7 Worst Reasons Why You Might Be Getting Breakouts

Hello beautyholics ????How have you been lately? I’ve been crazy right now about writing blog posts. It’s like a sudden urge which prompts me to write posts and I’m doing that! Weather is sort of, changing and so do I have to change my skincare products to suit this spring season. Coming back to today’s post, I’m going to talk about 7 silly reasons why you might be getting breakouts and these all are based on my personal experience so you can relate to it, too. Now let’s get forward to it… ????

Using the towel on your face which you use for the body

Always use a separate hand towel just for drying and cleaning your face. Using your body towel on your face will aggravate breakouts and cause skin allergies. Wash your face towel regularly.

Constantly talking on phone
It’s not the bad that you talk on the phone but how you stick your phone in your ears and cheeks while you talk. Believe it or not but your phone’s screen is the dirtiest thing ever you’ll put on your face. The bacteria living on your phone will get transferred to your face. Maintain distance between your phone and your cheek while talking or the better put it on speaker!

Using skincare products that don’t suit your skin
We’ve always been guilty of this. Just because we’ve loved the review of some skincare product we just rush to get it but overlook it’s formulation and ingredients whether it will suit our skin or not. Ingredients that are comedogenic often cause build up on our skin and then cause a painful breakout. Always choose that product which suits your skin type and avoid using what everyone goes for. It’s your skin and you should know about it!

You don’t wash your face before bedtime
First skincare rule: wash your face twice a day, especially when going to bed. You wouldn’t want to take grim and dirt to bed and sleep. It will cause whiteheads and blackheads to worsen the acne so make it a point to wash your face with a deep cleanser before going to bed.

Letting your hair touch your face
This happens especially when you’ve got bangs or fringes. They stand out all over your forehead. If hair is unwashed it causes acne in forehead or dandruff which gets in contact with facial skin and cause breakouts. Don’t let your hair touch your face often and resist touching your hair too.

Touching your face with dirty hands
Sometimes I too commit this mistake. When my skin feels smooth and soft I keep touching it and later I can see a breakout on that part of the face so I only touch my face when my hands are super clean.

Eating super oily food
Junk food looks very tempting to the taste buds but is very hazardous for the health and skin as well.  It makes your skin very oily.  indulging yourself often with fast food and limit it to once in a week. You can instead consume healthy oily food prepared at home. It’s much more hygienic and beneficial for health and skin. Also keep yourself hydrated with water to avoid acne breakout.

I’m sure you might be guilty of at least one of these mistakes. I’ve been there too! We all make mistakes and what matters is that if we take care of it the next time. That was it for today and I hope your skin gets more flawless and gorgeous as ever! ????

6 thoughts on “7 Worst Reasons Why You Might Be Getting Breakouts”

  1. I remember using certain skin care products which did not suit my skin at all, in fact, they use to give me breakouts which I realized when I discontinued using them! Great post Mariyam! 🙂

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