Can You Treat Acne With Oil? (Yes, it’s Possible)

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Do you experience acne breakouts, especially at certain times during your cycle? In addition to organic period products, you may also be looking for safe and effective acne products to put on your skin.

Unfortunately, many people with acne-prone skin avoid moisturizing ingredients because they already feel excessively oily.

If you can relate to this scenario, you probably cringe at the thought of intentionally putting oil on your face.

But here’s why treating acne with oil can be helpful, and why attempts to dry out your skin may backfire.

What Happens When Your Skin Gets Dry?

cure acne with oil
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It is common for people with oily skin to develop acne, so you may think oil is the problem. But if you skip moisturizers and try to dry your skin out intentionally, your efforts may backfire.

Your body is very intelligent and likes to maintain homeostasis, which is a state of balance. When your body senses that your skin is too dry, it will produce even more oil in an attempt to restore balance.

To put this natural tendency towards homeostasis into perspective, think of how your thermostat and furnace work. If you set the temperature on the thermostat to 70 degrees Fahrenheit on a cold winter day, your furnace will work steadily to bring your home to the stated temperature. If you open all the windows in an attempt to cool the house down but leave the thermostat at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, your furnace will work even harder to bring the home to the stated temperature.

Your body works in much the same way. If you attempt to dry out your skin by avoiding moisturizers, your body will most likely ramp up its own production of oil. This can cause your skin to become even oilier than it was before! It is best to moisturize your skin with organic products.

How Can Oil Help?

Applying moisturizing ingredients such as oil to your face allow your body to take a rest and stop producing so much oil of its own.

When it comes to putting oil on your face, quality is key to getting good results. Just as you use organic cotton tampons and organic period products to avoid exposing your body to toxic ingredients, you should also use organic products on your face.

When treating acne with oil, select a product with known acne-fighting ingredients. Examples include:

  • Lavender
  • Blue tansy
  • Rosehip
  • Tamanu
  • Black cumin seed

These ingredients have soothing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They also offer the many benefits of organic skincare and can give your face a healthy, youthful glow.

Look for organic products that contain some or all of these ingredients without toxic chemicals that can irritate and damage your skin.

When applying oil to your skin, only use one or two drops. Pat the oil gently onto your blemishes using your middle and/or ring fingers. To finish, use a quality, organic moisturizer to help restore balance to your skin.

The Verdict

If you’ve been depriving your face of moisturizing ingredients in an attempt to dry out your acne, it’s time to try a different approach. When done correctly, adding oil to your blemishes can be a game-changer.

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