Liril Lime Soap : Review

Hi sunshines! Monsoon is here but in New Delhi we rarely get to see rain on a continuous basis. One day it’s heavy and the other day the sun is at its bloom. But right now it’s raining and I’m loving it 😀

Anyways, I’m reviewing a soap today and it’s Liril Lime Soap, for tingling freshness.


Price: Rs. 30 for 50 g | Rs. 50 for 75 g


Liril Lime Soap Review
Few years back there was no such thing as body wash and all that people used was soap. I can hardly recall if someone used body wash the first time before using a soap. I’m a body wash person since it’s milder than soap. But sometimes when I’m in a hurry, I use soap which makes the shower session less time consuming. I’ve used Liril soaps from childhood and I’d say they’re very refreshing. I’ve already reviewed Liril 2000 soap on the blog. The variant I’m using now is Lime and it’s freshening as well!


The soap smells like green lime and I love its citrusy fragrance. It’s light green in color as always. It gets rinsed off easily and leaves skin soft and good smelling. It cleans skin really well than a body wash but doesn’t moisturize much. I don’t mind applying body lotion after using it. It’s rejuvenating specially for summers as it also takes care of body odor.
• A refreshing soap for summers
• Has a distinct lemony fragrance
• Gets rinsed off easily
• Cleanses skin better
• Dries out skin
• Not easily available at every store
Final Word: I recommend this to everyone who prefer soaps more than body washes. It smells really citrusy and leaves skin squeaky clean. It might dry out skin though but a moisturizer will take care of it. Only issue us that it’s not available easily.
Rating: 5/5
Have you used Liril soaps? What are you, a soap or a body wash lover?

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