Carrot Seed Oil

We all know the benefits carrots have for our skin. Packed with natural Vitamin A, carrot seed oil may be a better alternative to factory-processed vitamins. This means much less potential for complications as it heals and soothes your skin.

  • Neroli Oil

This essential oil wasn’t much heard of a decade ago. Today, however, it’s much prized as both a fragrance and a natural regulator of skin oils. A product with neroli oil can help keep your skin moisture and oil levels at just the right amount, preventing acne while also preventing scarring and stretch marks. These properties make this oil especially exciting for use in anti-aging products.

It’s also best to avoid certain ingredients as they can cause harm to your skin over the long term. When overused, they may even accelerate aging, which is the opposite of what you want in an anti-aging product. If you’re considering a product with these ingredients, try to do more research before buying or check out an alternative that lacks these ingredients.

Avoid these ingredients in natural anti-aging products:

  • Artificial fragrance
  • Lead
  • Phthalates
  • BHA & BHT
  • Parabens
  • Formaldehyde
  • Petrolatum
What to Look for in Natural Anti-Aging Products

Look for its time in the market

One caveat of anti-aging products is that it’s hard to know for certain if they’re effective up until users have actually tested them for an extended period. This means that you should think twice before investing in a completely new anti-aging product.

While new products can be great, it’s always best to wait and see what users have to say about them. In the meantime, there’s no shortage of tried and tested products such as Vintner’s Daughter from Follain, among many other choices.

What to Look for in Natural Anti-Aging Products
What to Look for in Natural Anti-Aging Products

Genuine customer reviews

There’s no shortage of people in the makeup and self-care industry who’re trying to manipulate opinion through so-called public influencers who can basically be paid any amount of money to shill virtually any product. This makes it critical to look for reviews from real people who have used the product rather than from unknown YouTubers or Instagrammers. While they may push genuinely great products sometimes, remember that most of them are paid to have a certain opinion, not to have a consumer’s best interest in mind.

What to Look for in Natural Anti-Aging Products

Don’t go by price

Instead, think value. Specifically what the product promises to do compared with its proven track record and its price tag.

This goes both ways as well. Price inflation runs rampant in the beauty industry. However, lots of manufacturers try to beat the competition by offering the lowest prices. In these cases, it pays to understand the value of the ingredients in your desired anti-aging products as well as the kind of work that goes into making them. This will help you make a better assessment of the real value of what you buy. In any case, you will definitely be surprised how deep the skincare rabbit-hole goes once you do!

Now you know what to look for in your natural anti-aging products!

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  1. Nice and informative post. True that we now have many natural options for anti-aging. Prickly pear seed oil is also an excellent anti-aging oil as its high in anti-oxidants and works on wrinkles and fine lines…

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