What Lipshade Goes Best With Your Enneagram Personality Type?

Knowing what lip shade best suits your enneagram personality type can make or break how successful your day can be.

The differences between the loyalist personality type and the peacemaker’s personality type can be huge. Knowing what color best suits you can make all the difference with how you present yourself to your friends and coworkers every day.

Keep reading to learn more about what your unique lip color is according to your enneagram personality type!

Which Lipstick Shade Best Suits Your Enneagram Type

#1 Strive to Improve Everything

Type one is morally upright and ethical, with a strong sense of justice. Teachers, revolutionaries, and advocates of change: always on the lookout for improvements but paralyzed by the fear of failing.

Organizers, orderly, and fastidious, they set high standards but can become critical and perfectionistic in the process. Type one can be morally heroic while looking stunning with a deep brown lip color. Choosing to be wise, discerning, realistic, and noble is their greatest virtue.

#2 Volunteering for the greater good

They are the empathetic types. A type two is friendly, generous, and selfless, but can also be reliant on flattery, emotion, and people-pleasing. They want to be close to others and are well-meaning, but can sometimes slip into helping others just to be needed.

Most of the time, they have trouble recognizing their own needs and possessiveness. To be at their best, that is selfless and altruistic, all they need is a coat of coral pink on their lips.

#3 Let goals drive you

Type three exudes confidence and charm. While ambition, competence, and energy are present, they may also be status-conscious and highly-drive. Diplomatically poised and diplomatic, they can also take their image and what others think too seriously.

They will look stunning in caramel nude lipstick since they are typically workaholics and competitive. This lip shade will bring out the best in them, highlighting their self-awareness, authenticity, and leadership skills.

#4 Romanizing The Times

The Romanists, also known as type four on the enneagram chart, are best known for their individualism. This tends to show up in the career fields they care to pick, such as art directors or writers.

People in this category tend to be unique people with exceptional tastes in style and art. That is why the best lip color for them is a turquoise blue lip tint. This color represents the uniqueness of the person wearing it.

#5 Time To Investigate

The type five personality is best known as the investigator. This type of person seems to enjoy jobs similar to software developers as well as app developers.

People with this personality are intelligent and like to let people know that. Because of this, they tend to look best in dusty pink lipstick. This color makes them look intelligent, sophisticated, and stylish too.

#6 The Loyalist Of Them All!

Type six is known as the loyalist personality. Many people with this personality type are drawn to jobs similar to teaching and interior design.

With these jobs, you often picture well-dressed women with a natural face of makeup. As such, the best color for enneagram 6w5 is nude-pink-colored lipstick. This color will let the people around you know that you are beautiful, confident, and intelligent.

#7 Be Enthusiastic!

Type seven of the Enneagram test is known as the enthusiast. This type of personality can have a larger-than-life character with even bigger dreams.

Most people who have this Enneagram type usually enjoy jobs such as travel agents or athletic trainers. Because these people want opportunities of a lifetime, they would look best in deep red lipstick. This lets people know that while you mean business, you like to have fun and let life surprise you too.

#8 Life Can Be Challenging

Type eight is known as the challenger. The challenger is also sometimes referred to as the protector. This type of personality is more than likely to enjoy working as a lawyer or an executive.

With that said, lawyers and executives never have time to be looking in the mirror to check their lipstick. For this reason, they are more likely to wear a smudge-proof bright red. This color will show people that they are not one to mess with, and neither is the lipstick.

#9 Let Us Make Peace

The type nine personality is known as the peacemaker or sometimes the mediator. These people are at their best when they wear deep purple lipgloss. This is because they are most likely to enjoy jobs that most people would consider outside the box of normal. Some of these jobs include librarian and acupuncturist.

Final Thoughts

Nude-pink for the Loyalists and a deep purple for the peacemaker, as well as turquoise for the romanticists, are great choices when trying to decide what color your personality should use.

Every character is unique and should be treated as such.

Finding the perfect color for each Enneagram type can be really tricky. That is why having something to help you can be quite important when finding the right lip shade for you.

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