11 Benefits of Marine Collagen for Health, Beauty & Hair

Is marine collagen good for you? What are the benefits of marine collagen? If you’re wondering about it – you’ll get all the answers you need here.

benefits of marine collagen

Marine collagen is the collagen derived from the skin of the fish. Our most common collagen products come from pigs or cows, but sea collagen comes from fish.

After the collagen protein is extracted, it undergoes a process called hydrolysis. As a result of hydrolysis, collagen peptides are formed. Due to the easy digestion of collagen peptides by our bodies, they provide faster and better results. You can also add them to your food and drinks as it does not alter smell or taste in any way.

As soon as marine collagen peptides enter the body, they are broken down into amino acids by the digestive system. The body uses these acids where they are most needed. Taking collagen supplements does more than just provide your body with extra collagen — they also stimulate the body to produce collagen-building cells called fibroblasts.

What are the nutrients found in marine collagen?

As we age, different external and internal factors impact our skin and hair. Nutritional supplementation and proper nutrition are the keys to preventing them. Clinical trials have found that consuming marine collagen for skin reduces wrinkles, increases skin hydration, and increases elasticity by reducing the signs of everyday aging.

There are 18 amino acids found in marine collagen, such as glycine, lysine, and hydroxyproline. As antioxidants, glycine, and proline protect our bodies from damage caused by the sun. We need to consume foods that contain lysine because our bodies cannot make it on their own. Furthermore, lysine reduces stress and boosts calcium absorption. Hydroxyproline converts to glycine and supports oxidative metabolism.

Benefits of Marine Collagen

Whether your religion forbids you from consuming regular collagen or you just stay away from it for fear of diseases, marine collagen has multiple benefits – with fewer risks. Various studies have proved that using marine collagen regularly can benefit skin, hair, and overall health.

1. Enhances skin elasticity

Our skin is made up of a large amount of collagen. All thanks to this protein, our skin appears taut and bouncy. It provides strength, hydration, and elasticity to our skin until we get older, when the collagen levels decrease.

There are some amazing beauty benefits of marine collagen. The collagen peptides can protect against the signs of aging and prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and dry skin. A study on women found that marine collagen helped them increase skin hydration, radiance, and elasticity.

2. Relieves Joint Pain

Collagen keeps our cartilages in balance. Our joints have a jelly-like substance that prevents friction between the bones. As we age, we also lose cartilage, causing friction between our bones.

In a study on cells, daily oral intake of collagen peptides for six months reduced pain and increased mobility of the affected joint in women with moderate knee osteoarthritis.

3. Prevents Bone Loss

The collagen in our bones gives them strength and structure. A decrease in collagen can lead to osteoporosis and bone breakdown — the collagen peptides in marine collagen lower blood protein levels that cause bone loss.

According to a study in cell culture, supplementing with marine collagen increases collagen synthesis and minimizes loss of minerals from the body’s bone matrix.

4. Increases Muscle Mass

Collagen comprises 1-10% of our muscle mass. Marine collagen can help increase lean muscle mass since it is a pure protein without carbohydrates or fat to reduce its action. The supplement also prevents muscle loss with advancing age.

5. Keeps Heart Healthy

Taking collagen supplements and peptides may keep the heart fit and lower the risk of heart-related diseases. In the absence of collagen, our arteries and blood vessels can become fragile.

Those who took 16 g of collagen every day for six months saw a significant reduction in artery stiffness and also increased good collagen in the body.

6. Can Promote Healing

The collagen in our bodies provides healing by restoring the balance in our bodies. When you get cuts or wounds, collagen helps them heal faster. Studies support that consuming enough collagen can help the body store minerals like calcium and phosphorous in abundance, and you can use it when required.

7. Good Quality Sleep

A substance found in marine collagen called glycine is known for its powerful effects on sleep. It can improve your sleep quality, resulting in a better quality of life and enhanced health. Moreover, glycine also improves sleep quality by lowering body temperature.

Getting enough sleep relieves stress and anxiety, which is why it is good for us. Plus, it keeps us from experiencing low blood sugar levels while we sleep.

8. Good For Your Stomach

Our gut microbiome is a delicate organism in our body that protects and promotes stomach health. Stress and poor eating habits can easily affect it.

Marine collagen contains glutamine and glycine, responsible for rebuilding the tissues in our digestive system. Glycine found in collagen has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help relieve irritable bowel syndrome and bloody diarrhea. Those who consume collagen regularly have a healthy gut.

9. Can Fight Free Radicals

Our bodies can benefit from marine collagen, which contains many antioxidants. Apart from external environmental conditions like harmful sun rays and poor air quality, internal factors like stress and alcohol can also cause free radicals. Lysine, glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, found in marine collagen, can help combat them.

10. Boosts Scalp Health

In addition to providing elasticity to our skin, collagen also provides elasticity to our hair. Collagen makes up at least 70% of our hair. When follicles weaken, and new growth is inhibited—the antioxidants found in marine collagen help repair hair follicles. By promoting hair elasticity and a healthy scalp, these supplements can improve growth.

11. Healthier Nails

A lot of researches reveal that collagen strengthens nail structure. A six-month study found that daily consumption of collagen peptides and supplements reduced brittleness and accelerated nail growth. Additionally, it has been shown that people who consume a lot of collagen do not suffer from broken or brittle nails.

Is marine collagen effective?

As a form of collagen, marine collagen is effective for your skin and works wonders. It is also very safe to use as it comes from underwater sources, and it is processed before making it into supplements and peptides. Taking marine collagen supplements can help you achieve your beauty goals. It may, however, be less effective than collagen made from porcine (pork).

How to choose the best marine collagen?

Here are some tips on choosing the best marine collagen for yourself.

  • Choose powder supplements. If you go with powder over pills, your body will digest them easier. Furthermore, if you dislike swallowing many pills and they make you feel uncomfortable, you can use powders instead. You can also make the most of marine collagen powder by just drinking it.
  • Take freshly sourced supplements rather than farmed fish. Farmed fishes are not sustainable, and they can quickly spread diseases. Therefore, make sure you consume supplements sourced from freshwater fish.
  • Watch out for artificial flavors and sweeteners. Marine collagen is odorless and unflavored, so if you happen to buy a product that tastes sweet or has a great deal of fragrance, then you shouldn’t use it. An artificial taste and odor are added to tainted supplements in order to conceal their impurities.
  • Check the non-GMO label. This will ensure that the brand has put its efforts into rigorously testing the product and making sure it is devoid of preservatives and genetically influential ingredients.

How to add marine collagen to your diet?

You can add collagen to your diet in the form of powder or capsules. Mix it in smoothies, health drinks, or even salad dressing for a more refreshing taste. Since it is unflavored and odorless, it will not alter the taste of your food or drink. Bone broth, meat, fish, spinach, tomatoes, garlic, etc., are natural collagen sources. Losing weight is another factor that may be effective while consuming collagen.

How long does it take to see the benefits of marine collagen?

If you are curious to know how long it takes to see marine collagen results, here’s the explanation.

Ideally, you should see results within 4-6 weeks. There is no immediate result, so if you’re concerned that you won’t see results, don’t stop taking it.

Continue ingesting collagen every day for at least four to eight weeks, and you will see results. If no results are seen, talk to your physician right away.

Are there any side effects, and is it safe?

It is absolutely safe to use marine collagen, and there are no adverse side effects. You should, however, avoid specific allergens.

If you are allergic to shellfish or any other fish type, you should check the ingredients. Consuming too much collagen can also lead to digestive issues and can cause heartburn and fullness.

The takeaway

There are benefits of marine collagen rather than side effects. Supplementing it can help you stay young and glamorous for many years to come. Because it’s totally safe and easy to use, make it a regular part of your daily routine to receive all its benefits for beauty, health, and hair.

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