Eyelash Extensions: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beauticians

Eyelash extensions are currently one of the most popular cosmetic treatments around the world. Extensions can quickly and easily make an entire look independently, without the client needing to worry about makeup or mascara. They also usually last around 4-5 weeks and do not require a lot of care from the client.

eyelash extensions

You can use extensions together with mascara to highlight the eyes further and increase the volume, but they can easily be worn by themselves, without any additional makeup, to make an everyday look.

However, as a stylist, you need to remember eyelash care – one of the most important parts of any eyelash extension treatment.

Without proper care, the effects won’t be as stunning, and your clients may leave your salon disappointed. Moreover, the effects won’t last as long as with proper eyelash care, as natural eyelashes may fall out sooner.

To ensure the best possible effects and the satisfaction of your clients, you should always maintain proper care when applying false lashes. You should also recommend proper self-care to your clients, along with applicable products they can use at home.

To make all of this a bit easier for you, we have prepared a short step-by-step guide to eyelash extensions to care that will ease you into the process.

Step 1 – Wash your client’s face

Before you rush straight to the eyelashes, make sure to take care of the rest of your client’s face first. Recommend your client not to wear makeup to the appointment, as you will have to remove it anyway, and it will only prolong the treatment.

Even if your client has not worn makeup to the treatment, you should still remember to wash their face properly. We recommend using a professional, oil-free makeup remover or a micellar makeup remover that will thoroughly clean your client’s face.

Make sure you use a makeup remover or face cleaner of good quality to ensure your client’s skin does not get irritated. Many professional products introduce additional benefits to your client, such as moisturizing and rejuvenating their skin in addition to gentle cleansing and refreshing.

Step 2 – Clean the eyelashes thoroughly

Before you even begin applying eyelash extensions, you should always make sure your client’s eyelashes are clean and ready for treatment.

Even if your client washes their eyelashes before the visit – always clean them yourself as well. Professional stylists often use a lash cleaning shampoo. Eyelash shampoos clean the eyelashes of any dust and grime and often contain additional nutrients and substances beneficial for the health of the natural lashes, acting as a conditioner.

To make sure you have cleaned the lashes thoroughly, you can apply the shampoo two times. During the first wash, the particles on the eyelashes loosen up, and while some may remove, some may remain. To eliminate all of the impurities, we recommend giving the eyelashes a second wash to clean them perfectly. Remember always to apply the shampoo carefully and keep it away from your client’s eyes.

A good tip to remember is to apply the shampoo on the eyelid first, not directly to the eyelashes. From the eyelid, move the shampoo to the eyelashes – your client will be expecting the movement and won’t reflexively tighten their eyelids, which may interrupt the washing and even allow the shampoo to get into their eyes.

Step 3 – Use an eyelash cleanser

An eyelash extension cleanser should always be ready at any eyelash salon. In addition to deep cleansing your client’s natural eyelashes – even more thoroughly than an eyelash shampoo does – an eyelash cleaner prepares the eyelashes for the application of extensions, allowing the primer and eyelash glue to work better as it smoothens the surface of the eyelashes. Using a false eyelash cleaner is also proven to positively impact the volume and length of natural eyelashes.

Stylists often use a primer in combination with an eyelash extension cleaner, as it forms an additional foundation on the lashes for the eyelash adhesive to settle on. It makes the adhesive more effective, adding grip between the natural eyelashes and the false ones.

A primer extends the longevity of eyelash extensions, allowing your clients to enjoy a perfect look for much longer. The primer and cleanser work most effectively together, so make sure you always have a steady supply of both at your salon.

Step 4 – Teach your clients how to take care of eyelash extensions at home

While your clients might not have access to professional eyelash care products and have way less experience in eyelash care than you, you will have a limited ability to care for your client’s lashes after the treatment is over.

Since you probably won’t be able to see your client every day, you might as well recommend them a couple of products and methods to care for their eyelashes and extensions at home.

Many clients fear cleaning their own eyelashes after getting extensions, as they are afraid of damaging them. However, extensions should not be cleaned only during the first days after the treatment to let the adhesive become fully effective. After that, your clients can and even should wash their eyelashes at home to maintain a healthy look and strong eyelash structure.

Since the eyes are one of the more moist parts of our outer bodies, they tend to attract microbes which are the causes of many eye diseases. To get rid of them, along with any gathered epidermis and sebum, recommend a premium eyelash shampoo to your clients that they can use at home.

Step 5 – Always use professional products at your salon

There are only two factors that dictate how pretty the effects of cosmetic treatment will be – the skill and experience of the stylists and the quality of products used. To make sure your clients keep coming back, always improve your abilities as a beautician.

Don’t be afraid to read up on new advancements in the field and innovative techniques. If you are a beginner and need additional guidance, think about enrolling yourself in a course.

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