Self-Love Tips to Have a Healthier Mindset About Yourself

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Nobody knows you better than yourself, so it’s high time that we start treating ourselves in such a way. As women, we tend to cut ourselves short on lots of things. There are women out there who can’t even accept a compliment without turning it down first. For instance, a woman might get a compliment on her outfit, and instead of saying “thank you,” she might say “I really don’t know why I wore this…it makes me look fat.” Her response was totally unnecessary; all she had to do was say thank you. Why do we respond like that at times?

The answer to that question is that we don’t have a positive mindset about ourselves. For some strange reason, we tend to always put ourselves down, and for no reason. We have to change our minds, which in turn will change our lives.

If you are someone who struggles with self-love, I encourage you to take a journey into changing your mindset. I even encourage you to keep a self-love journal through the form of blogging. Some of the moments on your journey can get very personal, but just imagine how many people you’d be helping along your journey. You’ll be helping people who are going through the same thing as you, and you can even offer encouragement to each other.

The process of loving oneself can start out hard at first, and even make you feel silly, but anything worth having is worth fighting for, and the love you can have for yourself is so empowering that it’s definitely worth the fight. If you’re ready to change your mind and change your life, then follow these self-love tips, which will lead you to a healthier mindset about yourself.

Self-Love Tips to Have a Healthier Mindset About Yourself

Accept Yourself for Who You Are

Accepting you for who you are, is step one…whether you like it or not. If you can’t accept yourself, then your journey can’t begin. You’ll forever be going through life trying to be someone or something you’re not, and that would be a terrible quality of life to have to live.

Now, who you are at that moment isn’t who you have to be forever. You can grow and change into a better you with time, but in the first stage of your self-love process, you have to accept yourself for who you are at that moment.

Stand in front of your mirror and look at yourself, and I mean really look at yourself. You may not like what you see, and that’s okay…it’s just an area of opportunity for self-improvement. This is a great time to write down goals of what you want to achieve for yourself. Once you’ve accomplished that, you can let your journey begin.

Self-Love Tips to Have a Healthier Mindset About Yourself
Self-Love Tips to Have a Healthier Mindset About Yourself

Diet and Exercise

Having a well-balanced diet and exercising is a good habit to pick up whether you suffer from negative body image or not. The saying goes “your health is your wealth,” and without it, what do you really have?

Exercising can be quite daunting for some, and if it is, that’s okay. You can take baby steps. A lot of people think that exercising requires you to go to the gym, but it actually doesn’t. You can exercise by taking a nature walk in the park. Walking in the park can actually be quite therapeutic for you. While you’re documenting your self-love journey through your blog, you can capture your nature walk for free by uploading stock fitness images. This will allow your followers to really feel like they’re going on the journey with you.

Whichever form of exercise you choose, you’re not going to see the best results without eating properly. Trying to maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet can definitely be hard for most of us, especially for those who use food for comfort when they’re not feeling the best about themselves. You definitely want to incorporate healthier foods into your meal plans, but I’m also not saying to completely give up the foods you enjoy…moderation is key here. You’re still in the stage of accepting yourself for who you are, but transitioning to the better you that you can be.

Self-Love Tips to Have a Healthier Mindset About Yourself
Self-Love Tips to Have a Healthier Mindset About Yourself

Surround Yourself With Positive People

This stage in having a healthier mindset is crucial to your sanity…it’s very important to surround yourself with positive people and weed out the negative ones. How many times have you heard the saying “misery loves company?” Everyone has heard it and even experienced it. You’ve probably experienced this being around friends where one might complain about her weight, and your other friend will chime in complaining about her lips being too big, and the next thing you know, you’re complaining about your troublesome skin. That is the perfect example of a “pity party.”

You need to surround yourself with people who will uplift you, and you can do the same for them. You want friends who can uplift you but be realistic with you as well, and that’s very important. If you’re not happy with your weight and have constantly complained about it, it’s nice to have a motivating friend in your circle.

You need someone who can empathize with you but then offer to workout with you as well. True friends feel pain when you feel pain, and will try to help you overcome whatever obstacles you are going through as best they can. If you have “friends” that don’t possess any of those characteristics, then it might be time for you to look at other friend options. If you need someone to talk to without getting judged, visiting a therapist might be a wise choice. Click here to check out some renowned therapists.

Self-Love Tips to Have a Healthier Mindset About Yourself
Self-Love Tips to Have a Healthier Mindset About Yourself

Treat Yourself

This is the stage where you do something for yourself. Most of the time, we as women are, by nature, givers. We tend to put others before ourselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but every now and then, you need to put yourself first.

Treating yourself can consist of many things. You can treat yourself to a mani/pedi spa day, go on a shopping spree, or go on a much-needed vacation… by yourself! How you decide to treat yourself is totally up to you, just make sure you treat yourself well!

If you’re looking for professional mental health support to help you on your self-love journey, check out for additional information.

I hope these self-love tips will benefit you in a positive way. Yeah, it’s that simple to show affection to yourself 🙂

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  1. This is so true…It’s really important to be surrounded by positive people. They will always help you be happier.

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