7 Awesome Laser Caps that Regrow Your Hair Healthily

Whether it’s hereditary, environmental, or both, hair loss is a real issue for millions of people around the world.

While it’s a natural part of aging, nothing can make you feel more self-conscious than having to deal with balding or thinning hair.

Laser treatment is one of the most effective treatments available today for virtually any type of hair. Following consistent treatment, hair usually grows back.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, we recommend using a laser hair growth system. Nothing beats a laser cap when it comes to hair growth.

Here, we will share the best laser cap for hair growth options to help you achieve your hair growth goals.

What is a Laser Cap?

Laser hair growth caps are a new way of addressing hair loss using low-level lasers.

A cap is worn on the head that directs laser energy to the scalp, which helps stimulate hair growth.

The laser caps for hair loss, which look like baseball caps, are worn for 20-30 minutes every day and can last up to one hour. People generally find them comfortable to wear.

Using laser hair growth caps can aid in the regrowth of lost hair after a hair transplant or treat pattern baldness.

There is some evidence to support laser caps, but they can be costly. However, some health insurance plans cover the cost.

Do Laser Caps Promote Hair Growth?

Anyone considering buying a laser hair growth device is likely to ask this question.

In recent years, there has been strong evidence that these laser caps can boost hair growth and promote thicker hair.

Dermatology Times reports that androgenetic alopecia, aka male or female pattern baldness, affects 50% of the population. Baldness is estimated to affect 21 million women and 35 million men in the United States alone.

According to a study, the number of men with moderate to extensive hair loss increases with age, from 16% of males in their late teens to 53% of men in their 40s. A majority of the men (12% of them) mainly had frontal baldness.

85% of men will have thinning hair by the age of fifty, according to the American Hair Loss Association.

The sooner you notice hair loss, the easier it is to control it.

As these laser caps use low-level laser therapy, doctors and experts are fascinated with using these devices to slow down hair loss in people.

Laser treatments stimulate and circulate blood in the hair follicles, which leads to hair growth.

In 2013, 41 males, ranging in age from 18 to 48, participated in a study. In this study, laser treatment induced 39% positive hair growth in these people over 16 weeks.

As per a study in 2014, LLLT appears to be effective and safe to incur hair growth in both women and men.

How Does a Laser Cap Work?

The best home therapy for hair loss in 2019 was laser caps. Performance-wise, hair growth caps or helmets rank highest. Their effects include promoting hair growth, preventing hair loss, and nourishing existing hair.

Fortunately, low-level laser therapy has proven to be the latest solution for treating hair loss and stimulating new hair growth over the years.

FDA-approved, LLLT reduces hair loss with noninvasive, painless technology.

A laser cap is designed to deliver a concentrated beam of high-power light that can penetrate your hair shaft and stimulate cells to replicate the process of hair growth.

The heat generated by the laser treatment causes the follicles to open and release more blood, nutrients, and oxygen to the root of the hair. As a result, new hair sprouts more quickly.

As the hair grows, it is stimulated to grow faster and longer, and the hair strands fill out and thicken, much like when you have an inch-long hair at the beginning of a new hair-growth cycle.

A laser hair growth device requires no medical intervention, so it can be used in the comforts of one’s own home. The most convenient option for hair loss sufferers.

Do you need a hair-growing laser cap?

For some, laser caps are a great choice. They are comfortable and easy to wear; it’s like donning an old-fashioned cap with a difference. This is an investment that can last for years without causing side effects.

Most people who benefit from low-level laser therapy have a thinning scalp or have lost hair due to chemotherapy.

You can also use a laser cap to treat early-stage baldness, hair loss, and androgenetic alopecia (hereditary, or caused by a medical condition such as thyroid disease, cancer, or excess androgen production).

This therapy aims to promote the growth of hair for people suffering from hair loss and for those who want to grow thicker hair.

A laser cap for hair growth is not recommended if you have:

  • A cardiovascular disease
  • Had recent injuries
  • A pacemaker or other implantable medical device
  • Had recent eye surgery

Top-Rated Laser Hair Growth Cap Reviews for 2022

Choosing the right hair laser cap is like choosing the right car. You have to consider all the options before buying—what is the cap’s operating temperature? How often will it be used? How much electricity will it use? What kind of results can you expect? But there’s a lot more to it than that.

We chose our top laser caps for hair growth after researching the best ones. We evaluated each cap based on factors such as price, customer reviews, and the number of lasers it contains. Also, we examined how each cap is designed and the technology behind it.

The chosen devices consistently receive high reviews, contain lasers, and are FDA-certified.

The FDA certification proves that the company has actually evaluated its product by an independent, third-party organization.

The main difference between these products is how many lasers they use and how they are operated.

#1 Kiierr272Premier Complete System – Best Value Pick

Kiierr Laser Cap allows you to grow thicker, healthier hair as you watch TV, walk, or read a book. With this convenient, hands-free method, you can restore your beautiful hair in 30 minutes every other day.


  • FDA cleared
  • 93% of the studies showed success
  • You can get a refund if you don’t see results after seven months.
  • A monthly payment plan is available.
laser cap for hair growth

According to the reviews…

The device has FDA approval for everyone.

The Kiierr laser cap can help those who suffer from early-to-medium hair loss symptoms.

You receive a laser helmet, a plain black ball cap, a stretch fit headband, a wall charger power plug, a USB cord, a portable power pack, and a user guide and FAQ guide.

With the Kiierr272Premier Laser Cap, you can cover a larger area of hair loss and baldness in cases where it is more severe. Also, the stronger output of the model results in faster treatment effects.

You will also receive hair growth vitamins, shampoo, and conditioner if you choose the 272Premier Laser Cap Complete system.

The Kiierr272Premier Laser Cap is fully automatic. Just put it on, go about your day, and let the laser do its work.

Those with thinning hair will notice the difference after a few months. You will notice thicker, healthier hair. It also slows the onset of gray hair.

Within 30 to 90 days, the device claims to stop hair loss. New hair begins to grow after 90 to 180 days. After 180 days, you can expect thicker, fuller hair.

According to Kiierr, a full charge would last for two to three 30-minute sessions. Use the cap twice a week to maintain hair growth.

The shampoo that comes with the cap adds freshness and softness to your hair, while the pills serve as a sidekick to further enhance its benefits, so there is no need to look elsewhere.


  • FDA-approved
  • Unisex cap: it looks just as good on any gender.
  • Works exceptionally well for thinning hair
  • After the fourth month, you’ll see great results.


  • A little expensive
  • The device requires regular use in order to maintain results

#2 iRestore Laser Hair Growth System – Best-selling

This laser cap for hair loss, built-in 2019, was one of the best-selling hair growth caps in the same year. Stylish and popular, it is in high demand.


  • FDA-approved
  • Has an optimal wavelength of 650nm red light, which has been found to promote about 15% more hair growth.
  • Laser lights emitting from the device boost cell metabolism and stimulate hair growth naturally by reactivating hair follicles.
  • Based on the results of a 2017 clinical study, 100% of active men and women saw visible hair growth and their hair count increased by 43.23%.
  • There is a 6-month money-back guarantee, so you can get a refund if you aren’t happy with the results.
laser cap for hair loss

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According to the reviews…

iRestore Essential Laser Hair Growth System is a well-designed device that offers impressive results.

With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use functionality, it is also simple and effortless to use.

Besides fitting comfortably, it has pads that help it stay put, and it is well built.

The device’s 52 medical-grade lasers and LEDs are powerful enough to target the roots of the hair, so they can help you achieve hair growth from the root.

Using the pause button on the remote, you can get up for a minute without tripping. The cord is long enough.

The device is powered by both an AC adapter and a battery, allowing you to move around freely during treatment.

This device uses laser technology that is clinically proven to treat balding effectively.

By using this device consistently, you will develop a thick head of hair and a less prominent receding hairline.

  • Pros
  • FDA approved device
  • Thicker, fuller hair after a month’s use
  • Provides positive and effective improvement within two months.


  • Inconvenient design
  • Has more LEDs than lasers

#3 CapillusOne Mobile Laser Therapy Cap – Time Saver

The Capillus range features three cap designs that are nearly identical except for the number of lasers in each cap. CapillusOne has 112 lasers, so it can cover a decent amount of your entire head. With more lasers, your scalp will be covered a little more.


  • FDA cleared
  • 650 nm wavelength
  • Uses a long-lasting and rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • The daily usage takes just 6 minutes.
  • Made in the USA, with full customer support available.
best laser cap for hair growth

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According to the reviews…

The CapillusOne is one of the few laser therapy devices that we’ve seen that is comfortable to wear on the head.

If you want to improve your hair but don’t have the time, this device is a great choice.

By using 112 5mW laser diodes, this cap provides medium coverage, and it shows effective results after just six minutes of daily use.

Thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery, you can treat your hair hands-free any time, anywhere without having to worry about running out of power.

Even though it’s not the most powerful laser therapy device on the market, it does the job well.

While you sip your morning coffee, you can enjoy a laser cap treatment for your scalp.


  • Newly launched model
  • Safe, easy, and practical to use.
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Recommendation from their network of physicians


  • Provides medium coverage, and it may miss some spots on your head because it contains fewer lasers.

#4 ReGrow MD Laser Cap 272 – Most Talked About

With a vast domain in this area, ReGrow MD is a hair growth cap you can trust. In fact, this brand is among the best in the hair restoration industry. Until now, ReGrow MD has released five hair restoration devices on the market.


  • Has 7 FDA clearances, and it further holds 14 medical licenses all over the world
  • 650 nm wavelength
  • Covers the entire scalp with 272 high-quality laser diodes
  • Laser hair growth technology with a success rate of over 90%
  • 6-month money-back guarantee
best laser cap for hair loss 2022

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According to the reviews…

Laser Hair Regrowth Device’s patented teeth allow the laser light to reach your follicles and even stimulate your scalp.

As laser light dispersion is consistent, this device provides the maximum benefits. Since the laser diodes are closely placed, they provide uniform delivery to the follicles.

With a diameter of 22.5 inches, the RegrowMD fits most head sizes.

Using smart technology, the lithium-ion battery prevents overcharging by monitoring the battery level.

To see noticeable results, wear this device consistently for 30 minutes, three times a week.

Women and men can use this device to treat pattern baldness and prevent receding hairlines.


  • Totally laser-based, no LEDs
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Users can see improvements in as little as 3 to 6 months, according to a clinical success rate of over 90%.


  • Not recommended for heads larger than 22.5 in. (57.15cm) in circumference
  • Some users may experience headaches

#5 Illumiflow Laser Cap – Best for Receding Hairline

Whether you have pattern baldness, thinning hair, or balding, the illumiflow 272 Laser Cap offers an affordable, effective solution. People who want to resolve their hair problems will find that it’s a great product and affordable.


  • FDA-approved
  • 655 nm wavelength
  • The system is easy to use, even at home, and is highly discreet, while being less costly than medical options available in clinics.
  • Contains 272 diodes of the highest quality, providing full scalp coverage.
best laser cap for hair loss reviews

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According to the reviews…

A class II medical device, the Illumiflow laser cap serves as a hair loss treatment.

With precisely calibrated lasers, the lasers penetrate effectively into the scalp, reaching the hair follicles.

Manufacturers of this product offer a 5-year warranty, and they appear confident that it will stand the test of time.

Currently, Illumiflow is the most economical device available on the market.

Women and men suffering from androgenetic alopecia can both wear these caps.

As the laser cap measures 24 inches in circumference, it should fit most head sizes. Also, it provides full coverage, and it even reaches the impossible regions of your head, making the treatment 100% successful and effective.

It includes safety sensors and an audible auto-completing timer, which makes it one of the best laser caps on the market.

30 minutes is all that you need to rejuvenate, strengthen, and regrow your hair.

With a built-in battery that lasts about 20,000 sessions of about 30 minutes, this device has been designed to be quite durable.

This hair growth cap is known for having a long battery life and providing tough competition to other products on the market.

If the product doesn’t help you with hair loss, you can get your money back within six months. There is also a warranty of five years.


  • illumiflow doesn’t use “filler” LED lights disguised as lasers to ensure you get complete coverage and actual results.
  • Provides a five-year warranty for its clinically proven ability to treat hair loss.


  • For people who have been bald for several years, this may not work.

#6 Theradome PRO LH80 – Most Advanced Technology

If you have had failed experiences with other hair growth helmets, then you might like to give this one a shot. You now have the right reason to change, and you have everything you are looking for. Theradome is one of the nominees for the 2018 MyFaceMyBody Awards. This treatment has been widely appreciated and is considered among the best available.


  • FDA cleared
  • Uses 80 lasers of medical-grade to provide maximum benefits.
  • Appreciated by top hair restoration clinics and experts worldwide, especially in the US.
  • 6-month money-back guarantee
best laser cap for hair growth

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According to the reviews…

Theradome has been around for some time now and has quite a loyal customer base.

Theradome uses premium medical lasers instead of LEDs to penetrate deep into your hair follicles and deliver the best results.

It’s hands-free and wireless, so no more fiddling around with the controls.

In six months, it will show satisfactory improvement, or the manufacturers guarantee a refund.

This laser hair growth cap by Theradome PRO provides eight laser treatments on a full charge.

Put this cap on twice a week for 20 minutes each time.

With the built-in speaker, you can track the progress of your treatment, and it works pretty well, too. There is enough volume without straining the ear.


  • Utilizes high-quality lasers
  • Design that is light, wireless, and hands-free
  • Simple to use
  • A solid level of customer service


  • Individual results may vary

#7 SuperGro Laser Hair Growth Hat – Most Professional

The hair growth hat is manufactured with the most cutting-edge technology to deliver top-of-the-line results, with exceptional convenience and superficial coverage. It’s a unique and safe device, and the manufacturer left no room for complaints.


  • Clinically proven and FDA cleared.
  • Includes MGT topical hair growth booster with DHT blocker.
  • Uses LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy) with pulsed light, which is more efficient than constant laser exposure in treating hair loss.
  • The device is covered by a 3-year warranty.
best laser cap for hair growth

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According to the reviews…

Featuring 272 laser diodes, it’s a complete laser hair regrowth kit. For added follicle strength, it comes with 3 bottles of Maximum Growth Therapy.

Having so many laser diodes, the scalp is more exposed, resulting in faster and better results.

There is a nice, clean look to the cap that is eye-catching and appealing and it’s made of high-end material.

SuperGro Caps come in one size that fits most. Unlike a typical hat, this device rests on top of the head; it is not designed to slide down to the ears.

As you take the treatment, you must sit still so that the hat does not fall off.

Ideally, you should use it at least three times a week for 15 minutes. Results usually take 12 – 16 weeks to be noticeable, and they get better with continued use.

While it does not come with a battery to recharge or replace, it comes with a convenient 6-foot power cord.


  • Made from the finest materials
  • User-friendly and convenient.
  • Comparatively inexpensive to other laser hair growth devices.


  • Long-term use of the power cord can disrupt the adaptor.

Why Should You Choose These Hair Growth Caps?

Maybe you’re wondering why you should invest in a laser cap.

Recent studies have shown that laser caps are highly effective at treating and reversing hair loss in both men and women.

In recent years, the hair recovery industry has seen several advancements. The biggest brand names have all been striving to develop innovations that will boost and improve hair growth and regrowth.

As soon as the laser was discovered, many medical industries started using it for hair loss treatments.

The following are a few reasons why you should choose these hair growth caps. Okay, let’s start.

Provides The Best Treatment For Hair Loss

As with every treatment, this also has some drawbacks. For those who have been bald for a long time, it will not work. But even after this, this treatment is far superior to others on the market.

Lasers produce three times better results than oils, serums, and other hair products. Each laser cap treatment typically lasts for 15-30 minutes, and the results are guaranteed within two months or so.

With consistency, there is a noticeable improvement in condition, texture, and regrowth. A full session can ensure that approximately 40-80% of your hair is recovered.

A once-off investment

Laser caps do not require reorderings like shampoo, hair oil, or serums. You will have the best, most optimal results for the rest of your life with it.

Batteries power most of these caps, and the batteries typically last from 15,000 to 20,000 uses, which is enough for a complete treatment session.

They are also robust, capable of resisting potential damage from the outside, and can function optimally throughout their entire life cycle.

Several of these manufacturers also offer warranties, allowing you to exchange or replace your faulty products.

Safe and Easy To Use

They feature LLLT technology, making them suitable for use at home. Using LLLT technology at home is safe and effective.

They also have automatic temperature controls so that your hair follicles are not damaged by too much heat.

Not Just for Hair Regrowth

The laser caps do not work like your typical hair regrowth treatments, but it acts as an all-in-one therapy session.

As well as treating your hair loss problem, it also conditions and strengthens your hair. Additionally, it prevents hair thinning.

The Easiest Recommended Treatment

The treatment is probably the easiest. All you have to do is wear the laser cap for 15-30 minutes and you’re done.

The session begins when you press the button, and it ends automatically once it is finished. The devices optimize power automatically as well.

Delivers the fastest results

Using these devices at home might make you believe that they will not produce the desired results. However, this is not true.

Compared to clinical treatments, lasers produce better results. Their effectiveness is comparable to that of cosmetic salons and medical clinics.

For the most explicit treatments, you need to wait at least six months before you begin to see any visible hair growth.

Hair growth helmets, hats, or caps make a lot of difference in your hair’s feel and look within two weeks, and they can also make a big difference in the way it looks and feels after one or two months.

FDA cleared

In 2007, the FDA granted 510k clearance for these devices. Following its approval, the hair industry flourished. A number of well-known brands have followed suit and introduced their own hair growth laser caps to satisfy customers and provide them with what they have been waiting for.

When you buy an FDA-cleared laser cap, you will ensure complete safety since it uses laser components. FDA clearances cost money, so the devices with this clearance are pricier than those without it.

A cleared laser cap may also be considered a class II medical device, which is subject to regulatory oversight. This is vital to the safety of the user.

best laser cap for hair loss
Source: instagram.com/hairmax.uk

What to Consider before Buying Laser Caps

FDA clearance is the most important thing. The FDA clearance of a device confirms that it has passed several tests and is safe for use. They undergo extensive testing, and each part of the device has to undergo several inspections to pass the safety test. Uncleared and untested laser caps can be extremely dangerous.

So, pay attention to the details and only choose FDA-approved products.

If you wish to buy a laser cap, you must factor in your individual needs. Consider the type of hair loss you have, the size of your scalp, and your budget. It is also important to decide what features are important to you. For example, do you want a rechargeable cap or one that has a built-in timer?

Once you have considered all of these factors, you can narrow down your choices.

How To Use a Laser Hair Growth Cap Or Helmet?

Laser caps are incredibly easy to use. Here’s how you should use them.

Step #1

Firstly, unpack all the components of your device and read the instruction manual carefully.

To get the most out of your device, it is important to read the detailed instruction manual carefully.

Step #2

As soon as you are done, determine whether your device is battery-powered or has a power plug. If you are using a battery-operated device, make sure the charger is connected to an outlet and fully charged. If it runs on direct power, the power plug has to be connected to the power switch.

Step #3

Attach the hair cap to any standard ball cap that comes with it, or you can choose any standard ball cap of your choice.

Step #4

Connect the USB cable to the power pack and the laser cap to the power pack. Ensure that the USB is fully connected and do not force it to work. Plug in one side of the battery pack at a time.

Step #5

The cap is now ready for use. Simply put it on your head and press the power button. You will get a notification once the device is on.

Step #6

You should wear the cap for approximately 15-30 minutes, per the manual. After your session is over, your device will automatically shut off. While you are enjoying your treatment session, you can read or listen to music.

You can repeat this as many times a week as directed.

FAQs – Laser Hair Growth Caps

How often should you use a laser cap for hair growth?

Laser caps for hair growth can be used every day for some, while others prefer to use them a few times a week for best results. If you want to make sure that your device is working effectively, follow your manufacturer’s instructions.

Are they safe?

Laser hair growth devices pass harmless laser beams into the scalp, so they are safe. Several studies have shown that it is a safe, effective, and long-term solution for those who wear wigs or hats to cover their bald spots.

Is there any side effect?

Laser caps for hair growth are one of the most effective methods of treating hair loss. Moreover, they are highly safe, since they don’t cause any side effects and only require a short-term commitment. Rarely, you might experience scalp redness or inflammation, but it’s only temporary.

Do they cause cancer?

In a nutshell, no. A number of clinical trials and tests have been performed, and it has been determined that they are absolutely safe for use. Yet nothing in this world is risk-free.

How long to use them?

For best results, use the hair cap every day. Each device has its own usage instructions. For some, it may take 15 minutes, and for others, it may take 30 minutes. However, it should not be used beyond 60 minutes as too much would not help to stimulate hair growth.

Can I use it with other hair loss products?

The use of other hair loss treatments like Minoxidil, Rogaine, or Propecia, along with laser hair caps, does not have any harmful effects. In fact, they have proved to be far more effective.

Keeping your scalp clean and dry will allow the laser cap to penetrate your scalp as effectively as possible.

Over to you…

You can treat hair loss using a wide range of laser caps. These laser hair growth caps are widely used throughout the world, are safe, and promote hair growth for both fine and coarse hair. Anyone can use them regardless of their age or race.

The best laser hair growth cap is determined by its features. Consider heat-resistant material, a comfortable fit, and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Even though there is still much more research needed to thoroughly investigate the effects of this therapy, people do notice results after consistent use.

If you’re still on the fence, speak with your doctor about other options for treating hair loss.


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