7 Reasons Why Your Pet Deserves a Beauty Therapy

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Pet beauty regimen is a new trend, thanks to their socially active owners. Pet parents are equally concerned about the looks and fitness of their pets.

Interestingly, many cute animals are giving stiff competition to many celebs. For instance, ‘Doug the pug’ has nearly 3.8 million Instagram followers.

Recently pet beauty parlors are trending in metropolitan cities due to their owner’s busy schedule. These grooming outlets are providing all kinds of beauty treatments to pat ranging from fur care, body massage to paw-dicure while their owners can spend their leisure time by relaxing.

With the entry of high-end grooming products in the market, the entire concept of pet care has been changed. Another concept related to the beautification of pets is that it brings a sense of satisfaction and overjoyed feeling to their owners.

Hence, some of the prominent reasons for providing head to toe beauty therapy to your pet are listed below:

Better animal coat enhances socialization

While it seems superficial, but a well-groomed pet gets more attention. Psychologically it has been proven that people are afraid of an untidy dog. Moreover, a well-groomed pooch looks more attractive and has more admirers than others, which further enhances their popularity at various social media platforms.

Additionally, brushing provides relaxation to the pets as it de-tangles their hairs and removes any debris from their fur coat. The Lion cut, teddy bear cut is the most popular cut among canines. Coat coloring is a recent trend that will provide a unique look to them.

Another major reason in favor of regular grooming is that it avoids shedding as regular brushing promotes oil secretion that further makes the hair stronger and healthy. A wide range of spa and facial treatments are available that aids in the detoxification process of your pet.

Prevention of fleas and ticks

Nearly all pets require ticks and flea protection throughout the year. The parasitic infestation has a degrading effect on the health of your pet. So, timely grooming and cleaning of them prevent the spread of tick-borne diseases. Schedule an appointment with nearby pet salon or avail for mobile grooming service to protect your lovely beast from these nasty pests.

Nail trimming improves posture

Nail clipping constitutes an essential part of animal appearance. Long and unhealthy nails lead to significant orthopedic and posture dysfunction in the animals in the long run. First of all, too long nails create a posture imbalance that further leads to change in the walkway. Apart from this, in a few cases, their nails grow into their footpads, which make their condition painful during walking.

Additionally, unhealthy nails often lead to arthritis or bone deformation. Hence, a trip to the spa every month to get nail treatment (Pawdicure) provides relief from pain and stress that your pet may be suffering from. Furthermore, the aesthetic appearance of nails can be enhanced with Pet nail polish.

Why Your Pet Deserves a Beauty Treatment

Prevention of ear infection

An ear infection is a common cause of discomfort among pets, and hence they should be regularly cleaned. Moreover, long-coated animals suffer more from ear infection as they have hairs in their ears, which have to be routinely plucked.

Avoid medical abnormalities

One of the main benefits of beauty therapy is that you become aware of the skin and hair type of your pet, and this will prevent medical illness. For example, the appearance of bumps, patches, or changes in hair color is the initial indicator of some serious illness. Additionally, it has been observed that many breeds are naturally susceptible to several infections and parasitic infestation.

Maintains a ‘happy smile’

Dental health has equal importance in your pet life. An animal with a smile is the cutest creature on earth. So, we have to make their smile a happy smile. Maintenance of regular dental cleaning and vet check-ups will avoid long term expenses related to professional cleaning.

Household cleanliness

We all are aware of allergies and infections that may get transmitted from animals to humans. This is another strong reason in favor of pet’s beauty treatment. Routine Pets grooming will maintain general sanitation of your house and prevent the spread of tick-borne diseases, allergies, and other fungal infections.

Bottom Line

Grooming and beauty treatment is an integral part of pet maintenance as it keeps them away from various medical emergencies. A pet owner who considers herself as a parent believes that as a beauty-obsessed herself, she is equally committed to letting her dog live her best life.

Pets are an integral part of human lives as they offer companionship to human beings. To promote the concept of co-existence on mother earth, we have to develop sympathy toward animals. Want to know the essential why’s about your pets? Head over to whydopets.com to know more.

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