10 Types Of Lips and What They Say About Your Personality

Every one of us is unique with different face shapes and features. Talking about features, the most talked about feature in the human body is lips. Just like eyes are considered to be the window to our soul, our lips say a lot about our character. We all have different types of lips and as per face scientists, they are one of the dominant features that determine our personality.

Types Of Lips

Apart from just making several expressions, having different types of lips signify some deeper personality traits and psychological peculiarities. The study of lip-reading focuses mainly on the size, shape, the definition of the cupid’s bow, and the plumpness of the lips. Considering these factors the experts reveal several underlying implications of one’s personality.

Your lips and Its Shape

The shape of your lips can reveal a lot about your personality. It can list your personality traits and can also say a lot about your character.

As per morphopsychology, there are several types of lips and there have been constant researches going on about the relationship between psychological generalities along with the physical aspects of people. The result of these studies is however surprising but it does not have any scientific endorsement related to it.

So, based on morphopsychology we here bring to you 10 different types of lips shapes and what they actually say about your personality.

1. Slim Lips

types of lips

Slim lips are one among the different types of lips and their general lip shape happens to be a little elongated. Their mouth shape is a bit tight and it is usually in tune with the rest of the face. This type of lips often seems to be stylized and rigid.

These types of lips belong to perfectionists. People who have thin lips are preserving and they have a lot of determination. They are prone to a lot of problems but they face them with perfection.

As per studies people with these types of lips are not timid but loners. They have an introverted personality and are also self-reliant. They are not afraid of being alone and they can work just fine on their own.

They love to be independent and their relationship with their partner might not be as well versed as people with fuller lips. But they, however, function perfectly in their relationship and they require their partner to have a similar set of hobbies and interests for their relationship to succeed.

2. Thick Lips

types of lips

This is yet another lip-type among the different types of lips which shows a very empathetic person. Thick lips naturally make the mouth look bulky and it stands out than the rest of the features form the face. People with this type of lip shape has a lot of human empathy.

Along with this characteristic, the person with these types of lips is generally very protective in nature. They are naturally maternal or paternal and they tend to have innate sensuality. They also tend to be supremely confident and are also physically attractive.

Thick lips are considered to be innately attractive and more beautiful in culture and society. People with these lips have a very high attractiveness quotient.

3. Lips With Defined Cupid’s Bow

types of lips

A lip with a defined cupid’s bow is the most desirable lip shape among all the different types of lips shapes. The top middle part of our lip is known as the cupid’s bow. We all have it but some of us have a more defined and a more pronounced and protruded cupid’s bow.

People who have these types of lips are generally marked with a lot of creativity. These people strive constantly for self-expression in every form. They are artistic and they are more productive than the rest of the people. People who have this lip shape are blessed with impressive memory recall abilities and they are also more self-aware. These people are also good at making social interactions and they are good at maintaining them as well.

People with a peaked pout are also indicative of a quick presence of mind and they tend to be quite impulsive and spontaneous. They are quite agile and are even good at cutting people off if they feel the need.

4. Different Top and Bottom Lip

types of lips

People who have either thicker or thinner top or bottom tend to be more curious and fearless. This falls into those different types of lips categories that are very native and are not seen commonly among a lot of people. They belong to the uninhibited and original people.

People with these types of lips tend to be daring and they do not fear the unknown. These are also the people who trust too much and often face problems due to this. They like to be independent and love to experiment with new things whatsoever. Since they are fearless they are not afraid to explore anything in life.

5. Heart-Shaped Lips

types of lips

This is very unique from all the different types of lips. This lip shape is sometimes also considered to be the heart-shaped lips. The inclined extremities in these types of lips indicate a cheerful person. This inclination, however, is slight but definite enough to be noticeable.

People with these types of lips are independent and strong-willed. They are also passionate, witty and more glamorous than most other people. People with arc-shaped lips are artistic, creative, and have an energetic personality. The lips shape is such that it gives an illusion of the person smiling even if they are serious.

These people are also full of optimism and life. They are also outgoing, full of joy and extremely sociable. When these types of people are around they instantly reflect happiness and joy.

6. Not So Defined Cupid’s Bow

This is yet another lip-type among the different types of lips which emphasizes trustworthy people. In these types of lips, the arch or the cupid’s bow is generally undefined featuring medium to thin lips.

People with this type of lips are incredibly reliable and responsible. They, however, can be overly confident and this character trait of them is often abused by people. These people are also very giving and they sometimes can lack the sense of emotional boundaries. They are excessively generous which most of the time becomes the reason for neglected self-care.

These people are also known to face any kind of problem in their way and their approach is headstrong. They deal with the problem in a very mature way and are also good at managing time and meeting deadlines. Since they are emotional they are more prone to getting hurt than other people.

7. Goldilocks Lips

types of lips

These lips are characterized by neither being too thick nor too thin. They are medium-sized and are quite precise. This type of lips among all the other different types of lips indicates that people are quite stable and balanced in their lives. This is also considered to be one of the best types of lips.

People with these types of lips have a standard pout and they are not too defined but are also not faded. These people have a strong ability to overcome any obstacle laid in front of them. They have sharpened logic skills and their common sense is quite savvy.

As per experts one of the main strengths of people with these types of lips is their listening skills. They are good and listening and therefore can resolve any task given to them. These people like to play it safe and are not very happy at taking risks. Those with goldilocks lips are reliable because they are emotionally stable.in relationships, these people do not seek drama and they crave attention and connection. People with these types of lips are also the receiver of huge respect.

8. Wide Lips

types of lips

This is yet another lip type among the different types of lips which emphasizes a very tolerant person. These types of lips are generally elongated in the sides and they are larger than the rest of the face. they usually define the width of the mouth and can make your mouth look elongated and widened.

People with wide lips are usually extroverted and friendly. They are good leaders and are also perfectionists. These types of people are often known to accept diversity and they have no problem in cherishing people who have different ideological perspectives than them. They are non-conformist and also finds absolutely no trouble in making friends.

These people love to learn new things and they are driven by the motive to be perfect. Along with these not to mention these people are naturally talented.

9. Lips That Are Plump in The Center

types of lips

This type of lip is more plumper at the center of the upper lip than all the other different types of lips. These people are natural performers and they love to take pride in themselves. Plumper center lips are often characterized by artistic people.

People with these types of lips are outgoing and they love to be the center of attraction. They love to be surrounded by people and carry a motto of being the life of the party. When it comes to their relationship status they are naturally dramatic and they love being pampered.

These people are also very intense and they live life with great intensity. They love to enjoy themselves and impart the same fn to people surrounding them. They live life to the fullest but can often be narcissistic and egoistic.

10. Naturally Fuller Lips

Naturally, plum lips are again the most desired lip shape among all the other different types of lips. These lips are naturally and evenly plump both at the top and the bottom. They usually characterize a very empathetic person with impressive parenting instincts.

People with these types of lips are generally selfless and are very caring. They love to protect and safeguard people in and around them. Their friend circle is often very close and tight and they choose their friends and relationships wisely. They value their relationships and friends above everything else.

Lips can say a lot about your personality and it can portray direct relation among your character traits. Here in this article, we shared with you different types of lips and also shared the personality traits related to it. We shared all this information according to res

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