Why It’s High Time to Switch to Cruelty-Free Makeup

In this fast-paced world, everything is continually changing, and so is the makeup industry. Makeup has come a long way from being loaded with chemicals to being completely vegan.

In 2019, animal testing is still a problem. According to Cruelty-Free International, it is reported that almost about 115 million animals are tested during the manufacturing of several products online.

There is no excuse for companies to test on animals. The companies which do test on animals choose to do so. In this article, we are going to talk about why cruelty-free makeup is a way to go.

Why Do Makeup Brands Test on Animals?

cruelty free makeup

Animal testing is quite a treacherous process, and the subject matter is very disheartening. Makeup brands test on animals to ensure that the chemicals and toxins used in the cosmetic products are safe for human use.

Makeup brands continuously create new chemicals whose effects on human beings are not surely known. Therefore animals fall prey to the testing of these chemicals to know about their impact on human beings.

Most makeup brands do not use natural ingredients and instead, they use artificial chemicals and preservatives produced in their artificial labs. So, this is another reason they want to test on animals to make sure of the effect of their formulated products on human skin for an extended period.

If they were to use natural products, animals would never have to undergo these tortures. Therefore, switching to cruelty-free makeup and skincare products can save the lives of thousands of innocent animals.

What is Cruelty-free Makeup?

If you have been active in the makeup world for a long time, you must have noticed that the word cruelty-free gets thrown around a lot.

In layman’s terms, cruelty-free makeup means that the ingredients in a cosmetic product are not tested on animals. There is no legal or approved definition for this criterion; many companies claim they are cruelty-free even if their raw materials are tested on animals.

The animal testing procedure includes skin and eye irritation, acute toxicity testing, developmental and reproductive toxicity testing, sensitivity testing, and carcinogenicity testing. The companies that have done cruelty-free simply boycott these tests and support animal protection. So, if you are an animal lover and if you genuinely care about animals, then you should go cruelty-free as well.

9 Reasons to Switch to Cruelty-free Makeup Products

cruelty free makeup

Changing your existing makeup products with cruelty-free products is a great way to boycott animal testing. Here are the reasons why you should switch to cruelty-free products:

  1. Testing on Animals Is Extremely Cruel

If you love animals, then you should immediately stop buying products that are tested on animals. The procedure resulting in the final product is beyond cruel. Not only are they confined to cages and inhumane tortures, but they are also blinded, maimed, and ultimately killed.

  1. There Are Alternatives to Animal Testing

Many companies try to sell the fact that testing on animals serves a purpose. Tests make sure that the ingredients are safe for human use. The truth behind this is that there are other options available to make sure of it. Companies can use Vitro testing or cultured cell tissues, or even computer models to run their tests. But they choose animals because they are easily affordable.

  1. There Are Millions of Safe Cosmetic Ingredients

If you search the internet, there are already over 7000 cosmetic ingredients that prove to be safe. Companies can use these products to formulate their products without having to run tests on animals.

  1. There Are Numerous Cruelty-free brands

The online market is a great way to get answers to all your questions. If you search the internet, you will get a list of all those brands which are cruelty-free. Since there are so many brands available, you are not necessarily limiting yourself but, in turn, supporting non-cruelty to animals.

  1. They Are Not Only Safe for The Environment but Also for You

Using cruelty-free cosmetic products is a great choice. Since they are formulated with existing safe ingredients, you do not have to worry about anything going wrong. For example, when choosing the mascara, you will want it to be safe since you are using it on your eyes. Going for a cruelty-free mascara can guarantee that safety without any doubt.

  1. Buying Less Is Good for Your Wallet

Since you are to choose from cruelty-free products, you are sure to have fewer choices. Besides reducing the waste, you also save money which is a pretty good choice in the long run.

  1. You Support the Cause with Every Choice you Make

You will be saving a lot of innocent animals with your choice to use cruelty-free products. It will be a more ethical and safe choice for you as well as the world.

  1. There Are More Non-Toxic Natural Options Available

Swapping your makeup products with cruelty-free cosmetics enables you to understand which products are healthier for you. Many popular beauty brands come with harsh or deadly chemicals that do nothing beneficial for your body. Our skin tends to absorb everything we feed it, and mistreating it with products with chemicals is not suitable for your skin or body.

  1. Cruelty-free Is Also Eco-friendly

Cruelty-free products use more natural and environmentally friendly ingredients which don’t cause you or the environment any harm. From the packaging to the formulated end product, everything is made out of natural and safe ingredients that are entirely sustainable. This process does not require testing on animals, which does not harm the ecological balance in any manner.

The Bottom Line

Switching to cruelty-free products guides your way to healthier options. Many affordable and readily available brands are cruelty-free. A cruelty-free world is an eco-friendly world, so the next time you’re at a makeup counter, make sure you choose a cruelty-free product.

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    1. Hi, Renee πŸ™‚
      Cruelty on animals existed from so many years, but now there’s quite a change coming to save these little lives from facing unnecessary abuse. More and more ladies are switching to make which is not tested on animals.

    1. Hi πŸ™‚
      Yes, it’s terrible how animals are abused like this. It’s high time we need to make the shift for vegan and cruelty-free products.

  1. I never like to buy products that have tested on animals! I think a lot of the bigger brands are starting to make the switch to cruelty free which is great!

    1. Hi, Steph
      Yeah, the change is causing these big brands to change their ways of making their makeup products. Even I’m conscious enough now to choose my makeup and skincare products that have a cruelty-free label on them.

  2. Great thinking! I switch to cruelty-free body products like Lush because I know there is no harm done to animals. I wish all companies were like Lush.

  3. I just recently switched to cruelty-free products. And I am loving them. How I wish more people will be educated on the benefits of using these products.

    1. You’ve taken such an amazing step for good. Companies will stop doing all that cruelty once each one of us switches to cruelty-free makeup products.

    1. That’s true and many people don’t know about the concept of cruelty-free yet. I guess it’s awareness that we need right now.

  4. Great post! I believe that we need to take care of the ones that can’t take care of themselves – animals. Even this one thing, like switching to cruelty-free makeup, can make the world a little bit better.

    1. Exactly, Slavica! These cute ones can only thrive if we stop them from being tested which can only be done when we purchase cruelty-free products.

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