5 Steps to Apply Korean Face Wash for Combination Skin

Every skin type has its issues, but we have to admit that combination skin is like a spoiled child. However hard we try, it just constantly requires a different approach. Sometimes it’s the shiny forehead, sometimes it’s the flaky patches, sometimes pores get enlarged, and all of these happening with no warning.

As we have stumbled across so many various conditions through our beauty research, we were brought to a clue. Studies show that Koreans are among the nations with some of the tiniest percent of people struggling with dry, sensitive, or combination skin type.

The key to coping with this particular skin type might be hiding in the very approach towards the beauty routine. Indeed, Koreans develop a whole precise ritual to feed and protect the skin. We believe that borrowing some of their practices can remedy combination skin types by addressing the very roots of the problem. And if you also struggle with some prejudices about the quality of Korean products, maybe you will drop your pride after digging deep into the unique Korean ways to maintain healthy skin.

First, Korean face washes come in many forms. These can be whipped creams, foam washes, milky washes, exfoliating cleansers, and pore-minimizing cleansers, and the list doesn’t end here. But the difference is that Koreans have so many products because they use all of these to prevent skin issues from ever developing.

Below are our best self-tested tips on how to choose, apply, and make the most out of a Korean face wash for combination skin.

How to Apply Korean Face Wash for Combination Skin | 5 Proven Tips

1. Enhance the benefits of face washes by deep detoxification for skin regeneration

Koreans make use of all kinds of deep facial treatments, such as sheet masks, sleep masks, ampoules, essences, herbal infusions, and more. But one thing is a grounding for their regimens, and this is the regular implementation of a good charcoal peel-off mask.

We highly approve of this all-natural approach to sucking out all the accumulated dirt and grime. Activated charcoal can help to even out and tone the whole surface of the skin. And that aids in achieving a more uniform complexion.

For best results, you need to follow the instructions on the particular product because the ingredient content varies.

So the action of each of these masks also depends on factors such as appropriate dispersing, well-timed drying, and controlled pull-off. Mind not to overuse these in the areas prone to dryness. That will only lead to more flaking.

That particular procedure can help to deeply cleanse and prepare the skin so that when we use our face washes, their effect can reveal fully. It would have been hard to achieve this with clogged pores, right?

2. Take advantage of a suitable double-cleansing method

The Korean double-cleansing method has become very popular, but here we mean a slightly different thing. It’s just that combination skin type needs developing a dual approach. We can’t make maximum benefits of the same cleanser for both the oily and the dry areas.

Another useful trick for applying Korean face wash for combination skin is to massage the dry zones gently with just a drop of Cinnamon Oil on your fingertip. That imparts a slight temporary warming sensation.

More significantly, this helps to stimulate the blood flow so that the skin gets to recover new, healthy tissue.

3. Exfoliating cleansers as a part of a daily routine?

Yes, Koreans have exfoliating cleansers as part of their daily beauty regimen. But how can one exfoliate so often, and is this not stripping the skin of its natural oils?

Koreans imply many botanical and essential oils to their exfoliators so that these become suitable to use every day. The consistency allows us to lubricate and exfoliate the skin simultaneously.

You can also take advantage of a homemade gentle scrub. Mix one tablespoon of rice flour with two spoons of coconut milk. Add 10 drops of Rosehip Seed Oil and one tablespoon of Olive Oil. Apply with a light massage on dry skin and let it sit for about two to five minutes.

4. Don’t rub in your face wash

That process is disturbing to the oil glands and makes them produce even more oils in response. It is also counterproductive to dry patches, as it only leads to more flakes and unevenness.

Koreans only massage or pat in the cosmetics but do not imply tension or pressure on the skin.

5. Perform the right moves

Combination skin can benefit much from gentle, circular movements. That is the exact thing Koreans do during application.

Just soft, focused, and light touches to activate the ingredients without bothering the complicated surface of combination skin type.

Always start rinsing the dry areas first. Meanwhile, the product can stick well to the oils in the zones, prone to greasiness.

The Bottom Line

The world is rapidly evolving and becoming more open than ever. We learn so many unknown facts and explore so many different attitudes towards the maintenance of beautiful and healthy skin. By following the above-given steps to apply Korean face wash, we can get gorgeous skin. We believe there is yet much more to discover and share with each other to enhance our inner glow. After all, our skin is like a mirror that shows the understanding of the processes that occur in our bodies.

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