14 Best MAC Blushes for Fair Skin that Add Instant Sass

When it comes to makeup, we all know who rules it all! MAC is also one of my favorite makeup brands. Even many celebrities adore MAC. It is widely known for its blushes and has some of the best blushes in cream and powder finishes, so we have compiled a list of the fourteen best MAC blushes for fair skin tone.

MAC Mocha

Mocha is popular and also a bestseller from MAC. It is a soft pinky blush perfect for pink lovers. It also has some hints of plum. This is a matte powder blush, so it works really with oily skin types as well also. It goes hand in hand with the current weather! (Missing winters!) This blush adds a quick color and freshness to your cheeks. Mocha is a cool-toned shade, and fair skin will look beautiful in this color.

MAC Melba

mac melba blush

MAC describes Melba as a soft coral peach shade, and this is also from the Matte powder pro blush range. The best part looks beautiful on all skin tones but is most suited to women with fair skin. It effortlessly goes well with natural-looking makeup and heavy makeup. It also has good pigmentation and can be built according to your requirements.

MAC Rhubarb

MAC Rhubarb

Don’t judge a book by its color! It might look like super bright color, but it looks stunning after application. It is a bright magenta blush from the satin powder blush range. This blush works only for fair skin tones and adds a bright rush of color to your cheeks. It looks too bright in the pan but looks just like a normal blush on the skin.

MAC Pinch O Peach

MAC Pinch O Peach

Looking for a peachy shade, here’s one. This is an everyday natural blush, and the color is peachy, just like the name—it a soft shade and perfect for makeup beginners. You won’t go wrong with this blush, and that is why it ends up here in our list of best MAC blushes for fair skin. You can pair this blush with a dramatic smokey eye or get a soft makeup look with peach lipstick and clean, bright eyes.

MAC Apple Red

MAC Apple Red blush

This fire engine red blush pairs up really well with a nude lipstick or red lipstick. Just be sure you wear it carefully without overpowering the lipstick with the blush. This blush is one of the favorite blushes of many celebrity makeup artists.

MAC Ambering Rose

MAC Ambering Rose blush

This is a muted rose blush that goes really well with Smokey-eye makeup. It has a hint of shimmer, which looks fabulous! And makes the skin looks rosy and dewy. You can also pair it with brown eye makeup, and it will be like the icing over the cake!

MAC Dollymix

MAC Dollymix

A perfect shade to brighten a dull day, Dollymix is a candy pink blush shade. It works with fair to medium skin tones and is easy to wear if you layer it cautiously. It has a sheer tone/shimmer finish. If you love Alia Bhatt’s makeup, she uses such blushes, making her look bright and bubbly.

MAC Gingerly

MAC Gingerly

Craving for some Kim-Kardashian look? Bored with pink, peach, or Fuschia? Let gingerly conquer all your Bronzy desires! Gingerly is one of the most popular mac blushes. This will make you look warm, sun-kissed, and tan! Warm looks go best with Smokey eyes or even with basic kohl.

MAC Fleur

Best MAC Blushes for Fair Skin

Fleur Power is best described as a soft coral with hints of pink. It has a satin finish. It looks matte on the skin and gives a warm look. Fleur is a perfect everyday blush and would also look great for college girls or office-going women. If you want some subtle color, Fluer won’t break your heart!

MAC Breath of Plum

MAC Breath of Plum blush

Breath of plum is a light mauve shade that is suitable for almost any occasion. It has a sheer finish and can build more if required. It is best suited for fair to medium skin tone.

MAC Warm Soul

MAC Blushes for Fair Skin

This is a beige-toned mineralize blush with gold pearl. It’s a beautiful blush which is probably one of the most famous MAC blushes. It’s the perfect shade for the majority of skin tones. You can use this blush daily without giving a second thought. Or days when you want a warm look. Suitable for fair-medium skin tones.

MAC Petal Power

Petal power from MAC Mineralize blush range has a coral pink color with some golden shimmer in it. You can also this blush as a highlighter as well. The blush provides a light golden shimmer, and it is a perfect shade for a date night or Indian festivities. You can also use it when you are doing a glowing skin makeup look. The shade provides a natural-looking radiance.

MAC Well Dressed

MAC Well Dressed is has a satin finish. It’s a cool-toned color. This blush is not very pigmented, but you can build it up for coverage. It delivers a beautiful-looking glow.

MAC Trace Gold

MAC Blushes for Fair Skin

The blush is from the sheer-tone range. It is a buildable shimmer blush. The shade is a peachy-golden shimmer. It can be used as a highlighter more than a blush. You can definitely use this shade for a bronzy warm sun-kissed look. The texture is smooth, pearly, and well pigmented. You can use this blush on top of any other colored blush. It’s best suited for light-medium and olive skin tone.

And there ends the list of best MAC blushes for fair skin. Let us know your favorite blush from the list in the comments below.

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