Who Should Get Over the Phone Therapy?

Like phone counseling, phone therapy is also a type of psychotherapy that can be received via phone. You can connect with a psychotherapist over the phone and get a session by your psychotherapist sitting at home and being all comfortable.

Here is all about what phone therapy refers to and who should get it.

What is Telephone Therapy?

Just like phone counseling, telephone therapy refers to getting psychotherapy through phone or skype. It refers to talking to a professional therapist through a phone or video calling to help you resolve your mental health issues.

You can schedule the time with your therapist, which is most suitable for you and the location that you prefer.

It is similar to the therapy session you get face-to-face. It provides you with an outlet where you can talk to a therapist in private and resolve your life issues.

Who Should Get Over the Phone Therapy

A counselor is chosen to help you out with your problems after assessing your situation like it is done in a face-to-face therapy session. Then you are connected with that particular counselor for the rest of your therapy sessions.

These sessions last generally for 30 minutes to an hour, but they are flexible, so you can choose the duration of the sessions depending on how long you want these sessions to last.

This makes the therapy different from the traditional method and makes it easier for people to reach out to a therapist who requires therapy.

Who Should Get Over The Telephone Therapy?

People do prefer on-phone therapy rather than face-to-face therapy, but it does have limitations to it as well.

Not all people who suffer from a mental illness can get phone therapy.

Telephone therapy is recommended for people who have a mild mental illness. People who have a severe mental illness or a severe mental disorder should visit a psychotherapist and get therapy face-to-face.

When a person is suffering from a severe mental illness, phone therapy might not be as useful to them as seeing a therapist face-to-face would be.

People who suffer from an illness like depression or stress, people who have different phobias, or people suffering from anxiety or illness like these can go for on-phone therapy and can get effective results too. If someone is suffering from such illness, they can reach out to their therapist in an emergency if you opt for a phone therapy session.

Benefits of Telephone Therapy

Since phone therapy has been a trend, many people are taking on-phone therapy sessions as well as many psychotherapists and counselors are providing with the option of therapy through phones.

Here are some benefits you get when you choose for an on-phone therapy

Saves you time

Getting telephone therapy saves your time as it saves mobility and the time which is spent in traveling to the office of the therapist.

Easy when you are far

It is easier to get phone therapy when you are out of town and in need of an urgent therapy session.

Helpful for those who have an issue with traveling

For those who have an issue in traveling or are maybe disabled, phone therapy is the best and easiest way to get a therapy session.

An important therapy for those who have Agoraphobia

For those who are scared of leaving their ‘safety/comfort’ zone, telephone therapy comes out as a lifeline that could lead to a better and happier future.

Saves you money

It saves money as it costs lesser than the face-to-face as well as it saves the money you spend on traveling when taking a face-to-face therapy session.

It offers more privacy and ore sense of comfortability It gives you complete anonymity as it was stated earlier and gives you a complete sense of privacy. You can be in your comfort zone while taking this therapy which will enable you to open up to the therapist more and have an effective session.

Phone therapy also gives you a wide range of therapists to choose from You can choose a therapist which you find the most suitable in accordance with your condition and start a therapy session immediately.

Is Therapy Over the Phone Effective?

A recent study by APA had shown that therapy over the phone is as effective as face-to-face therapy is. According to clients who took the telephone therapy, they have preferred it over the face-to-face traditional therapy and they have continued with this option as well.

This therapy is not only effective but it also costs lesser than face-to-face traditional therapy. Apart from being effective, it is also more reachable to clients when they are in an emergency.

Phone counseling and therapy are a way to help you improve your mental health and live a happier life. As stated, it is necessary to take care of your mental health too. Most people choose to ignore it as they feel embarrassed telling people that they suffer from a mental illness which is not right.

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