11 Tips to Save Money For Your High-End Beauty Purchases

Looking good all the time is expensive, and that’s a reality. And this is why high-end makeup products are most sought after.

Sometimes high quality buy burns a hole in our pockets, and we don’t want to give them up yet.

If you want to keep using high-end beauty products regularly without failing to spend money on them, read these tips to learn how to save money on makeup.

#1 Use every bit of the product

Want to save on makeup? Then take a look at your present product bottles or tubes you are using. If they are all used, consider cutting them open with a clean piece of scissors and scraping out all the product to another container or bottle. You will be surprised to see how much product stays accumulated in corners, which are impossible to dispense or pump out with the in-built, usual method.

#2 Find dupes of your favorite expensive product

Probably half the amount of the high price is because of the name/brand associated with your makeup products. You can always find a way to get expensive makeup for less.

@Dupethat is an Instagram-based account that posts high-end makeup with their drugstore alternatives, which looks the same and as effective as the expensive ones. If you are looking for a store to buy such products, then you can visit Beauty Pie.

#3 Create saving goals

While you are using discounts or using your products carefully with minimal waste, you will definitely have a difference in your monthly spending. Although it will be hard for you to tell how much you are saving on makeup unless you are using technology.

So, you can use an online savings goal calculator, and based on how much you save every month, you can set a goal for the next month to save more and save better.

#4 Buy them online

The online stores mostly have discounts and offer all throughout the year.

If your product is not on sale right now, wait! Put them in the wishlist, and keep checking them for a price drop. Some websites or apps will notify you of the same. This way, you can afford expensive beauty products for cheap.

Also, check out price comparison websites to compare the prices of your wishlisted product so you get it at its best price. This is a great online shopping tip for anyone who needs it.

#5 Keep them on the cart

While buying online, instead of wishlisting them, you can leave them on the cart.

Some companies or brands send you a reminder to complete your purchase with a discount or, even better, sometimes with a freebie. This is a part of marketing strategies to encourage you to buy their items.

Save Money For Your High-End Beauty Purchases

#6 Check reviews online before buying

Buying quality makeup products is an expensive investment, and you don’t want to end up finding out it doesn’t work on your skin. Or worse, your skin is sensitive to the product.

So, you can check YouTube, online forums, and other shopping sites for review before making the purchase. This way, you can save on makeup by not buying something you will not use.

#7 Start shopping in unconventional locations

Drugstores are fine for makeup and beauty products, but have you been to shopping at unconventional locations? Stores like flea markets, festivals, craft fairs have a wide range of makeup products, and this is how to get cheap makeup.

#8 Be smart and try to buy versatile products

You can use some beauty products for more than one purpose. For example, cheek stains can be used as lip colors. Oils can be used as moisturizers. Some face mists can be used as body mists.

There are many other examples, and you can learn them online. This way, you can keep your needs of makeup on a budget.

#9 Focus on buying the important products only

Ask yourself, where do you wear makeup too often? Is it an office look you often create with makeup? Then surely you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your dramatic eyeshadow palettes. If you use eye makeup every once in a while, ask yourself whether the expensive ones are worth it.

#10 Learn proper makeup application

Sometimes, you end up applying more, or sometimes less, and at times, you apply it the wrong way. While you wipe them out and try again, you waste a lot of makeup products and might go out of them sooner. Watch tutorials or go to a makeup school to learn the techniques.

#11 Visit a beauty salon for an event

If you are not someone who wears makeup regularly, then there’s no point in spending money on all kinds of products to create a party or event look. You can visit a salon before your event, and they will create the look you want.

Makeup is undoubtedly a woman’s friend, and how to save money for your high-end beauty and makeup purchases is an important skill you must learn soon to look gorgeous and save.

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