Fill Your Cup with Goodness from Tea Treasure | Review

Tea Treasure Review

Hello, gorgeous divas out there! Today’s post is going to be different from the other posts as I’m sharing my experience with different kinds of ‘tea’ by Tea Treasure. We know a lot of tea-holics and we might be one of them. Guilty huh?  I love tea and I need it more than I want it. Tea has numerous health benefits. The purpose of me introducing you to these teas is that they not only provide health benefits but fares well on the beauty department too! I have got 12 different flavors from them and each of them has unique health and beauty benefits. Let’s check out the review now.

Tea Treasure Review

About Tea Treasure: Tea Treasure is an Indian based company and caters to a gap in specialty tea market in India today. TeaTreasure is not only “tea experts” and more like a “one-stop shop” for any tea enthusiast but their key differentiation would be the passion to experiment and bring out different, quirky tea blends for the young consumers in order to re-establish the image of tea as a cool preferred drink of choice.

For me, satisfying taste buds is really important. The second thing which is important in a tea is its aroma. Like usual tea where sugar, milk and tea leaves are involved, they don’t provide much health benefits except instant energy. The teas from Tea Treasure are hygienic and carefully picked. I have reduced my caffeine intake due to the sleep troubles I was facing so I’m always skeptical about having it. Most of these teas from this brand are caffeine-free which is a huge pro for me. They come in brown paper pouches which are re-sealable in order to avoid contamination. The packaging is really attractive. I received 12 delectable flavors of tea along with a mason jar and a glass bottle which has re-usable high-quality tea bags.

Tea Treasure Review

How do I prepare the tea?

Boil 200 ml of water.Turn off the gas and pour it into the cup or a mason jar. Add honey or sugar according to taste and add 2 pinches of tea leaves and cover it with a lid. After infusing for 5 minutes, it’s ready to serve!

Tea Treasure Tea Flavours

Rooibos Temptation Tea

Tea Treasure Review Tea Treasure Review

Red tea with hints of chocolate and malt. I absolutely love this flavor as it tastes delicious with every sip.

Pure Rooibos Red Tea

Tea Treasure Review Tea Treasure Review

Same as Rooibos Temptation but without malt and cocoa, this one is caffeine-free and packed with anti-oxidants!

Japan-Ease Sencha

Sencha, famous tea leaves from Japan is known to have fat-loss properties and contain anti-oxidants. It tastes somewhat bitter so I always add honey to it.

Jasmine Green Tea

Tea Treasure Review Tea Treasure Review

This green tea has a heavenly aroma of Jasmine which awakens the senses. This is one of my favorite flavors and I like having it when I’m back home after a tiring day.

Coconut Sencha

Japanese Sencha tea leaves with tiny shreds of dried coconut. This tea claims to burn fat and tastes fine.

Tulsi Green Tea

Tea Treasure ReviewTea Treasure Review

What’s better than a combination of two rich in anti-oxidants leaves? Tulsi is calming and in the upcoming winters, it provides warmth to the body and green tea, as we know, provides high-metabolism.

Lemon Tulsi Green Tea

Tea Treasure Review Tea Treasure Review

When you’re bored with regular green tea, this is the flavor you should try. It provides health benefits along with a zingy taste of lemon and mint. It tastes really good and minty.

Immunity Booster Tea

Tea Treasure Review Tea Treasure Review

This tea is apt for winters as it contains ginger, licorice, tulsi, lemongrass which treat a cough and cold. It helps in relieving a headache. I like to have it in morning and it energizes me for the whole day.

Darjeeling Second Flush Tea

It is a basically a black tea originating from Darjeeling, a famous tourist-place knowns for its tea leaves. Its flavor is exotic and aroma is woody.

Pure Chamomile Herbal Tea

Tea Treasure Review Tea Treasure Review

I always wanted to try Chamomile tea and this was the first one I’ve ever used. It contains purely dried chamomile flowers and is soothing to the body. It has calming properties and I feel relaxed with every sip.

Oolong Darjeeling | Handcrafted Whole Leaf Tea Bags

Tea Treasure Review

These tea bags are so rich in quality and taste that they can be used 2-3 times. As you can see in the pic that they are so finely wrapped in tea bags.

I had an awesome experience with these teas from Tea Treasure. They not only provide health but beauty benefits too and detoxifies the body. With regular consumption of these, I’m noticing a difference in my overall health. My metabolism has been increased and I can feel my gut clear with my digestion enhanced. These are not only satiating to taste buds but also in the health front. So I recommend everybody to try them.

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