11 Proven Online Ways of Self Care To Reduce Stress

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We stress about everything – work, relationship, and adding up, we now have pandemic-related stress. Stress can actually have major side effects on the body as it releases the hormone cortisol in a huge amount.

Experts believe that stress is the cumulative effect of so many different factors. Today, Millennials are much prone to it due to academic pressures, job-related and unemployment worries, and so on. On the other hand, adults seem to worry about a chaotic work schedule and their own well-being.

Getting rid of stress altogether will be a dream come true. However, there are certain ways you can reduce stress.

In this post, I’ll share some online ways of self care that help me reduce stress and make me instantly relaxed.

Without much ado, let’s begin with these ways!

online ways of self care

#1 Chat with an old friend

Communicating with friends is a great way to relieve stress and creating ideal self care days. If it an old friend, it is even better. This is because your old friend would have known you for almost your entire life.

So if you talk about your problems with them, then you will not only feel comfortable, but they will be able to advise you better. Also, studies show that catching up with friends and talking about your life, in general, promotes well-being and also prevents burnout.

Research also shows that having a chat with friends can provide resilience and release chemicals in the brain that promote well-being.

Being with friends does not involve talking – it can be joking around, smiling, or even sharing the silence together.

For this, you also do not need to have a large group of friends, but few special ones are good enough to make a difference.

#2 Binge a new series

OTT platforms have been our savior these days. When the deadly virus hit the world, and everyone was forced to be locked down in their houses, binge-watching has been the only thing to do after eating and sleeping.

For most of us, binge-watching is a ritual, and on this note, Netflix has some fantastic shows. There’s a variety starting from comedy to action to horror to romantic comedies and so on.

Series like Money Heist, Dark Desire, Love Alarm, You, and many more have taken over the world by storm. This is an online self-care tip for anyone who needs it.

So after a hectic day binge-watching, your favorite show with a tub of ice cream can also provide a sense of relief, reducing the stress of your entire day.

#3 Learn a new digital skill

Digital skills are in demand lately. From studying to clothing to food, everything is available online. While digital connectivity can be really strenuous for the eyes, it also has many benefits if put to the right use.

Learning a whole new skill from the comfort of your home can be a massive gamechanger. Since the pandemic has given us a lot of home time, we can use the time by learning something new.

Using some of the free time to learn social media marketing, search engine optimization, artificial intelligence, Blockchain can be rewarding. Diverting your mind toward something that you are passionate about can prove to be beneficial for stress relief.

draw in online video game
Source: plays.org

#4 Play online video games

Studies have shown that playing online video games can relieve stress, keep your mental health at peace, and serve as self-care for the soul.

Playing online video games can give you a sense of accomplishment and promote positivity and happiness to boost mental fitness. The best part is, you don’t have to download anything as the games are browser-based.

Playing your favorite game after a hectic day can be a positive reinforcement for you where you can learn to manage your problems better and overcome any hardships that you’re currently facing.

#5 Talk to random strangers

Just like talking to friends can help reduce stress levels, talking to random strangers benefit the same way.

Have you ever felt the need to get away from everyone and everything and spend some time with yourself? You can use your weekend off and make it a self-care weekend.

Connecting with those you know might not help every time, and talking to random strangers can actually give you a sense of relief. Omegle.com is a great site to find people from different parts of the world. However, there can be some creeps to watch out for.

Listening to the stranger’s stories and telling yours will allow you to understand that life is beautiful and everyone is fighting their own battles.

online ways of self care

#6 Listen to Healing Sound Frequencies

Sound frequency is the vibration that comes out of a certain sound wave. In this therapy, the left and the right ear perceive different tones in terms of frequency. However, the brain recognizes this tone as one.

Imagine getting close to a bee, and you can hear its little wings buzz. That is a sound frequency.

Listening to sound frequencies or binaural music for a specific time promotes healing of the mind, body, and soul.

Hop on to Youtube, and you’ll find many healing sound frequencies such as 741 Hz, 432 Hz, and 369 Hz, which address different issues.

The sound also has the ability to alter the behavioral pattern and sleep cycle and serves as spiritual self care.

#7 Compliment Someone on Instagram

Social media can be a real savior sometimes. If you are a social media junkie and are quite active on the platforms, you might enjoy scrolling down the feed.

Staying active on social media can also reduce stress as there is a mix of content – depending on what and who you follow.

Moreover, if you find someone attractive or like them, you can compliment them. Make sure it’s genuine, and you don’t overdo it because research says people prefer meaningful compliments about personality more than those based on appearance.

This will not only give them a confidence boost but also make you feel better!

#8 Watch Cute Animal Videos

If you love animals, spending time with them after a hectic day can remove all the stress. If you don’t have pets, no worries – you can spend your time watching cute animal videos.

Cute animal videos can make you happy and can fill your brain with happy hormones.

The videos are easily available on YouTube and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This is an excellent tip for introverted self-care as they enjoy spending their time in solitude.

online ways of self care
Source: lettersofnote.com

#9 Read Letters from Interesting People

Letters of Note is an interesting platform that stores a collection of inspiring and entertaining letters from different people around the world.

For those looking for creative self-care methods, the letters are based on life, love, war, relationships, and so much more.

Reading these heartfelt letters can give you a sense of satisfaction that you are not alone. Nothing lasts forever, and neither will your tough times.

#10 Watch Nature Documentary

There is something magical in nature. The scenic beauty, the waterfalls, the mountains, the sunrise, and sunset – everything about nature is amusing.

If we allow ourselves just 5 minutes a day to appreciate nature, we will understand that something in nature makes us feel alive, happy, and calm.

When you live in an apartment where you can hardly watch sunsets or trees, watching nature documentaries can give you the taste of nature. This can be a great stress-busting tip for self care for beginners.

myers briggs personality test questionnaire
Source: 16personalities.com

#11 Take an Online Test to Find Out your Personality Type

The Myers-Briggs personality test can help you understand your strengths and talents. This 10-minute test you can take from 16personalities.com will determine your personality out of the 16 personality types.

When you take the test and mark your answers truly, you will get to know your personality’s good and bad areas at the end. This test is beneficial for those who want to know themselves deeply.

Other Ways of Internet Self-Care

  • Unfollow, unfriend and block anything that hurts your soul and makes you feel bad. If it doesn’t bring you joy, then what’s the point? Marie Kondo’s Konmari method is the key here.
  • Limit your social media browsing to 30 minutes and AVOID negative groups.
  • To start your day, switch your news podcast for TED talks that are more uplifting and positive.
  • Take people’s opinions and comments with a grain of salt. It’s not you – it’s them.
  • Never read comments on political or communal posts if you don’t want to ruin your mood.

Most Important – Know When to Take a Break

Everyone deserves a break from the monotonous life, especially during the most challenging times. Taking a break for yourself is the best gift that you can give yourself.

We are so absorbed in our daily routines playing all the different roles we have, ultimately forgetting who we are.

In order to find our worth and rediscover our personality, it is essential to take a break. There is no specific time for this – you can take a break anytime you feel your mind is too overwhelmed with the world and cannot deal with it anymore.

A break before the breaking point can be a game-changer. You will come out stronger and will be more productive than before.

The Takeaway

Stress is here to stay. However, we don’t need a stress-free life – we need to know how to manage it. So I have already shared with you the online ways of online self care that can manage stress. There is so much you can do online with these self-care habits for a change.

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