3 Benefits of Azelaic Acid: An Underrated Skincare Ingredient

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Hello readers, today, we will learn about Azelaic acid, which one of the most underrated ingredients in the skincare industry.

If you’re entirely new to Azelaic Acid, it has similarities to Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) or Salicylic Acid (BHA), but they all have slight differences from each other.

This acid is milder than AHAs and BHAs, so don’t be afraid of using it. It is a boon to a skincare routine, yet it hasn’t received the attention and love it deserves.

I hope after reading this article, you won’t keep this beauty ingredient to yourself and spread the love to your friends. The benefits of Azelaic Acid are numerous as it treats acne and could be a complete game-changer in your skincare routine.

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What is Azelaic Acid?

Azelaic acid is a dicarboxylic acid. It is a gentle leave-on exfoliant that helps unclog blocked pores and clears the skin’s surface. Azelaic acid is an extract from grains like wheat, barley, and rye (Thank you, Mother Nature). It engineers from a laboratory because of its use in skincare products owing to its efficacy.

Most topical creams contain only 15% and 20%, but you can notice tremendous results even with such fewer concentrations.

  • Azelaic acid has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.
  • It helps in reducing skin redness and swelling.
  • The acid contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Interestingly the acid helps to reduce keratin production (a protein that can block pores and causes acne). It basically treats a skin condition known as rosacea.  

The benefits of azelaic acid are that it reduces pigmentation and improves skin complexion, to name a few. It further helps the skin to fade away from scars, which are often caused by acne.

How to use Azelaic Acid?

This acid can be safely used twice a day, which is morning and night. You can apply right after cleansing. Use a small amount of product and apply it all over the face.

Some might experience mild irritation. You can use your regular moisturizer right after applying azelaic acid gel/cream. Moisturising the skin won’t decrease its effectiveness; it will calm down the irritation.

Tip- Always perform a patch test before applying it to the face. You can use a small amount on the skin, wait for the next 24 hours. If your skin looks normal, you can use the product.

The product is safe to use and can be used by everyone, irrespective of gender. You don’t really need your dermatologist’s prescription to use it. You can get it easily get it over-the-counter or online. The most common concentration of azelaic acid is 10%

Benefits of Azelaic Acid for Skin

  1. Treats acne and cyst: Acne is caused by Clogged pores (due to excess oil secretion and bacteria), also resulting in inflammation and swelling. Rosacea is a  state of acne that makes the skin look extremely red and has bumps. It is caused by altered lipid balance. Here, Azelaic fights effectively due to its anti-inflammatory, keratolytic, and antibacterial nature. 
  2. Excellent skin lighter: Azelaic acid decreases the production of melanin and prevents an enzyme called tyrosinase activity. It lightens the complexion. Azelaic acid also opens the skin pores.

Tip- Since Azelaic acid can make your skin sensitive to the sun, it is highly recommended to slather a generous amount of sunscreen of higher SPF before you step out. Repeat the process every three hours to protect the skin. Also, you should be using antibacterial soaps or body washes on your body to keep your skin clean and fresh.

  1. Treats Hyperpigmentation And Melasma: The acid is rich in healing properties and treats Hyperpigmentation, which occurs after an acne breakout. Acne usually leaves behind marks, blemishes, and dark spots on the skin. Azelaic acid fights all of these side effects without any hassle.

So, now you know about the benefits of Azelaic acid for the skin. I hope this article encourages you to try this wonderful ingredient in your skincare routine. If you’ve ever used it, leave a comment below your experience with it. 

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  1. Lisa @ Midwest Glam

    I’ve only just started using azelaic acid and it’s pretty amazing! This post would have been helpful to me before I gave it a try. I had no idea where to start or how to use it. Thanks for sharing!

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