Beauty Packing List for Cruise Vacation

Cruises are one of our favorite types of vacation; better yet, some cruises are of the top destinations to vacation next year. While floating on an endless bed of the sea, we get to see many beautiful sights, all while we’re treated to top-notch accommodations, great eats, and good company! For a perfect vacation, you will also want to look and feel great; for that, you need to pack the right beauty essentials.

So, let’s see how to do that.

Beauty Packing List for Cruise Vacation

Where to?

Some of the most popular places to go on a cruise are The Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska, The Mediterranean, Austria, and New Zealand. Depending on where you are headed will determine what you pack. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast and top attractions before booking your trip.

#1 Pack Lightly

Since you might be spending a few days on the cruise, you need to pack lightly since cabins tend to be compact spaces. Keep some trustee clothes, footwear, cosmetics, and gadgets and avoid things you may not need. We prefer to pack using packing cubes as it helps us easily find what we need rather than rummaging through a disorganized suitcase.

#2 Pack a Small Carry On

Whether you’re heading to Alaska or a tropical island- you’ll want to pack a small carry-on with your water bottle to stay hydrated, your swimsuit to take advantage of the hot tub or pool, your medications, and the beauty essentials below.

One important thing to note is that your luggage will arrive at your cabin a few hours after you board. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you pack everything you need in order to start your vacation straight away.

#3 Cosmetics and Skincare Products

Protection from Sun

It’s essential to take care of your skin, especially when closer to the ocean; you can’t avoid humidity and heat. Pack the best sunscreen according to your skin type, so you are prepared to explore or just relax out on the deck.


Never forget a good moisturizer. Our skin needs hydration and softness due to all that it has to bear; dirt, pollution, weather, cosmetic application; a moisturizer helps give the skin the coolness it needs. Cruise decks can be windy, so you’ll want to protect your skin.

There are moisturizers for all skin types that you can apply as a base before applying makeup and after removing makeup to soothe your skin, before going to sleep, and in the morning. Adding a moisturizer to your skincare routine is essential.

BB Cream

If you don’t want to keep your makeup routine simple and quick, you can use good quality BB cream for your skin type instead of using a foundation. It covers dark spots and fine lines and provides coverage like a foundation, perfect for a base before makeup.


Lipsticks are no less than a weapon, so choose your best! Two or three shades of nude colors for a casual day on the cruise or exploring off-docks, and a pair of darker, more sultry shades for cruise dinners or parties, and you’re all set!


A basic black eyeliner does the job well. Keep it simple and bold, or do a cat-eye if you’re feeling fancy. Don’t forget your mascara for voluminous lashes. You can also keep a travel-sized box of eyeshadows. Remember, dolling is seldom a bad idea.


Take your favorite shade of rouge for those lovely cheeks. A rosy-hued or a red blush goes with any look. To accentuate those cheekbones, keep a highlighter too!

To store everything and to keep them from getting lost, place everything in a makeup pouch.

#3 Body Care

Body Wash

Wherever you go, you need to keep your trustee body wash that suits your skin. The best body washes have safe ingredients and a pleasant smell to keep you fresh all day!

Body Scrub

A good body scrub is needed to remove dead skin cells and excess build-up of dirt from the body to keep the skin tidy and smooth. Organic body scrubs are best for healthy skin.

Body Lotions and Body Butters

No matter what kind of weather you are walking into, you need a body lotion according to your skin type to keep it protected from the sun, outdoors, excessive oiliness, and dryness. Great-quality body lotions are made with ingredients that are good for the skin and are cruelty and toxicity-free.

Perfumes or Deodorants

No one can deny the effects of a sweet-smelling perfume, so keep your best scent with you to smell divine and feel confident. A long-lasting fragrance is also important to keep you cool, fragrant, and sweat-free all day long.

With so many things you need to pack, also consider a few things you shouldn’t pack. These include:

  • Expensive jewelry. While you may need to dress up for some special occasions, let’s leave that heirloom at home.
  • The very basics like soap, shampoo, conditioner. You’ll get these on the cruise.
  • Uncomfortable shoes. This includes new shoes that you haven’t properly broken in.
  • Certain items are prohibited on the cruise. Double-check what these items are with the cruise line you’ve booked.

Also, avoid the temptation to pack too much stuff. Not only are stuffed suitcases heavy, but they also leave no room for souvenirs.

With this list, you should be prepared for a great time at sea! Enjoy.

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