What Makes Laser Hair Removal Treatment Ideal Before Beach Season

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If you are like most people, summer is one of your favorite times of the year. You love to go out with friends, see new things and enjoy yourself without having to worry about work or study commitments.

However, for many women beach season can be a nightmare due to unwanted hair that detracts from their ability to look their best in a swimsuit.

While shaving is easy enough, if you shave too often it leads to unsightly razor burn and ingrown hairs which can take weeks before they disappear completely. Waxing, also, is arguably one of the most traditional and popular hair removal methods they apply, but it is not that effective at times. Plus, removing hair that way will cause you a lot of pain. So, why not opt for laser treatment?

Laser hair removal has become increasingly popular over the years as an effective way for women (and men) everywhere who want faster results than shaving but don’t have time for waxing sessions every few weeks at the salon.

laser hair removal

How Does Laser Hair Removal Treatment Work?

With laser hair removal treatment, you can get rid of entire hair structures right down to the hair follicle. That means the treatment area will have no trace or residues of any kind. Such laser procedures use selective photothermolysis to remove hair.

Laser treatment uses the principle of rapid heating and thermal necrosis to remove the hair follicles effectively. All this is achieved using sophisticated machinery that is equipped with state-of-the-art lasers and software.

Each type of skin requires a different type of laser therapy for removing hair safely and effectively. Lighter skins require a wavelength of 755nm or 805nm. Darker types, on the other hand, need the longer 1060nm or the 1064nm. These varying wavelengths determine how effective the treatment will be, how much area it will cover, and how long the procedure might take.

What Advantages Do I Get?

Laser treatment is a lot quicker than traditional hair removal methods. It is also less painful and more precise. With waxing, you cannot get rid of hair from certain parts of your body properly. Laser treatment can do that with ease. Besides, it also prevents ingrown hairs. Compared to waxing, laser treatment provides a long-term solution to unwanted hair growth.

Would the Procedure Hurt?

A laser hair removal treatment session is anything but painful. It is completely painless if you compare it with waxing. You have a greater chance of hurting yourself while shaving than receiving laser treatment.

People who have undergone this treatment say that it is like being snapped with a rubber band. That means you will feel slight irritations due to the heat from the lasers. However, the chances of severe burns are very less.

You might feel longer irritation periods when treating smaller areas, like your chin or underarms. Larger areas on your body, like your back, will not irritate you that much. However, it ultimately comes down to one’s tolerance level. Even then, the laser procedure will never cause you any serious pain.

Will Laser Hair Removal be Costly?

Compared to lots of other modern skincare therapies, laser treatments are not that expensive. For beach season, you would want to get rid of the hair from your back, arms, and legs. The back is quite a large area and will cost around $300 to $400 per session.

Treating the arms and legs will cost anything from $270 to $400. For more delicate and smaller regions, like the chin, lip area, underarms, etc. each session can cost a minimum of $150 and a maximum of $175.

The average cost per session, for full body hair removal treatment will cost you something around $1,000 per session. Usually, one needs 4 to 8 sessions for the best results. Your treatment supervisor will schedule the sessions for you, which will usually last 4 to 6 weeks.

Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

Given all the benefits it has to offer, it is needless to say that laser hair removal treatment is indeed worth it. Laser treatment is far less painful compared to waxing. It is also more effective and ensures long-lasting results. While waxing would be the easy way out, and will also take a lot less time, it is not as effective as laser treatment. Besides, not everyone can tolerate the pain that comes with waxing.

The bottom line

But at the end of it all, laser hair removal treatment is worth every single penny. And while you’re thinking about how to get rid of that unwanted hair growth in your bikini line or underarms before next summer starts, remember this simple truth—you don’t want to be left with any embarrassing excuses for why you can’t wear a swimsuit just because you didn’t take care of your body now. So go ahead and book an appointment today; we guarantee you won’t regret it!

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