5 Podcasts That Make You Feel Better About Yourself

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Every day is not the same, and every day you cannot stay motivated. Someday, it can be your health or family, while some other day, it might be your profession or just life that weighs you down.

As humans, our instinct is not to give up. At times like this, we need a push, and podcasts are known to be very useful.

Podcasts range from topics like health and happiness to personality development and fun therapy podcast. If you feel low about yourself and think a little more confidence could boost your life, we have a list of five good podcasts to listen to.

therapy podcasts that make you feel good about yourself

#1 The Art of Charm

This podcast provides advice and stories that focus on your thinking process, your performance, and the way you network. Professionals from all backgrounds like authors, professors, coaches, scientists, etc., come as guests to share their stories.

The episodes can be from 30 minutes to an hour, and new episodes are released at regular intervals – usually every 1-2 days. The listeners get a chance to share and seek advice for their issues and problems, which gets individual attention on Fridays.

While Fridays come up with a special session for the listeners, Mondays are for “Minisode Monday,” which is a 5-10 minute episode that features quick tips that you can use right away.

While listening to all the useful advice and stories from experienced people, you are always likely to find something helpful and uplifting.

#2 The One You Feed

Do you ever wish to live a more fulfilling life? The One You Feed podcast brings you meaningful discussions from experts like scientists, authors, researchers, psychologists, thought leaders, spiritual teachers, and public figures. Discussions focus on living skillfully amidst the natural challenges of life.

The show’s host, Eric Zimmer, who is also a creator of the podcast, talks with these experts and provides insight into powerful yet practical tools incorporated into our daily lives. With topics ranging from happiness, procrastination, depression, anxiety, and useful tips on suffering less and living with more peace and fulfillment.

Many listeners have shared their vows after listening to the podcast, expressing their gratitude, saying how it has impacted their lives.

#3 Invisibilia

Published by NPR, Invisibilia discusses invisible concepts which shape our behaviors, like beliefs, assumptions, cultural norms, even emotions.

The hosts Alix Spiegel, Lulu Miller, and Hanna Rosin talk with innovative thinkers to provide you with new insights into common concepts. You also get to learn how invisible forces work and affect you. It will help you discover ways to harness their power and bring about positive changes in your life.

You will find real people’s stories and the connections between social and behavioral science research through different episodes. Some of the best episodes on Invisibilia are Fearless, The Secret History of Thoughts, The Power of Categories, and The New Norm.

#4 The Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Podcast

Therapy podcasts are something you can rely on and learn how to be your own therapist from time to time. The Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Podcast is hosted by David Treleaven, an author, educator, and trauma specialist.

Guests are mostly expert speakers who discuss mindfulness, meditation, and traumatic stress and helps you transform your life with guided steps.

The listener’s reviews are mostly positive, each expressing how they have found within themselves to make their situations better. If you are interested in reading more therapy podcasts, check them out on BetterHelp.com.

#5 The Hardcore Self Help Podcast

The Hardcore Self Help Podcast is one of the common mental health podcasts hosted by Robert Duff, a psychologist, and author. His show is widely popular among podcast listeners and focuses on shedding light on common or uncommon aspects of anxiety and depression.

The podcast also answers listeners’ questions and follows different forms of other content like interviews, practical self-care advice.

One of the reasons this therapy podcast is popular and loved among listeners is that it provides a simple way to understand expert advice and any professional terms that might make you feel left out.


Our lives are busy, and we all have been making time for a new priority that is not on our lists. But podcasts don’t have to find a way to your priority list.

Podcasts are mostly audio content that is designed for those who multitask. If you are driving a car, plug in your earphones and listen to people talk. Or even when you are working and not doing anything at the moment. Or you can switch your music during exercising to listening to podcasts.

Some podcasts may be longer, while some other provides 10 to 30 minutes episodes. If you aren’t sure if you will be free for that long time, you can always download podcast episodes and control playback.

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