6 Benefits of Waxing & Why You Should Choose it Over Shaving

Did you know the benefits of waxing and why should you wax instead of shaving? We’ll tell you everything in this post!

There are various methods of removing body hair, and all of them require time and efforts. However, not all of them give the same efficient results.

Shaving is one of the most common ways that women use, but it can be very irritating, time-consuming, and also more prone to injuries.

For more long-lasting and effective results, the majority of girls have shifted to waxing.

It is a very convenient, cost-effective, and long-lasting hair removal process both for men and women.

With the growing technology, you can wax most majority of your body parts easily be it hands, legs, chest, back, underarms, bikini lines, face, and even eyebrows.

Being one of the widely use hair removal method, there are multiple benefits of waxing which makes it the most popular methods of hair removal:

  1. Long-term Hair Removal

Waxing removes the hair from the deeper roots being its source. This process ensures the lost lasting solution, and the hair strands don’t grow back too frequently. It takes about 6-7 weeks after your waxing session for your hair to grow back.

  1. No Cuts or Skin Damage

With waxing, you might feel a bit of a pain when the strip is removed. Apart from that, there’s no threat of cuts and scratches, unlike shaving. You will not have to worry about any scarring and patchiness post waxing.

  1. Smooth Skin

Waxing also removes the tan and gives heating therapy to the skin, which makes the surface of the skin very smooth and soft. As it removes the hair from its roots, no extra heads are left on your skin which leaves ugly bumps and uneven skin tone on the skin.

benefits of waxing
Benefits of Waxing
  1. Healthy Hair Growth

After waxing, your hair takes a long time to grow back as it grows slowly and evenly. It makes sure that your skin alignment isn’t compromised. Even when the hair grows back, it doesn’t grow cause imbalance to the skin surface, making it rough and patchy.

  1. Waxing is Rarely Itchy

Your skin gradually gets used to the waxing pain and doesn’t cause irritation and darkening of the skin, unlike other methods.

Misconception about waxing is that it often tends to be more painful. Making your skin exposed to blades is much worse than the wax. If you don’t like the heat, there are various other alternatives for hot waxing now such as sugar wax and cold wax.

  1. Fast and Convenient Process

Every girl dreams of having flawless hair-free skin for as long as she could get. Waxing gives long-lasting results on the skin, and you wouldn’t have to keep waxing every other week.

Also, it’s a very convenient and quick process which hardly takes 5-10 minutes if done by professionals. Post waxing, you can just wipe your body with a damp cloth or wash the gel off directly.

benefits of waxing

Why Should You Wax Instead of Shaving?

Shaving is an incompetent way of removing body hair. If your growth cycle is very aggressive, you might have to keep shaving every three days to keep up with the growth.

Waxing is a way better and convenient option to choose from when compared to shaving for several reasons:

  • Shaving doesn’t remove the hair from its root but simply cuts of the part exposed on the surface of the skin, which makes the hair grow back again very quickly.
  • A razor exposes your body to the sharp blades, and one wrong slide can cause you cuts, bleeding, and scars which might lead to some serious infections. The skin also becomes itchy, scratchy, and rough with constant shaving. To get a smoother and soft skin devoid of scars, shift to waxing.
  • Shaving can also lead to rashes if you have sensitive skin. Waxing, on the other hand, usually goes easy on all kind of skin types protecting it from darkness and rashes.
  • Shaving can be a quick and handy process, but it also hardens your hair growth. After the blades come in contact with the hair, they leave the stubble or ingrown thick hair on the surface of the skin, making it appear darker. Waxing removes the hair from the roots itself, leaving no signs of ingrown hair or stubble.
  • Using a razor makes your skin rough, dark, and abrasive. Waxing may sound painful for some people, but it does give a lighter skin as it removes the dead skin and tanning altogether, making it appear smoother and softer as well.

How to Wax At Home?

Waxing at home is a very easy process and saves a lot of money as well, you can do it on your own or take the help of someone else as well.

You can get the wax jars from the market, or you can even make your own by using brown sugar and lemon juice.

waxing at home benefits of waxing

  • Arrangement

The first step towards home waxing is to make a comfortable and clean space to do the setup.

Spread a fresh cloth or cotton on the table where you place the wax.

Make sure you have everything like applicator, wax strip and small hand towel with you to avoid making a mess.

  • Application

Use a wax heater if it’s hot wax. If it is cold wax you can apply as it is.

Before applying over the skin, make sure you have no moisturizer or lotion applied over and powder your skin a bit for better results.

Gently apply it using an applicator on the surface of your skin towards the direction of the hair growth.

Take a wax strip, place it on the skin and slowly rub it on the area where you have applied the wax till it sticks to it.

Pull the strip off your skin at one go in the direction opposite to your hair growth and immediately press the waxed skin with a damp cloth to reduce the pain.

  • Wash it off

Follow the same procedure throughout and wipe your body with a warm cloth and wash off the excess wax if any to avoid the stickiness.

Let the body dry naturally and avoid scrubbing or exfoliating your skin post waxing as it may cause rashes on the sensitive skin.

when not to wax
Benefits of Waxing – When Not to Wax?

When not to wax?

Even though there are so many benefits of waxing and it’s an effective method of hair removal, it is highly suggested to not wax on certain days:

  1. Menstruation cycle: Don’t wax any part of your body when you are in your periods. During your cycles, your body is already undergoing through a lot of pain, and the skin becomes sensitive too. Pulling off the wax strip will cause you a lot of pain and might increase the cramps as well.
  2. Acne medication: If you are undergoing any acne medication, doctors usually recommend to stay clear of waxing. The intake of some medicines can make your skin highly vulnerable and prone to rashes and itchiness.
  3. Cancer therapy: You shouldn’t not wax if you are going through cancer treatment like chemotherapy and radiation.
  4. Chronic conditions: Avoid waxing if you are suffering from any chronic therapy like AIDS, HIV, Lupus, and any other disease that will threaten your skin barrier.
  5. Temperature: Avoid waxing if you have a fever or a severe cold as the hot wax can meddle with the present temperature of the body. Fever usually makes your body weak and skin extremely sensitive.
  6. Allergies: If your skin is highly allergic to various substances, consult your doctor before waxing and make sure you use the organic wax even when you are waxing.


Overall, waxing is a very practical, efficient, and reliable solution for hair removal. All skin types can undergo this method and still be happy with their soft radiating skin. There are so many benefits of waxing for your skin. Not only do you get positive results along with de-tanning and deep cleaning of dead cells, but you also reduce the speedy growth of body hair.

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