5 Skincare Mistakes You’re Making in Your Routine

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Great skin is something all of us seek and actively work towards. We invest in products to solve our skin concerns, use sunscreen to protect against harmful UV Rays, and go for facials and skin treatments to up our skincare game.

There are so many products in the market and so many different skin solutions, but what’s lacking is the right information about how to use these products. This leads to many people who have the right products not getting any results from them. They end up frustrated or harming their skin by using their products wrong.

Skincare Mistakes

It’s important to make it a priority to learn how to use beauty products correctly. Here’s a list of the most common skincare mistakes and why correcting them will change your skincare without paying for anything new.

Not Using Masks

Many consider masks an unnecessary and even over-the-top product that doesn’t serve a purpose besides making you feel pampered. Masks are an essential part of a healthy skincare regimen. They allow you to target specific concerns, like acne, dark spots, and scars, or get a boost of moisture and nourishment. Because masks cover up your face entirely, they can truly lock in the active ingredients and allow our skin to really soak it in during the 15-20 minutes we wear them.

The great thing is you can choose a mask that’s to your liking and to the specification of what your skin needs. You can go with something natural and powerful like Masque Vivant, “which uses natural ingredients to regulate and purify your skin, calm, rebalance and naturally and leave your skin refreshed, rejuvenated, and visibly brightened.”

Not Using Toner

Do you know what the actual purpose of a toner is? Many of us apply toner without actually knowing the purpose it serves and why it’s such an important skincare step. Your serums and moisturizers are actually active and effective at a specific pH, but when you use a fash wash or cleanser, it changes your skin’s pH.

So when you apply toner, you correct your skin’s pH so your skin can absorb the active ingredient at the deepest level.

It isn’t just another cleansing step. It’s a huge part of what makes all those amazing products actually work. When you buy a toner, make sure it has these capabilities.

Not Layering Products in the Right Order

Another mistake we make is not using products in the right order. Every step in our routine serves a purpose, and even the order in which we apply certain products can affect how effectively they work.

For example, our serum needs to go as close to our skin surface as possible, so we should use it after cleansing and toning to penetrate deep into the skin and get locked in by everything we apply over it.

Sunscreen should always be the final step after we’ve done toner, serum, eye cream, spot treatments, and moisturizer. Eye cream shouldn’t go to the top, but rather after serum and before moisturizer. Remember, the order you use these products will impact how well and hard they work for you.

Not Cleansing Correctly

One of the most important parts of your daily skincare routine is having a really good strong cleanser that can clean on a deeper level. You need a powerful yet gentle product that can truly remove all the layers from the day.

Our favorite makeup products and even the sunscreen we use aren’t the greatest for our actual skin, and at the end of the day, we need to be able to wash all that off.

When we cleanse, a pro-tip is to wash our faces twice to remove all the layers of dirt. We shouldn’t just be doing this at the beginning of the day. It’s equally important to do it at the end of the day, so we’re not taking the stuff from the day to bed.

Overusing Products

One of the biggest skincare mistakes we make isn’t using the right products or enough of them. Sometimes with certain products, we do too much or use them too often. For example, an exfoliator, though great, can be detrimental if used in excess.

With most exfoliators, using them every day is harmful to your skin, so it’s better to skip days so that you’re breaking your skin down too much.

If you invest in a product like a vibrating skin spatula, you shouldn’t be using it twice a day or every single day, but rather once a week. If you overuse it, you might end up undoing the benefit of the products.

Remember, the goal is to get all the benefits of a product, not the downsides! We have listed the common skincare mistakes we unconsciously make, but the good thing is, they are easily avoidable.

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