11 Best Mascara for Everyday Use

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There are so many varieties of mascaras. All you need to do is to find your perfect wand! You have to figure out what works best for your lashes – do you need to length? Volume? Or curl?

Today we’re going to list the top ten best mascara for everyday use for our readers! These gorgeous natural-looking mascaras will surely amp up your eye makeup game.

Why do you need mascara?

Why wouldn’t you? It enhances the eyes and helps to darken and lengthen the lashes giving you an appearance of a more dramatic fuller bigger eyes because we all need that dash of drama!

Mascara is typically made of various formulas. However, they mostly contain the same essential components of oils, pigments waxes, and preservatives. Below is the list of some favorite mascara for everyday use you need to own!

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Papillon Waterproof Mascara

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The Papillon Mascara has a Unique brush that is wingtip which lengthens and stretches every lash to add some much-needed volume.

It has a smudge-proof formula and is long-wear, the best part even a beginner can get it hands-on and is very easy to apply.

If you’re not comfortable with fake lashes (like me), this could be the ultimate product for you!

Inglot False Lash Effect Mascara

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This is another magical product that maximizes the lashes and makes them jet black.

The brush is designed for quick application and makes it easier to brush the lashes from the roots. It has a smudge-proof formula which lasts longer.

Also, It is easily removable. Also, it gives instant volume without ease. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best mascara for everyday use.

Revlon Water Tight Mascara

The Revlon Water Tight Mascara is water-resistant and completely smudge and also tear-proof.

It beautifies the lashes and gives the right amount of volume to give your eyes an impactful look. It has a feather-light formula which makes it convenient for all-day use.

The brush separates every single lash and leaves a very natural effect on the lashes. Only one coat is enough to enhance your lashes.

It is long-wearing and lasts up to six hours without flaking and smearing.

Wet & Wild Lash Renegade Mascara

This mascara is ophthalmologically tested, and it solves all your mascara related problems. It is super affordable and is sure to give you the best looking lashes ever.

The best thing that the users like about this mascara is that it is too affordable for the price range and it fulfils its claims. It instantly lengthens and provides volume to their lashes.

Also, it separates and brushes every lash, thereby coating them perfectly to provide fuller-looking lashes. This mascara is smudge-proof, and since eye specialists test it, it is suitable for sensitive eyes.

Users also claim that it is safe for people who wear contact lenses, and it does not hurt or irritate their eyes in anyways.

MAC In Extra Dimension Lash Mascara

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This has a lightweight formula with Extra Dimension Mascara that provides ample volume, lengthens of the lashes, and curls its softens and conditions the lashes.

The tip is designed for a precise application that helps to reach even the corners of the lashes.

It has a smudge-proof and clump-free formula. It is also flake proof.

The best part contact lens users can also use this mascara as its completely safe. The only con for this mascara that it’s not waterproof but looking at so many pros, I wouldn’t really consider it as a con!

Maybelline Hyper Curl Volum’ Express Mascara

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The Maybelline Hyper Curl Volum’ Express Mascara perfect for those looking for good effects in a budget.

This is perfect for college going girls. I’ve always loved products from Maybelline, and this mascara has an innovative curl lock formula that provides length and lasts for up to 18 hours (that’s too much work for a mascara).

It gives a deep black color to adds instant drama to the eyes. The best part It doesn’t weigh down the eyelashes and holds up the curl for hours.

L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara

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Loreal is one of the oldest and trusted brands in the world of cosmetics. The Volume Million Lashes mascara volumizes actually millionizes the lashes.

The millionizer brush perfectly separates each lash and gives an effect of fuller lashes. The brush is surprisingly very flexible, which has both short and long bristles to coat every single lash evenly from root till the tip.

It has a clump-free formula which gives intense color and provides an extra kick of volume.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara

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This American brand is adored all over the world. The Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara has a unique mascara and volumizes lash by lash without clumping the lashes.

It has a long-wearing formula and doesn’t flake or smudge, it also holds against sweat and humidity.

It delivers high impact drama instantly.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

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This mascara from Benefit Cosmetics claims to give you bigger, bolder and lengthier lashes.

It provides volume, curls, and length with all three in one.

It also has a vibrant black color, which is long-wearing. This mascara is smudge-proof and doesn’t dry out either.

Kiko Milano Luxurious Lashes Mascara

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This mascara delivers volume and lifts to the lashes. It has a panoramic effect. It is a waterproof formula and is fragrance-free.

The best part is all Kiko products are without parabens. It has a thick creamy texture and is buildable.

The brush is designed to reach even the inner corners and short hair. It gives an instant volume. This mascara has received excellent reviews and ratings by the users at a leading online beauty store!

NYX Professional Makeup Doll Eye Mascara

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This mascara lengthens and curls the lashes. This cruelty-free mascara is enriched with natural oils and vitamin E, which helps to soften and moisturize the lashes.

It has a smudge-proof formula and is highly pigmented and is ideal for sensitive eyes.

The mascara easy to remove, which is makes it convenient for everyday use.

Tips to remember

  • It’s essential to remove your makeup at the end of the day especially the mascara as it may cause the lash to fall out if NOT removed.
  • To remove the mascara without losing your lashes wet a cotton pad with a makeup remover and place the cotton pad on your eyes, wait for 10-15 seconds and gently press to remove the mascara. Repeat the same of the other eyes.
  • To improve lash health, you could apply olive oil/almond oil to your lashes before bed.


That was all to help you pick the best mascara for everyday use. I’m sure you would’ve found the one that fits your lah needs. Before buying a mascara, it’s essential to look for the formula and effect your lashes needs which can range from lengthening to curling and volumizing to defining. Hope you enjoy bigger lashes with these mascara for everyday use, let us know your favorite in the comments below!

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