4 Sassy Ways To Flaunt Your Fingers In Style

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Fingers have been one of the prime elements of a women’s style quotient from time immemorial. Long, slender, and stylish are the most often used words to describe a woman’s fingers. But can one enhance or complement this body feature further? Here are four fancy ways to add that bling to your fingers:

4 Ways To Flaunt Your Fingers In Style

#1 Rings

Rings are one of the most common yet sought-after means to highlight the fingers. Rings are a part of the customs and tradition (as an engagement ring). Today they are part of regular jewelry. The most preferred one of them is the diamond ring. The fancy light that dazzles off this brilliant jewel is sure to lure anyone.

As once said by Marilyn Monroe, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Over time, the demand and sales have increased manifold. Diamonds are the most radiant, rare, gorgeous, and elegant gemstones. White diamonds are timeless. Now, colored diamonds like pink, rose gold, argyle pink, or fancy brownish are most opted for.

Pink Diamond Rings are a symbol of undeniable romance and sheer class. Pink diamonds are rare and constitute only 1% of worldwide diamond production. They are truly beautiful and also look a bit mysterious.

More than 90% of pink diamonds originate from Australia. The scarce availability and stunning beauty make natural pink diamonds valuable.

So next time when you go looking for a ring, you know which one to choose that represents the color of love.

#2 Nails

A splash of color adds a perfect finish to your beautiful nails, but is it the only way? Experienced manicurists say that the nail shape forms the foundation for exceptional fingers. So how does one change the nail shape? The answer is – acrylic nails.

You can get the desired shape with the help of acrylic nails. Choose between – square, round, oval, almond, and Ballerina or coffin-shaped nails.

A wide finger can be slender, or a wide nail bed can be long and thin. If you have a short digit, an almond-shaped nail can create extra length.

If you don’t have the time to visit the salon, then the classic round-shaped nails are for you. They are easy to maintain, soft, and compliment any color.

Oval-shaped nails are the ideal ones for short and wide nail beds. They have elongating abilities. Neat and stylish are the square-shaped nails and perfect for small sizes. Coffin or Ballerina-shaped nails are hands down the best shape for long-nail lovers.

Almond and Ballerina are the most preferred styles among women. Celebs like Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian also use them. Though the bold design needs a lot of upkeep, paired with the right hue and polish, it’s worth the effort.

#3 Tattoos

Finger tattoos originated from ancient tribes, and now it’s one of the trendiest features. They are very versatile, and choosing the right one for your finger makes all the difference.

One can opt for a miniature symbol or letters or can get the entire finger covered. Tattoos come in different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right design helps create an added personality statement.

Some tattoos have a trail of designs or wordings. Some can be floral depictions that cover the entire finger. Each signifies a different aspect of your life, for example:

  • Astrology or Mythological Tattoos can mean your inclination towards god.
  • Couple tattoo points to the love for another person.
  • A tattoo on the middle finger signifies a commitment towards someone.
  • An index finger tribal tattoo reflecting the origins.

So without much ado, get your fingers inked to adore and flaunt them forever!

#4 Finger Bandage Gloves

Long ago, finger bandage gloves were an attire for royalty. They can be embroidered or with laces. Is it because of its intricate designs or the lavish look it adds to hands that mesmerize the beholder?

The knotty thread work and the grandeur of the designs are attractive. The use of the net is an integral part of the design, accompanied by floral patterns made with laces.

Earlier, these were for ceremonial occasions only. Now it has become a part of the style statement of this era too.

Now you know how exactly to look after those fingers of yours to make them adorable. Next time when you go out, your long and slender fingers will grab the attention of everyone around you.

The luster of the pink diamond ring around. A hint of your liking through the ink. Long shaped nails in a fine embroidered finger glove. Isn’t that enough reason to flaunt already!

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