Skincare Products You Don’t Actually Need at All

Most of the time during sales or discounts we tend to buy few bunch of products which we don’t use at all later and worst thing is that our hard earned money gets wasted. There are some beauty products that we’d actually can substitute with other products and thus save a lot of pennies. 

I’m listing the skincare products which we might not need at all and also their substitutes which do the job perfectly.

• Lip Scrub

I wanted to put this on first because I’ve experienced that I didn’t need this at all. Instead of buying a lip scrub make one it at home by mixing powdered sugar with olive oil or by using an extra soft baby toothbrush. Main point here is to remove dead skin and exfoliate which can be simply done with these 2 ingredients.

• Makeup Remover
I know many of the beauty junkies who don’t buy a makeup remover and instead use natural oils. Despite removing makeup, these removers contain chemicals which might irritate skin or cause breakout. So what I do is take olive/coconut/almond oil on a round cotton pad and lightly massage till my makeup melts. Then I leave it for dew seconds and wash face. This gives a glow to my face!

• Toner
Sometimes I think it’s necessary but sometimes just not! Job of a toner is to remove the traces of makeup and give a clear skin which can be done even without a toner. Use something natural like rose water, cucumber water or mint water which can be prepared easily at home. You can even use ice cold water to shut the pores down. There’s no point of splurging on an expensive toner when you can make one.

• Hand or Foot Cream
Beauty recommend usinghands creams for firm and soft looking hands. Including a hand/foot cream is an additional step which can be done with any thick moisturizer. My hand cream is still lying useless. I typically use almond oil, olive oil or any rich cream on my hands and feet to hydrate them.

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• Foot Scrub
Why buy a foot scrub when any facial or body scrub can give the same result? Make sure the scrub is bit coarse so that dead skin gets off easily. Even a coffee or an oat scrub can give fresh and soft feet.

• Hair Mask
Sounds pampering like a face mask but you don’t need to invest money on this. A conditioner coated well on tresses will make your hair unexceptionally soft and shiny just like an expensive hair mask. Oils hydrating for hair are already available like castor oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil which needs to be massaged and then washed off afterwards. Use mashed banana or an egg yolk as a hair mask and you’ll love it.

• Stretch Marks Cream
I find these creams everywhere but do you really think they work? Stretch marks is something that doesn’t go away quickly or easily without a cosmetic surgery. Instead of purchasing a specific stretch marks cream scrub the area properly and keep it moisturized with a cream. Use cocoa butter or vaseline. Make sure the cream is thick and rich and rub it often.

• Eye Cream
Caring for under eye area is a good practice and unlike other parts of face this needs the most attention. Eye cream is basically loaded with thick moisturizers and is expensive. They work on fine lines and wrinkles by just moisturizing the under eye. Instead of spending bucks on them, use sweet almond oil on under eye area which will soften thin skin and also prevent dark circles. Plenty of water and good night’s sleep will minus the disturbed under eye area than an eye cream.

There are still some more unnecessary beauty products that you probably don’t need in your skincare regimen.

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  1. Great post!
    I too love taking off my makeup with coconut oil. Stretch marks sure don't go away with creams. I have tried plenty and they just won't budge 😐 :

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