4 Original Beauty Gifts for Girlfriend this Christmas

If you want to really show your girlfriend that you love her, buying some gifts would undoubtedly go a long way. However, you can only buy so many clothing and jewelry pieces before it starts getting both old and slightly expensive to keep up with the latest trends.

christmas gifts for girlfriend

But how do you get her something new without scouring her browser history or listening to the conversations she has with her friends? Well, you’ll have to go original, and if you play your cards right, you will get her a unique gift that nobody else can top!


If you can find the right candle for her, she’ll be reminded of you even if you aren’t there. Chances are she has a favorite perfume or scent that she always wears or enjoys, or maybe she’s even commented on liking the smell of a specific candle.

A good candle can not only be used to up the romantic ambiance in a room, but it can also make the whole house smell good. Purchase a few candles to have more options and see which one she likes, and for a bonus, try to connect each scent to a memory the two of you have together.

Maybe you both had a romantic date on a beach, and a candle with a coconut scent can remind you of that. Or the first date at a coffee shop can be remembered by a vanilla-scented candle.

A Mantra Bracelet

What is nicer than a bracelet? A bracelet that reminds her of her favorite saying. These engraved bracelets are very customizable, allowing you to pick the color and the engraving on them. Every girl has a favorite line from a movie, quote, song lyric, or verse that they want to remember or always repeat during the hard times in life.

If you want to make it extra special, engrave it with a unique pet name or saying that you always call her. That way, the bracelet will be unique to the two of you as a couple and remind her of you every time she looks at it. Most engraved bracelets can be made in silver, gold, or other light colors to easily match her wardrobe.

An Organic Bath Bomb Kit

If your lady loves taking baths, then she’ll certainly love spicing up those warm baths with homemade bath bombs. Most kits come with the materials and instructions to make several bath bombs, including ones scented with lavender, rose petals, and other essential oils.

Then she can use them the next time she takes a bubble bath and will always think of you as the scent fills the room. Bonus points if the two of you make the bath bombs together as a couple’s activity! Then she’ll really have a reason to keep you in her thoughts!

A Scented Body Oil

Body oils, like the Figaro we reviewed before, can help smooth and moisturize dry skin. Too often, though, they either don’t smell nice or barely smell at all. While they aren’t perfume, it can give your girlfriend confidence to walk around the house smelling nice.

This is where a scented body oil comes in. These body oils don’t have the scent muffling chemicals that other moisturizing lotions and creams have, so whatever scent you pick will come on strong. Plus, the moisture will still smooth her cracked skin and make it both soft and smooth to the touch.

She’ll be an assault on your senses, and that is not a bad thing at all! So pick a body oil with a strong scent that she’ll enjoy, and she won’t be able to stop using it.

The Perfect Beauty Gift

You’ll know your girlfriend’s beauty needs and wants better than anyone, but the things on this list will be perfect for any girl to have. You can’t go wrong with these classics.

For more personal gifts, you may want to look elsewhere. Whether she needs her skin smoothed, a reminder of her mantra or favorite pet name, or something to toss in the water as she takes a bath, you’ll be able to purchase it.

Just remember, no matter what gift you get, it has to come from the heart. So dig deep, and you’ll discover what beauty gift will make your girlfriend the happiest woman of all.

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