9 Healing Crystals for Beauty & Extra Confidence

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We all want to look and feel beautiful. While a lot of products claim to give us an edge in the beauty department, sometimes we could use a little help from the Earth. That’s where crystals come in.

Whether you’re looking to manifest your dream beauty routine or just need a little confidence boost, there’s a crystal for you!

So, let’s explore some of the most powerful stones and best crystals for beauty and confidence, plus some tips to get you started!

Healing Crystals for Beauty


jade for skin

If you’re looking to add a spark of beauty and attraction to your life, smoothen wrinkles and tighten the skin, jade may be the answer.

Eastern civilization has already been using this stunning green stone for centuries. Skin experts have noted, using jade can help in lymphatic drainage: itcombats bacteria that accumulate underneath the skin that causes blemishes. Moreover, it strengthens the natural defense system of the body.

A popular way to use this crystal is through s jade roller. When it comes to skin care, jade’s cooling properties can help to soothe and calm any irritation or inflammation. Meanwhile, its strengthening effects can help to boost your skin’s natural defenses against blemishes and other skin problems.

Rose Quartz

crystals for beauty

The ancient Egyptians believed that rose quartz could help fight skin aging. Most likely because it promotes new cell growth and reduces stress.

This cute gemstone is full of skin-loving minerals like iron, magnesium, and oxygen, which assist in removing dead skin cells and reducing inflammation.

Also known as the “stone of love,” it promotes self-love, helps with self-esteem, and attracts love and relationships.

So, what’s the magic of rose quartz? Well, it’s all about the energy. This rosy crystal can be a powerful ally in manifesting beauty and love and retaining youth, which can open our hearts and attract love. When we feel loved and supported, we naturally radiate beauty and confidence.

Rose quartz is often associated with femininity and renewal. So, no wonder it’s one of the best crystals for anti-aging.

Red Jasper

This beautiful deep red stone holds nurturing powers, so it’s called ‘The Goddess.’ Red jasper symbolizes beauty and a healthy blood flow. With its ability to increase circulation, it regulates the circulatory system.

The red jasper emits a slow, steady pulse of energy. This quality makes it excellent for grounding, stability, and strength.

This healing stone restores balance to the skin and tones it as well. Moreover, beauty experts recommend red jasper for skin issues like hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Also, it can help boost root chakras and heal the whole body.

Rainbow Moonstone

rainbow moonstone crystal for beauty

Rainbow moonstone is a powerful crystal that helps you harness the energy of the moon and fully appreciate the beauty around you.

Wearing this mystical stone also brings out your natural radiance. Positive energy emanates from it, promoting inner peace and harmony. Moreover, it provides physical and emotional balance.

Among the most popular gemstones for jewelry, rainbow moonstone is incredibly beautiful. Women love its soft, feminine quality, making it one of the best crystals for inner beauty.

What’s more, moonstone is packed with elements that may help alleviate degenerative eye, skin, and hair issues.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Trying to find a new beauty trend that will bring extra beauty and wealth to your life, try clear quartz! By increasing energy flow, it helps attract and manifest abundance and prosperity.

With a diamond-like look, this master healing gemstone has qualities that can make your skin feel and look like a diamond. Sounds tempting, right?

Clear quartz crystal can diminish puffiness around the eyes. Cools and detoxifies the skin while reducing inflammation and redness.

This crystal symbolizes clear thoughts, transparency, and strong determination. Additionally, it helps clean up your mind and skin. Combined with other gemstones, the power doubles!


best crystals for beauty and confidence

Amethyst is revered for its stunning purple hue, powerful anti-aging effects, and incredibly detoxifying nature. With it, your skin will be cleaner and more radiant, as well as drained of impurities and toxins.

This beautiful purple gem is known to invigorate the skin, promote regeneration of cells and improve blood circulation, greatly reducing signs of aging.

An amethyst crystal helps reduce stress and anxiety. Also, it helps you sleep better. If you are looking for a way to improve your beauty sleep, amethyst may be the perfect solution!

Black Obsidian

best crystals for beauty

Also called ‘mirror stone.’ it is a fascinating stone, and it has a jet-black color similar to a glass-like texture.

A crystal for clear skin, it’s known for its detoxifying qualities: clears toxins from the skin and promotes a clear, blemish-free complexion. Furthermore, it promotes healing and reduces inflammation.

Black obsidian can be used to help ground and center yourself. It’s quite a popular crystal for protection, helping to keep negative energy away and keeping you safe from harm.

Some people also use this black stone for spiritual purposes, which is said to help promote strength, courage, and protection.


best crystals for beauty and health

A gemstone popular among women is known for its beautiful, deep blue color.

Sodalite is known for its ability to restore hydration into the skin. It also fortifies skin cells and promotes overall beauty and healing. Also, it regulates the endocrine system. So, when there is a hormonal imbalance affecting the skin, blue sodalite might help purify it.

It’s also thought to balance the emotions, which can help reduce stress and promote a more positive outlook – two things essential for a good complexion!


turquoise gemstone for beauty

Turquoise is a stone of attunement to beauty. Its crystal energy helps de-stress and boost self-assurance balance while cleansing and protecting the chakras. Plus, it’s a stone that can make you look and feel confident.

This master stone helps cleanse the body and soul. As well, it boasts healing properties and is even considered a good-luck charm! Plus, turquoise can also help reduce acne and breakouts, making it ideal for those with oily skin.

How do these healing crystals associated with beauty work?

Crystals are used in crystal healing (also called crystal therapy). The theory behind it is that crystals can restore energy to its source.

Different minerals make up these crystals and stones, each with its own properties. When they are combined, they create a stone with specific vibrations. These vibrations can interact with the body’s own energy field to promote healing.

Some think the crystals themselves have healing powers and can help improve your energy and well-being. Others believe that they work by amplifying the energy around them, which can then help to heal the person.

Beauty experts claim that using crystal-infused products can help to improve skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, and dryness. Some crystals are even believed to promote the kind of tranquility and clarity of mind essential for beauty to shine through. Some even say that the power of crystals can help to boost collagen production and reduce inflammation.

how to use the best crystals for beauty

How to use crystals for beauty

A lot of beauty treatments use crystals. However, natural beauty lovers may wonder how to infuse their beauty products with crystals. Different crystals can enhance your routine and make you feel more beautiful, and here’s how to include them in your beauty ritual:

Place them directly on the skin or hold them against specific areas needing extra attention. For example, if you’re dealing with breakouts, you can place the crystal on your forehead or chin.

Use a gua sha crafted from your favorite crystal or stone. In Chinese medicine, gua sha involves scraping the skin with a blunt object to improve circulation. This will bring a difference to your fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, you get a soothing face massage!

Make a crystal elixir. Place crystals in water and allow them to infuse their energy into the water. This crystal water can be used as a toner or face mist. It’s like giving yourself a crystal facial!

Use Jade rollers and facial rollers made of your favorite crystal. Apply a facial oil to your skin and roll the roller over it. The crystals will help your skin absorb the oil.

Add crystals and gemstones to your bathwater for a relaxing and rejuvenating soak.

Any way you choose for your crystal-infused skincare routine, the goal is to harness its healing energy.

How to manifest beauty using crystals

  • Carry or wear the crystal.
  • Place crystals in your environment, such as in your home or office or near areas where you spend a lot of time.
  • Hold the crystal in your hand and say aloud these beauty affirmations to speed up beauty manifestation.
  • Meditate with them, holding them in your hands or placing them on your body while you focus on your intention of manifesting beauty.

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Over to you…

Add these healing crystals for beauty to level up your beauty and confidence game. Keep them close by when you need a reminder that you’re fabulous.

Don’t forget, however, that crystals are powerful. Before using crystals, make sure they’re genuine. Don’t start too big: focus on one crystal at a time. You don’t want to overwhelm your nervous system, or it could lead to side effects.

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  1. Amazing article , how can we benefit from the stone ? drinking water wherein the crystals are immersed or by rubbing them on the skin ?

    1. Hi Valaire,
      Putting the crystals inside your drinking water overnight will charge your water with its benefits and preferable to rubbing them onto your skin.

  2. Good heavens this is a load of clickbait .The Egyptians, though interesting to believe they thought this of rose quartz, also would bankrupt families so someone could be mummified.
    your means of making a living is to lead the blind. And I like crystals well enough.
    What does integrity matter if you have a young cute profile pic?

    1. Hi Meera,
      Prior to publication, we research and fact-check our articles. Here’s a link to an article about rose quartz’s use in ancient Egypt: monicavinader.com/blog/gemstones/rose-quartz/rose-quartz-in-ancient-egypt

      Sending healing your way.

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