12 Perfect Hairstyles for High Forehead

Did you know that one of the most beautiful women listed in the world have high foreheads? Do you have a high forehead too? Well, welcome to the family! 🙂

Today we’re going to list out amazing hairstyles for high forehead and they will work on thin hair too.

This article is not meant to hide your forehead but tell you about hairstyles best suited for high foreheads because you are beautiful just the way the creator made you! There’s is nothing to hide about it.

Hairstyles for Big Forehead

We’ve collected some best hairstyles suited for high forehead and especially if you have thin hair. So, keep scrolling!

Wavy bangs

hairstyles for high forehead 1 1

Angelina Jolie at an even opted for wavy bangs and loose updo, she has a high forehead and always looks stunning in different hairstyles. If your looking for a change bangs could be a good option.

Side swept bangs

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These bangs are longer compared to traditional bangs and are swept on one side, this is perfect for people who don’t want to get too short yet needs a change in their look.

Side plait

hairstyles for big forehead

Another simple yet stylish hairstyle is a loose, messy side plaid. If your someone who travels a lot or a college-going girl this hairstyles would work for you.

Messy Bun

hairstyles for big forehead 4 1Having a bad hair day? This hairstyle will save you! The messy bun is a quick and straightforward hairstyle to play with. To add some drama simply add some big earrings and bold red lips.

Loose hair-do


hairstyles for high forehead rihanna 1

This is very similar to a bun, all you need to do is partition the hair from the Center, and remove few strands of hair, tie the rest of the hair with a rubber band, expand the bun by loosening the hair and securing it with a bobby pin. Use a hair spray to set it for hours (optional).

Messy fishtail braid bun

hairstyles for high forehead 5

This Greek woman inspired hairstyle has simple side-swept hair. Form a fishtail braid, loosen the braid and roll into a bun, secure using bobby pins.

Retro Bob

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If you have short hair, or if your planning to go shorter retro hair is the hairstyle to try, these vintage style classic hair would flatter women with high foreheads. Don’t forget to apply a wink eyeliner to look extra glam!

Blunt Bangs

hairstyles for high forehead 8 1

Try blunt bags the Egyptian way! it suits most women with a high forehead. Jessica Beil rocks her look for an event.

Soft waves middle parted

hairstyles for high forehead 9 1

Try some soft Beachy waves, they are so elegant and adds so much grace on women. Do a middle partition and soft makeup to nail the look. This hairstyle is just so perfect for beginners!

Tip- If your too late for a hair wash, simply do a messy bun OR use a bandana style hair OR use a cap to cover your greasy hair. Another quick fix is talc, apply talc on areas where the hair is greasy and brush out the hair, you will be amazed that it won’t look greasy at all. OR use a Dry-Shampoo to get clean looking hair instantly!

Angled Bob

hairstyles for high forehead 10 1

This is the latest and trendiest bob to try in 2019! This bob is lengthier in the front and shortened behind. Another cool hairstyle to try.

Heatless headband curls

hairstyles for high forehead 3 1

Get voluminous curls without using hot tools, simply wear a headband and tuck in sections of hair into the headband and sleep. Next morning use a hair spray to secure the look. Effortless, beautiful hair in no time!

Sleek side ponytail

sleek hairstyle for high forehead

This is a classic hairstyle to try. Brush your hair well, use a gel/spray to hold the hair and again brush over it, finish the look by respraying the hairspray on the crown area to avoid baby hair to stand, secure the hair with a rubber band. Your sleek ponytail is ready!

Hope you try these easy hairstyles, let us know your favorites, comment below!

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4 thoughts on “12 Perfect Hairstyles for High Forehead”

  1. hehe I will show this to my lovely wife so she looks more beautiful thank u for your effort
    I never felt bored in reading the blog

  2. I have the highest forehead you would have ever seen! 😄 Wondering to try the side swept bangs. 🙄 What do you say?

  3. I have very thin hair and a high receding hairline long forehead what should I do for a haircut please give me any suggestions

    1. Hi Tina,
      If your hair is really thin, you need a layered cut with a fringe or bangs. This will add width and volume to your forehead.
      Other haircuts for thin hair and a receding hairline are bob, pixie, shag, buzz cut, and short sides with longer back and top.
      The ideal is the bob cut. A bob cut is classic and looks good on anyone. A bob cut also has a longer length, so it helps to add more volume to your hair. Also, if you would like your hair to have a more curly look, a curly bob cut can also help add volume to your thinning hair.

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