Learn Where to Spray Your Perfume for a Long Lasting Fragrance

Are you looking for ways to smell good all day? Each one of us likes to smell nice all the time. But we know how it feels when the fragrance fades away quickly. You spend a fortune buying expensive perfumes and it still does not give you a long-lasting experience. So you may wonder, ‘What to do to retain?’, ‘What’s the secret?’ Our experts suggest that all it takes is a bit of knowledge to know how to apply and nothing can stop you from smelling good all day long.

where to spray perfume to last longer

Read on as we take you through simple steps on where to spray perfume to last longer and enhance the power of your scent. But before that, let’s understand what we are doing wrong in the first place.

6 Things You Might be doing Wrong

There some perfume mistakes you might be making that shorten the effect and lifespan of your perfume. Let’s know about them!

  1. If your perfume wears off by the half-day, you might be not applying it the right way.
  2. Many of us aren’t aware that showing off perfumes in the bathroom reduces the life of the fragrance. In short, you aren’t storing it in the right place. Storing the perfume in a cool place and keeping it away from the sunlight is recommended.
  3. Most of us are in a hurry and we don’t close the cap of the bottle properly.
  4. There are a zillion brands of perfume out there and we sometimes haphazardly buy a bottle for the shape or because of the top note. We suggest you invest in a good brand that understands the product well.
  5. Buying from an unreliable source may get you a duplicate product, which may contain substandard quality perfume.
  6. Don’t shake the bottle. You are reducing the life of the fragrance that way.

Now, let’s talk about where, as in which parts of your body, you should spray the perfume for better results.

Under the ears

The area around your ears is the best suited and most recommended part of your body to spray the perfume on. Pulse points are the right area! And you must do this right after your shower.

On both the wrists

When you apply perfume on your wrists, ensure you don’t rub them against each other or against any other parts of your skin. Rubbing both wrists will decrease the density of the fragrance. Further, make sure your skin is well moisturized before application. Perfume locks well on a moisturized skin. Don’t rub but dab on your skin.

Spray on your Hair Brush

Spraying perfume on your hair directly is a strict no. Perfumes contain alcohol and many other chemicals that may not be suitable for your hair. However, if you want your hair to smell great, the right way is through the hairbrush.

Behind The Knees

Perfumes react to warm areas of the body. Behind the knees can be another good area if you are wearing a short dress or shorts, in general.

Inside the Elbows

Another warm area of the body is your inner side of the elbows. Exactly the place when you fold your arms towards your shoulders. You can rub a bit of Vaseline before you spray the perfume, which will help it stay longer.

Tips for using the perfume for a long-lasting result

Call yourself lucky if you can find matching fragrance lotion and perfume. Such a combo is a great mix as you don’t smell like a mix of many fragrances. What more could you ask for if you can get packs that include lotions, body washes, the perfume of the same fragrance.

  • If you don’t want to carry the heavy perfume bottle, do this smart trick of carrying cotton balls sprayed with your perfume in a plastic pouch. Some of us don’t find it comfortable to pull out the big bottle in front of a crowd and spray. Cotton balls work as a savior when you need to redo your perfume.
  • Make the best use of the last drop of the perfume, which usually doesn’t come through the spray tube. Keep the bottle in the wardrobe or the drawer of clothes.


We hope, by using these tips, your fragrance may last as long as possible. We suggest you start the process by investing in a good purchase. Purchase the correct type of perfume and store it in the right place. If you have any other tips related to perfumes that can be useful for other readers, share it with us. Also, share this piece of information with someone who uses perfume.

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2 thoughts on “Learn Where to Spray Your Perfume for a Long Lasting Fragrance”

  1. Smelling good all day is what we want. But the effect and lifespan of some perfume are very short which makes us a little upset sometimes. Therefore, use it in the proper amount in the proper areas of your body.

  2. I am a perfume fanatic, I have been since I was 12 years old. I remember my first perfumes came from Avon and the remembrance of drug stores. I use to look forward to my mom making a purchase from the Avon lady in buying my favorite perfumes, oh the nostalgia just makes me smile. I’ve come a long way since that time in my life of learning the different ways of applying perfumes. First, it’s always a good idea to start with a clean base. Perfume is going to do its best performance when you have a clean body. So it’s best to take a hot shower, so this gets your pores open. After you have showered please make sure you are moisturizing your body from upper to bottom, bottom to upper. After you have moisturized your body then go ahead and spray your fragrance. I usually start from the bottom and work my way off. I start with my feet and ankles, working my way up through my calves, to my torso. I then spray my chest area, and neck area, all around my collar bone and next to my ears. Once I dress I then spray several spritzes in the air and step through the cloud so that the perfume gets on the fabric of my clothes. This truly does help to give the perfume a linger on you throughout the day.

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