Liril 2000 Soap – Review

Good afternoon peeps! It’s hot in Delhi like always and my day can’t be completed without a shower. I need something that keeps me fresh throughout the day.

I use shower gels but only when I have enough time to have a luxurious bath.
And when I just want a quick shower, I use soap. My review today will be on a soap I’m using, Liril 2000 soap with Tea Tree oil.

Price: Rs. 30 for 75 g

           Rs. 50 for 125 g



Liril 2000 soap comes nicely packed in a green shimmery cardboard pack which looks classy. It’s oval in shape like any other soap. The soap’s colour is light green and small dark green gel patches can be seen.

My Experience:

I’m using this soap since years and never grown out of it. It’s smell is like lime and citrus which I find very fresh. When I slather it on my body it lathers very well like a cream. Liril 2000 soap has many benefits. It contains tea trea oil which works for pimples, itches and body odour. It gets rinsed off easily and leaves my skin squeaky clean. It also leaves a fresh fragrance which lingers in my body for a long time. However, I need to moisturize my skin after bathing as this soap makes skin bit dry. 


I always take quick shower with this soap and I always prefer a soap that rinses off easily, cleans well and leaves a mild fragrance and Liril 2000 is an excellent choice.


● Refreshing smell of the soap.
● Leaves skin clean, oil free and fresh.
● Contains Tea Tree oil which fights pimples and itches.
● Doesn’t cost much.


● Not suitable for dry skin as it leaves skin a bit dry.

Final Word: If you’re into soaps then this can be a better choice. It’s best for summers when you’re tired and sweaty and want a quick shower. It leaves your body refreshed and clean as it contains tea tree oil plus it smells great. I will always keep re-purchasing this soap.

Rating: 4.5/5 (-0.5 for the bit of dryness it leaves)

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