9 Different Types Of Hairlines | Low, Uneven, Receding and More!

Every person on this planet is unique. They have not only different appearances but also very different characteristics too. Hairlines are also a major factor to determine the way they look, and in this post, we are going to share with you eight different types of hairlines that are most commonly found in every other person.

Even though hairlines are entirely hereditary and you might feel it it is impossible to do anything about it, there are some ways in which you can style your hairline to enhance your look.

Also, did you know that the types of hairline can tell a lot about the personality and character traits of a person? So, let’s get into it.

8 Different Types Of Hairlines

Different persons have different hairlines, and the solution to each hairline is also different. Here is the list of all the eight different types of hairlines which are most commonly found among people.

Low Hairline

Types of Hairlines

The low hairline is one of the very common types of hairline found among people. Even though there is no correct or standard way to determine a low hairline, you can tell a person has a low hairline if their hairline is too close to their eyebrows.

A person with a low hairline has a narrow forehead than standard people. According to physiognomy, people who are born with low hairline are considered to be mentally deficient, lazy, and stubborn, but they find good prospects after a lot of struggle.

Someone with a low hairline usually has a bad or unsupportive family and is not so typically blessed. They typically live a comfortable life after 35 years of age.

Middle Hairline

middle hairline

Middle Hairline is considered to be the standard type of hairline. It is one of the most preferred types of hairlines. People are said to have a middle hairline when they have a neat hairline, and there is a standard gap between their eyebrow and forehead.

People with this kind of hairline are generally intelligent, well planned, smart, responsible, and down to earth. These people generally have a bit of good luck in their careers and can handle business people.

People with the middle hairline, as opposed to the low hairline, are prosperous and wealthy. However, these people lack imagination and artistic talent, and therefore, they are not fit for work in these areas.

Women with low hairline usually have a bossy character and dominate their husbands in marriage. Men, on the other hand, are known to be the backbone of any firm that they work in.

High Hairline

High Hairline
Types Of Hairlines

The high hairline is another one of the most common types of hairline that cane found among human beings. People with a high hairline and broad forehead are generally smart, highly adaptable, and full of talents.

These people are very creative, and their thinking ability allows them to succeed in all industries that they set foot in.

The only issue with people with a high forehead hairline is that they are easily irritable and can jump into a state of anger or anxiety quite soon.

Rounded Hairline

Types of Hairlines

People with rounded hairline are known to be kind-hearted, motivated, and responsible. This is not so common in the world of different types of hairlines.

These people tend to make great achievements in the field of charity and public and social services. However, if these are not the ideal choices for everyone, then they can even try their hands-on business.

People with this kind of hairline often receive support from others and enjoy longevity and happiness. They often rank high in the social strata and acquire a particular position and also wealth.

Men with a round hairline are often weak, just like people with a low hairline, and they also have a good temper always. Women with this kind of hairline are independent and robust, but this can often prove to be a bad sign during the marriage.

Uneven Hairline

Uneven Hairline

The uneven hairline is one of the specific types of the hairline which does not have a neat and prominent pattern, unlike rounded hairline. It follows a zigzag pattern and generally looks like the letter W.

Men with this kind of hairline are often irritating and can piss people off quite easily. They are troublesome and can’t keep calm.

Women with this kind of hairline usually struggle with the father figure in their life. These people, just like people with low hairline, have a hard time studying, and they find themselves delving into society much early than they need. Chinese astrology advises women with an uneven hairline to marry a man who is at least ten years older or younger than her.

These people have average luck in everything they do before the 30s, and most of their prospects end up fruitlessly. Women with this type of hairline specifically find problems in marriage.

Widow’s Peak

Widow's Peak

This hairline has a pointy part at the center of the forehead. It is quite similar to the M shape hairline, with the only difference being that the sides of the hairline are not so broad and wide.

People with this hairline are persistent, emulative, and short-tempered, unlike people with a round hairline. They are also brave, curious, and firm, and they tend to work from a very early age in their life. They also have similar characteristics to people with a low hairline.

People with widow’s peak struggle living a pleasant and comfortable life. Also, they often obtain fruitless results in many walks of their life, be it romance, work, or even family.

Receding Hairline

This type of hairline is often visible in people who suffer from hair loss progressively. Receding hairline is usually present in males. One can identify it when the hair stops growing above the forehead and along the temples.

This type of hairline is a part of men’s baldness, but it can also occur in women too when they start forming hairline such as widow’s peak, which slowly resides as they progress towards baldness.

Receding hairline is most common in males of 25 years of age. However, all those who have baldness in their genetic can face this issue from their late 20s when baldness finally hits them in their 50s.

Straight Hairline

types of hairline

As the name says, straight hairline grows in a straight line. The hairline looks well defined and there is no baby hair, dips or ends. This type of hairline looks totally opposite of widow’s peak which as sharp point on the centre of the hairline.

Did you know that two parents with the same recessive genes can only make their child inherit a straight hairline? The best part is this hairline is easy to style and some people, especially celebrities shave their hairline to make it look straight.

Those with this kind of hairline are outspoken and straightforward in every area of their life. Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus are some celebs blessed with a straight hairline.


Cowlick - Types of Hairlines

A cowlick is yet another common type of hairline you can find in almost everybody. However, as the name suggests, cowlicks have got nothing to do with cows licking Just to be precise.

A cowlick is a small section of hair growing differently in a different direction altogether, opposite to the rest of your hair. Cowlicks can often appear on the hairline, on the crown section of your head, and also in the middle of your forehead.

Source: Wikipedia

Cowlicks can be extremely bothering as the hair on these areas is difficult to tame, and it can get annoying when you are trying to go for a sleek look.

Does An M Shaped Hairline Means Balding?

You can find an M shape hairline mostly in men. This type of hairline is quite similar to the widow’s peak, which has a pointed tip at the center of the forehead. The hairline on the temples is entirely pushed back.

M Shaped Hairline

People with this type of hairline are versatile and successful, and they can bear any hardships in life without even breaking a little. They are quite talented; however, this hairline typically causes problems in the near future.

M shaped hairline is just the beginning of receding hairline until baldness finally hits. Alopecia or male baldness often starts with this type of hairline where the hair stops growing and recedes further back to the crown of the head.

You can find this type of hairline in older men. However, if baldness is a genetics thing, then an M shape hairline can be visible as early as the 20s or 30s. Do not confuse this type of hairline with the mature hairline.

It is a mature hairline when the hair recedes from a young age, and receding hairline is something that goes beyond the standard hairline and can indicate baldness.

The potential problem of an M shaped hairline can be excessive hair loss, and this can be the first signs of a receding hairline. After this stage, the hair on the front and back of the forehead can in-excessively fall out, creating a bald spot. This is when one should realize that an M shaped hairline does indicate balding.

What Is Considered As A Good Hairline?

Defining the best hairline in human beings can be quite tricky. Everybody has different considerations when it comes to a good hairline. Even though normal is subjective, a good hairline in women is a hairline that is anywhere between 5-6 cm from the eyebrows.

The shape of the hairline can be anything from low to rounded hairline. It is normal for women to have a widow’s peak, which makes a pointed end in the middle of the forehead.

In males, however, anything between 6-8 cm above the forehead is a good hairline. Anything above that comes under receding hairline which can be the first sign of balding.

Men can also have all kinds of hairline from broad and high to the narrow and rounded hairline. However, they can also have a widow’s peak, but this will be considered supremely uncommon.

How To Maintain Your Hairline

how to maintain hairline - types of hairlines
Types of Hairlines

Now we know hairlines tend to say a lot about people’s personalities and which kind of hairline is perfect.

So if you worry about the thin hairline, here are some ways for you to maintain a good and healthy hairline.

  • Maintaining a proper diet that includes a lot of protein and iron can prevent hair loss, which will, in turn, promote hair growth.
  • Changing your hairstyle can also make a significant difference in your hairline. Women should avoid wearing tight hairstyles, and it causes tension on the hairline, which makes it recede back and also causes hair loss. Men should avoid applying several products and should not always wear the back brushed hairstyle as this can also cause the hairline to recede.
  • The simplest way by which you can maintain a good and healthy hairline is by changing the way you dry your hair. You torture your hair when you use a towel on wet hair. Doing this tugs and pulls the hair, causing hair loss. Always air dry it and use it as less of heating and styling tools as possible.
  • Stress is also the enemy of your hair. When you stress too much, it leads to the increase in cortisol hormone, which creates a hormonal imbalance in the entire body, which causes hair loss and thinning of the hairline.
  • If you want to maintain a good and healthy hairline, then you should massage your scalp with lukewarm oil to promote blood circulation in your scalp. Oils also strengthen the hair follicles, which prevents hair loss.

Tips For Receding Hairline

A receding hairline can indicate the first signs of balding, and even though you can not do much about it technically, here are some tips by which you can take better care of it.

  • Go for a haircut, which cuts the sides of your hair shorter, thereby keeping a little length in the middle. This will distract the viewers from your thinning edges, and they will be focused more on the fuller center.
  • Do not go for slicked and push backed style as these hairstyles and haircuts can enhance your thinning hair. Instead, go for some textured and messier hairstyles and cuts, which will hide your weak point and will make your hair appear fuller.
  • Avoid using too many products on your hair, which can weigh your hair down, and this the last thing you would want. Hair products can enhance your baldness and the thinning out of your hair.

The Bottom Line

We have discussed the different types of hairlines and how they can predict your behavior and destiny, as the Physiognomy says. Hairlines are different in different people, and we should all learn to embrace it. You should know that you are one in a kind and have self-acceptance with the hair you have got. There is nothing much we can do about our hairlines. However, we can all take care of it and maintain a healthy hairline.

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