9 Different Types Of Hairlines | Low, Uneven, Receding and More!

Apart from appearances, hairlines also influence how we look. In this post, we will share different types of hairlines that we didn’t know exist but that we commonly see.

It may seem like you can’t do anything about your hairline since it is completely hereditary. However, there are a few ways to style your hairline to enhance your appearance.

Moreover, did you know that the type of hairline can reveal a lot about a person’s personality and character? We’ll get into it now.

What are the Different Types of hairlines?

There are different hairline types and different solutions for each kind.  Here are the different types found in women and men.

Low Hairline

Types of Hairlines

A low hairline is one of the most common hairline types. Even though there is no correct or standard way to determine a low hairline, you can tell a person has a low hairline if their hairline is too close to their eyebrows.

The forehead of a person with a low hairline is narrower than a person with a standard hairline. According to physiognomy, people born with low hairlines are not so intelligent, passive, and inflexible, but they reach success after a great deal of effort.

The average person with a low hairline has a bad or unsupportive family, so they tend to be less blessed. By the time they reach 35 years old, they typically enjoy an excellent quality of life.

Ideal hairstyles:

  • Thin, wispy fringes with long layers
  • Loose waves updo
  • Side fringes with long hair
  • Short curls

Middle Hairline

middle hairline

The middle hairline is considered to be the standard type. Among the most preferred types of hairlines, this is one. A person is said to have this hairline if they have a neat hairline, and there is a standard gap between their eyebrows and forehead.

A person with this type of hairline generally has a good sense of direction, is well-prepared, logical, and responsible. Their career is generally quite successful, and they have a knack for dealing with business people.

People with a middle hairline are prosperous and wealthy, as opposed to those with a low hairline. However, they possess little imagination and artistic talent and are therefore unfit for work in these areas.

Women with low hairlines are typically bossy and dominate their husbands in marriage. However, men are known to be the pillars of any firm in which they work.

Ideal hairstyles:

  • The 90s bob
  • Choppy ends with medium length
  • Side lob

High Hairline

High Hairline

The high hairline is another one of the most common types of hairline. People with high hairlines and broad foreheads are generally bright, flexible, and gifted.

The creative nature of these individuals allows them to succeed in any industry they venture into.

Generally, the only drawback with people with a high forehead hairline is that they are easily irritable and easily slip into an angry or anxious state.

Ideal hairstyles:

  • Messy bob
  • Side part
  • Middle part
  • Full bangs
  • Pixie cut

Rounded Hairline

Types of Hairlines

The traits of a round or bell-shaped hairline include kindness, motivation, and responsibility. In the world of different types of hairlines, this is somewhat rare.

Typically, those with this upside-down U-shaped hairline make great achievements in the fields of charity, public service, and social work. Additionally, if these choices are not ideal for every person, they can even establish their own business.

It is common for people with this kind of hairline to receive support from others and enjoy longevity and happiness. They usually achieve high social status and gain a high position and wealth.

The men with round hairlines are often frail, just like those with low hairlines, and they also have a good temper all the time. In general, women with this kind of hairline are strong and feisty.

Ideal hairstyles:

  • A long pixie with an undercut
  • Straight bob
  • Smooth curls
  • Natural Waves
  • Asymmetrical Bob
  • Loose, hippy waves

Uneven Hairline

Uneven Hairline

Unlike a rounded hairline, this hairline does not have a neat and prominent pattern. The pattern follows a zigzag pattern and usually looks like a W.

Men with this kind of hairline are often irritating and can piss people off quite easily. They are troublesome and can’t stay calm.

Most women with this kind of hairline have a strained relationship with their fathers. Like people with low hairlines, they have a hard time studying, and they find themselves slipping into society much earlier than they should. Chinese astrology advises women with this hairline to marry a man who is at least ten years older or younger than them.

They have average luck in everything they do before the 30s, and most of their opportunities are fruitless. The hairline of these women causes problems in marriage.

These people have average luck in everything they do before the 30s, and most of their prospects end up fruitlessly. Women with this type of hairline specifically find problems in marriage.

Ideal hairstyles:

  • Choppy bangs and fringes
  • Tousled hair
  • Teased ponytail
  • Deep side part
  • Messy updo
  • Widow’s Peak

Widow’s Peak

Widow's Peak

This hairline has a pointy part at the center of the forehead. A widow’s peak is quite similar to the M-shaped hairline, the only difference being that the sides of the hairline aren’t as broad and wide.

Those with widow’s peak hairline are persistent, emulative, and short-tempered, unlike people with a round hairline. Their strength lies in their courage, curiosity, and firmness, and they work diligently from an early age. Furthermore, they share similar characteristics with people with low hairlines.

A person with a widow’s peak struggles to lead a pleasant and comfortable life. No matter what they do, whether it’s romance, work, or even family, the results usually aren’t favorable.

Ideal hairstyles:

  • Middle part ponytail
  • Side-swept bangs
  • Swooping rounded curls

Receding Hairline

People who suffer from progressive hair loss tend to develop this type of hairline. Males usually experience receding hairlines. A person can recognize this condition when there is no hair growth above the forehead and along with the temples.

This type of hairline is a part of men’s baldness, but it can also occur in women too when they start forming hairlines such as widow’s peak, which slowly resides as they progress towards baldness.

Receding hairline is most common in males 25 years of age. However, those who are genetically predisposed to baldness can face this issue as early as their late 20s, when baldness finally affects them in their 50s.

Ideal hairstyles:

  • A short, layered bob cut
  • Wavy, shoulder-skimming bob with a side-swept crop
  • Light and wispy front layers with a center part
  • A deep side part, starting from the back of the head

Straight Hairline

types of hairline

As the name says, a straight hairline grows in a straight line. The hairline looks well defined, and there are no baby hair, dips, or ends. This type of hairline looks opposite of the widow’s peak, which is a sharp point in the center of the hairline.

Did you know that two parents with the same recessive genes can only make their child inherit a straight hairline? The best part is this hairline is easy to style, and some people, especially celebrities, shave their hairline to make it look straight.

Those with this kind of hairline are outspoken and straightforward in every area of their life. Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus are some celebs blessed with this hairline type.

Ideal hairstyles:

  • Soft waves
  • Blunt bob
  • Any short haircut


Cowlick - Types of Hairlines

Yet another common type of hairline that almost everyone has. Regardless of its name, they don’t have anything to do with cow licking, to be precise.

A cowlick is a small section of hair that grows in the opposite direction to the rest of your hair. This hairline type is most commonly found on the hairline, in the crown area of the head, as well as in the middle of your forehead.

Source: Wikipedia

Cowlicks are extremely annoying because the hair in these areas can be difficult to tame, and it can be frustrating when going for a sleek look.

Ideal hairstyles:

  • Pixie wedge
  • Heavy fringes
  • Baby bangs
  • Loose waves
  • Curly lob

Does An M Shaped Hairline Means Balding?

You can find this hairline most common in men. This type of hairline is quite similar to a widow’s peak, which has a pointed tip in the center of the forehead. The hairline on the temples is completely pushed back.

M Shaped Hairline

People with this type of hairline are versatile and successful, and they can bear any hardships in life without even breaking a little.

The M-shaped hairline is just the beginning of a receding hairline until baldness finally sets in. Alopecia or male baldness often starts with this type of hairline where the hair stops growing and recedes further back to the head’s crown.

This type of hairline is common in older men; however, it can be visible as early as the 20s or 30s if baldness is genetic. Do not confuse this type of hairline with one that is mature.

It is a mature hairline when the hair recedes from a young age, and a receding hairline goes beyond the standard hairline and can indicate baldness.

M-shaped hairlines can develop excessive hair loss. After this stage, the hair on the front and back of the forehead can excessively fall out, creating a bald spot. A balding hairline at this point indicates a bald head.

What is Considered the Most attractive hairline?

Defining the most attractive hairline in human beings can be quite tricky. When it comes to a good hairline, everybody has different opinions. Although normal is subjective, a good hairline in women is between 5-6 cm from the eyebrows.

Depending on the lining of the hairline, it may be low or round. Women usually have a widow’s peak, which forms a pointed end in the middle of their forehead.

In males, a good hairline is anywhere between 6-8 cm above the forehead. Anything above that falls under the receding hairline, which can be the first sign of balding.

Similarly, men can have all kinds of hairlines, from broad and high to narrow and rounded. The widow’s peak is also possible, but it is considered very rare.

How To Maintain Your Hairline

how to maintain hairline - types of hairlines

It’s evident that hairlines give us a lot of insight into our personalities and what’s considered a perfect one. If you worry about a thin hairline, here are some ways to maintain it:

  • Maintain a proper diet that includes a lot of protein and iron to prevent hair loss, which will, in turn, promote hair growth.
  • Changing your hairstyle can also make a significant difference to your hairline. A tight hairstyle can cause the hairline to recede and cause hair fall as it applies pressure to the scalp. Moreover, men must avoid putting too much product on their hair and should not always wear the back brushed hairstyle as this can also lead to receding hairlines.
  • Change the way you dry your hair. Using a towel on wet hair causes stress to your hair. This causes the hair to be tugged and pulled, causing hair loss. When possible, air dry the hair and use as few heating and styling tools as possible.
  • Avoid stress. Hair suffers from stress. Stress causes the body to produce more cortisol, which creates a hormonal imbalance, resulting in hair loss and thinning hair.
  • If you want to maintain a healthy hairline, massage your scalp with lukewarm oil to promote blood circulation in your scalp. Oils also strengthen the hair follicles, which prevents hair fall.

Tips For Receding Hairline

This hairline can indicate the first signs of balding, and even though you cannot do much about it, here are some tips by which you can take better care of it.

  • Go for a haircut that cuts the sides of your hair shorter, keeping some length in the middle. Doing so will draw attention to your full center rather than your thin edges.
  • Wash your hair with a biotin shampoo. You can also use a hair growth essential oil to mix in with the shampoo.
  • Avoid going for slicked and push-backed styles, as these hairstyles and haircuts can enhance your thinning hair. Instead, opt for textured and messy hairstyles and cuts that will hide your weak points and make your hair look fuller.
  • Avoid using too many products on your hair as they can weigh them down, and this is the last thing you would want. The use of hair products can intensify balding and hair loss – something no one wants.

The Bottom Line

As Physiognomy says, we have talked about different types of hairlines and how they can predict your destiny.

Hairlines are different for different people, and we should all learn to embrace them. Despite your hair type, you are uniquely beautiful in your own way and deserve to feel confident about it.

We have little control over our hairline, but the good news is that we can maintain a healthy one by practicing a good hair care regimen.

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