What Happens When You Use Excessive Makeup Daily?

What exactly happens when you use excessive makeup daily? I would say it is not healthy to go overboard! Not only can it affect your skin, but it can also affect your mental health. Beauty standards can only get you so far.

What Happens When You Use Excessive Makeup Daily

Here’s an insight into my experience when I use too much makeup:

1. The first thing I thought was that I looked ugly without makeup.

2. My foundation addiction was such that I never left the house without it, and the idea of going without it frightened me. To achieve the perfect flawless skin, I would apply layers and layers of makeup until I looked hideous.

3. Without makeup, I looked almost unrecognizable. The purpose of makeup is to enhance features rather than transform them completely.

4. Increasingly, I became self-conscious about my appearance or if my makeup was on point.

5. Whenever I was getting ready for college, all my time was spent on makeup. Guess what? I was always late to class.

6. Loose powder and compacts left me with little whiteheads on unusual areas of my face that were difficult to remove.

7. Most importantly, too much makeup gave me the illusion that I was older than I truly was. Makeup can create the illusion of being mature, but if you overdo it, it can add years to your actual age.

8. Makeup products are full of chemicals which may be harmful to the skin.

9. Skin under the eyes is the most sensitive part of the face and layering different makeup products will only irritate the skin and make it even darker.

Whenever I apply kajal or eyeliner, it leaves a black residue for 2-3 days, even after removing it. Have you ever wondered why your under eyes appear darker even after a good night’s sleep?

10. Makeup is expensive. Unless you’re a makeup artist or it’s about your job, hoarding makeup might feel pointless. Imagine how your bank account would improve if you limited makeup purchases.

11. My skin became incredibly uneven when I applied foundation daily. No amount of face packs or scrubs you buy could fix this problem. Taking a break from all this heavy stuff helped. A wise pick would be to use an airbrush foundation that is lighter and gives a natural look.

12. At the end of the day, removing makeup was such an arduous task for me that it made me feel sick.

So that’s my final verdict…

The art of makeup is a beautiful one, capable of transforming you into a goddess in minutes. Too much makeup can be incredibly unhealthy.

No more relying on a heavy-duty foundation to create an even base or slathering on powder to highlight my under-eye area. That doesn’t mean I won’t wear makeup.

For now, I will just put on minimal makeup to correct a few minor imperfections and allow my skin to breathe. I’ll first concentrate on how to show my natural beauty.

From now on, I will only use heavy makeup on occasions when I feel like being my best self!

Are you fed up with wearing excessive makeup daily too? I would love to know if you do and how you deal with it in the comments.

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24 thoughts on “What Happens When You Use Excessive Makeup Daily?”

  1. I agree with you. At some level we get obsessed with it.
    I have a lot of acne marks and I used to feel that I can't go to do without foundation because of that. But slowly I realised that people didn't care whether I had marks or.not. I was good at what I did and they liked me for that. So why should I be so particular about it. I started wearing less makeup and letting my blemishes show through.
    Some times as a blogger it is hard to go to events without make up but I have started doing that and I love it. I love that I can step out without makeup on now and still feel confident. It takes time to understand this but its fabulous once one does.

  2. I can totally relate to you. Even I used to layer foundation on my marks and just got addicted to it. Then I realized I needed to stop and I did somehow. It takes time but is worth it 🙂

  3. Senseiteve Anubhuti

    this is really thoughtful post..I go bare face most of the time be it any place.. even without kajal and liner..i do not have this quo that i have to wear makeup if i'm going out and i feel comfortable in my skin 🙂 But I do wear makeup as well..it depends on my mood 🙂

  4. This is really a fantastic post, infact I had something like this in my head. Though I never went full on foundation but I dont really like the idea of makeup on point all the time. In the end I agree its a personal choice but enhancing the features is beneficial for skin and just enough as all 🙂 :*

  5. Fabulous post Mariyam ! I agree with you on this topic completely.
    My personal view: You do not need makeup everytime, sometimes all you need is a moisturiser and you are good to go. But at the same time on some occasions well groomed look is important, all you need to know is how much quantity is more than enough. 🙂

  6. While make up is fun, we still need to be comfortable in our own skin. I have severe dark circles which make it look like I have panda eyes and I have lots of acne scarring, but there are days when I don't even reach for a compact. We need to love ourselves including our tiny imperfections.

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