What is Conscious Beauty & Why Should You Adopt It?

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The beauty industry has never really been very clean about the ingredients that went into making beauty products. Harsh chemicals that go into making these products are first tested on poor animals, and the poor things are tortured for us to have wrinkle-free skin. How unfair is that? Here comes the concept of conscious beauty.

conscious beauty

For ages, consumers have been “unconscious” to this cruelty, and now it is time for a revolutionary change in the world of beauty. This article will closely explain the concept of conscious beauty and highlight the benefits of making a conscious choice.

What is the concept of conscious beauty?

Gone are the days when consumers of beauty products would blindly purchase anything, and everything offered to them.

With the advancing technology, there has been a considerable improvement in transparency between the manufacturer and the consumer. We have all heard about the many cruel methods that are adopted to produce makeup and beauty products. These methods are detrimental to the biodiversity of the world and hamper the sustainable growth of resources.

In the light of events like the forest fires in the Amazon, there has been an increasing environmental awareness amongst all. Further damage to the environment can lead to the serious disturbance of our eco-system.

Various beauty brands have come up with their own range of products based on this philosophy that the manufacturing of these products should not entail environmental damage. These brands are also known as eco-friendly brands.

Conscious beauty brands sell products that are 100% cruelty-free. Most importantly, these beauty products do not contain any harsh chemicals that might have adverse effects on your skin.

Conscious beauty brands also consider environmental-friendly packaging, and their products generally come in biodegradable packages.

What does being conscious entail?

As a consumer, you should be conscious of your surroundings and the increasing environmental problems. This will naturally instill in you a need to choose eco-friendly beauty products over the ones that detrimental to the environment.

As a conscious consumer, you should thoroughly go through the ingredient list of the product that you are buying. Look for those words that assure you of its eco-friendliness, and if you get a green signal, go ahead and purchase it. If you’re unsure, then conduct your own research.

In today’s world, there is hardly any scope for product secrecy. Take full advantage of your internet connection and read up on brands or products that are eco-friendly. This is how you can be a conscious consumer, contributing to the sustainable development of the world and its eco-system.

Why should you adopt conscious beauty?

We have talked about what conscious beauty is what does it mean. Here comes the why part.

It is cruelty-free

Beauty and makeup products are known to be tested on animals. Risking the lives of innocent animals has been considered inhumane by many animal activists. For years, animals have died from the adverse effects of the chemicals used in the products, and the beauty industry thrived on the blood of these poor animals.

Conscious beauty brands have come up with their own range of products that end this kind of animal cruelty. As a conscious consumer, when you choose a cruelty-free product, you live with a clear conscience. You will feel confident that you have made a better choice to contribute to a major change in the world.

You can go all-natural

Are you tired of putting synthetic products on your skin? Then it is time for you to go all-natural. Wearing synthetic makeup products for a long time can prove detrimental to your skin in the long term. Conscious beauty products will offer you the choice to return to nature.

Replace your synthetic skincare products with the natural ones imbued with the goodness of vitamins and fatty acids. Many brands have declared themselves to be 100% natural using only plant extracts to make their products. You should choose an all-natural, organize product for yourself than a synthetic one.

Say no to plastics

Makeup and beauty products generally involve a lot of packaging, irrespective of whether you order them online or offline. The most commonly used ingredient for packaging is plastic. It has already caused enough damage to the environment because it is non-biodegradable.

Plastics accumulate on the surface of the earth and cause damage to the environment. Conscious beauty brands, on the other hand, uses biodegradable and eco-friendly packages. Thus you can be free of guilt while buying their product. You are definitely making a healthier choice.

Go vegan with conscious beauty brands

If you feel just avoiding cruelty-free brands is not enough, then you are free to go vegan. Vegan beauty brands use products that are free of all ingredients that come from animals. Even though the collection of honey or beeswax does not cause direct harm to the environment, collecting them is basically breaching into their own private world, which is, in a way, unethical.

Innovate your own skin treatment

Why rely on brands when you can formulate your own skin products? Treat your skin to a rich mask made of fruits and vegetables and add a dash of yogurt to it for that extra moisture. Figure out your own way of finding out the perfect skin regime that suits your skin type. This way, you’ll reach the satisfaction of making a healthy and all-natural choice for yourself.

Eating healthy

Consciousness involves consuming healthy food too. Dumping junk in your stomach will only have adverse effects on your skin. To avoid such problems, choose your diet with proper thought into it.

Emphasize the consumption of green vegetables, which are rich in antioxidants. Almonds are an amazing source of fatty acids that will keep your skin from aging. Fruits will give your skin a natural glow.

Conscious beauty brands will make you a more aware consumer

You will evolve as a consumer. Instead of buying whatever is being offered to you, you will educate, research, and thus learn about many things. This will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction. After purchasing the product, you will live with a guilt-free conscience, knowing that you have been responsible.

Conscious Beauty Brands

Here is a list of conscious beauty brands for you.

Juice Beauty

The name itself is clear enough that this brand relies on natural plant juice rather than synthetic chemicals. Their products are packed with the goodness of antioxidants that fight the free radicals in your skin, keeping it young and healthy. All their products are 100% certified organic. Even if you have very sensitive skin, you can use Juice Beauty’s products without a worry.

Au Naturale

Au Naturale is another beauty brand that believes in going all-natural. Their philosophy is to make your skin look good and feel good as if you are not wearing any makeup. They have a surprisingly huge range of makeup products that can substitute all the synthetic makeup you have been using. Their makeup is very lightweight, and when you put it on, you feel you are wearing nothing at all.

Ilia Beauty

They summarize their philosophy as follows: they want to make their customers “empowered by a sense of choice.” This choice entails a conscious decision to opt for something that is not harmful to the environment or the self. Ilia Beauty imparts a sense of luxuriousness and glamour but only based on botanical and bio-active ingredients. They are cautious while choosing the ingredients for their products, and their end products are always eco-friendly and natural.

100% Pure

This brand is indeed true to its name. Even the colors used in makeup are derived from fruit pigments. This makes it 100% organic and safe for use. Sensitive skinned beauties can safely use any product from this brand. Packed with the goodness of antioxidants and vitamins, this brand’s products will nourish your skin while making it look good. Their products come in eco-friendly packages.

Vapour Beauty

They have a wide range of products that you can choose from without compromising the environment’s sustainability. Their foundations come in 12 shades, which is pretty amazing if you consider the relative shade range of other conscious brands. They use products that are once again rich in antioxidants, and they keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.


Another beauty brand that believes in cruelty-free manufacturing of products is Lawless. The products are quite affordable, and buyers get an opportunity to make the right choice. This brand is mainly known for its wide range of shares when it comes to lipsticks.

RMS Beauty

One of the best brands in the green beauty category, RMS Beauty, is known for its uniquely stylized products that are cruelty-free and natural.

Final word

As a responsible citizen, we have specific duties towards our environment. This duty should be performed through the various choices that we make. Our consciousness as individuals should reflect in the kind of choices that we make daily.

For too long, we have allowed the beauty industry to flourish at the cost of the suffering of poor animals. In the process, we have only allowed self-harm as an increased amount of chemicals that began to be used in beauty products adversely affected our skin. It is high time now, and the damage control should begin from now onwards.

Consumers should behave more responsibly towards their environment and make allowance for the emerging conscious beauty brands that have taken into account the welfare of the environment and the bio-diversity of the world. If you haven’t started yet, it is never too late. Go ahead and make your first conscious choice by purchasing from the conscious beauty brands.

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