5 Practical Ways How I use Castor Oil for Face and Hair


Castor oil is something you’ve been hearing since ages. Our grandmas were the ones who swore by it. Castor oil (Ricinus communis) is a natural oil pressed from castor beans. It has a thick and sticky consistency like of a honey. It is used for almost everything be it for nourishment of skin, hair or even intake. Despite millions of its uses I’ve chosen to use it in a way that works for me. Just remember to use a 100% pure and natural castor oil or it may not work for you. Here, I’m listing the ways I use it and I’ve got great results!

For long, thick eyelashes and eyebrows
I’ve been using this oil every night before bed since few weeks and I’ve noticed that my thin eyelashes have grown beautifully thicker and longer than before.

For lightening lips
My lips are very pigmented and affect my overall appearance so I apply it before bed and wake up with soft lips. With regular usage, it removed tan from my lips.

For treating pimple/acne
Whenever I notice a pimple coming on my face I take a dot sized castor oil and pat it over my pimple and over night it repairs and kills the pimple and in morning I notice the size reduced.

For a good night’s sleep
I apply and massage it on my eyelids for a peaceful sleep whenever I feel insomniac. Just be careful to not let it reach your eyes.

For making hair thicker and longer
Castor oil is mainly famous for its ability to grow hair with a boosted speed. I apply it on my hair with a carrier oil such as coconut oil. Using it alone will create problems in applying and washing hair as it doesn’t come off easily. I tried it two times a week for many months to see the difference.

These were the ways I use Castor Oil and it has helped me fight off skin and beauty issues. Have you used castor oil for something yet, how was your experience? Comment! 🙂

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