6 Proven Ways To Cover Thin and Receding Hairline

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At some point in life, we all face stress, and because of it, our whole body gets to suffer. Stress takes a toll on hair too. Due to stress, our hair tends to shed more, and growth feels like it has completely stopped. Hair fall results from stress. It causes thinning of hair and eventually leads to receding hairline, and sometimes it creates bald spots on hair that don’t look appealing at all.

It not only happens to men, but women also get affected by it. This phase of heavy hair fall takes years to get better, but some temporary fixes would not bring attention to your thin hairline and make your hair lively as before!

Wear a cap, scarf, or a beanie

One of the oldest and tested ways. Wear a cute beanie, hat, scarf, or cap to hide up your hairline. It will not only look stylish and casual but also do the job of hiding well!



Cut Bangs or Flicks

Bangs can hide thin hairline and instead makes the forehead look small. Start the bang from further back so that your fringes look thicker. If you don’t like bangs, you can go for longer flicks and are parted sideways. Go for side-swept bangs and make sure it’s not straight and has blunt edges.

Use a hairbrush

Instead of using a comb, brush your hair with a hairbrush. It makes the hair appear fluffy and thick and also helps in improving the blood flow around the scalp. Use a boar bristle brush as it’s soft and doesn’t hurt your scalp. Part your hair on the side and brush it through. Then flip it back, and you’re up to it with voluminous hair.
Ways to cover receding hairline in women

cover receding hairline women

Use makeup techniques

This is a famous technique used by celebrities. Take a dark brown eyeshadow or the one matching closest to your hair color and pick it up using a brush. Now fill it evenly where you have bald spots or thin hair. You have to do this technique like you do to fill your brows. This makeup technique takes effort but gives a fuller appearance to thin hair.

Cut your hair short

Short hair gives an impression of thick hair. Get a haircut that adds volume to your hair like a pixie cut, or get yourself layers that will add loads of volume to your hair. It will draw out attention from your hairlines make the focus on your facial structure.



Choose hairstyles that hide your hairline

Do hairstyles like a ponytail with a side parting or open hair with parting on the middle. If you have a big forehead, these hairstyles can help you hide that. Instead of a tight ponytail, go for a messy ponytail. Messy hair gives an illusion of fuller hair.
Having a receding hairline affects self-esteem and confidence, but following these tricks will instantly help to hide it. Remember not to be stressed and instead focus on ways to appreciate your hair. I hope this post helped you!

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