9 Easy Ways to Restore Collagen in the Face

Do you sometimes wonder how some people or celebrities look so young in their 50s and 60s? It’s not always that their skin looks good on a screen or their skin is edited. They look good in real as well. The secret to this youthful skin is a protein in our body called collagen, which works as glue to our body and holds everything together.

Each of our bodies produces collagen, hence why our skin is clear and taut at a young age. But as we grow older, the natural collagen production reduces, making our skin sag and appear wrinkly, which is the most common sign of aging.

Restore Collagen in the Face

Since collagen is a surefire way to ageless beauty, let’s discuss some ways to restore collagen in the face naturally or artificially, depending on the convenience. These methods will also help you with your doubts or questions like how to rebuild collagen under the eyes, rebuild collagen in the face, and how long it takes to rebuild collagen.

Facial massage

One of the best ways to restore collagen in the face is to opt for a facial massage. Massage, in general, is good for your skin. A massage can help relax your skin, get rid of dead cells, and improve blood and oxygen.

Try to choose a good facial massage for your skin and take time from your daily life to give your face a massage. Or you can choose to go to your dermatology clinic to get your facial massage done.

In case you are wondering as to how to restore collagen in the face or how to increase collagen in the face, this method works well for both.

Collagen Supplements

Many put their trust in collagen supplements and are proud to tell you how effective they are within a few weeks. While it is quite understandable to hesitate before introducing your skin to supplements, it probably won’t hurt your skin, considering you are consulting your dermatologist before taking them. This option will help to rebuild collagen in your face.

In case you are wondering, you get to choose from a wide range of options and according to your preference. Commonly the collagen supplement comes in the form of pills, capsules, peptides powder, etc. If you prefer different types of collagen in one pill, you can check out Multi Collagen Plus from Dr. Emil Nutrition. Collagen can also be found as a key ingredient in skin creams and serums.

Aloe vera

Not surprising, right? I wonder if we will ever stop finding various uses and effectiveness for aloe vera ever. It is known that aloe vera in the form of supplements can help stimulate collagen production in the body. So, in case you were wondering how to stimulate collagen production in the skin, this is one of the solutions.

Get rid of smoking

From the young to the old ones, we all know smoking is injurious to health, yet a lot of people choose to avoid this piece of wisdom. If you want your skin to look good or want to take care of your skin from a young age, stay away from smoking.


Apply sunscreen every day and all day. Even if you are not going out in the sun or if it’s not a sunny day. Korean skincare tips always emphasize the usage of sunscreen. Always include sunscreen in your skincare routine and follow it religiously.

Get rid of high sugar intake

Sugar can be sweet, but it will not reflect on your skin as sweetly. A process called glycation is prompted by high sugar intake, which works negatively towards collagen production.


If it sounds like something sophisticated and expensive, let me tell you that, yes, it indeed is an expensive process.

However, microneedling is a fascinating process. A small roller or a dermapen with needles affixed is used on your skin, which will wound your skin to create tiny punctures. The natural healing process in your skin will start working hence producing collagen during the process.

Get proper rest and get rid of stress

As we get older, we start having more responsibilities and stress. We get so engrossed in making a living or working towards a goal that we almost forget that we also have a body to take care of. Maintaining a good sleeping and resting schedule will reflect on your skin with time.

Vitamin C

Possibly one of the best ways for collagen, as it is effective and most affordable. Apart from helping collagen production, it also helps your skin to hold collagen. Use vitamin C infused creams or serums. Use it under your eyes(for rebuilding collagen under your eyes), on your face, neck, and you will gradually feel the difference.

Rebuilding collagen can take from weeks to months, depending on the type of method you are using. However, if you are using collagen supplements, results show quicker than the natural methods. But if you are looking for restoring the process of collagen production permanently, you must not stop following a diet or lifestyle that is good for your skin.

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