W2 Fairness Facial Kit : Review

Hi beauties!
With the summers going on, it’s hard to maintain the glow of skin and I can see extreme tanning on my face. My skin needed some TLC and since I’m usually busy in college and studies, I took some time out and tried the W2 Fairness Facial Kit! After using it, I guess I’m ready for a review. 🙂

Price: Rs. 249/- (I got it on discount 😉 )

Quantity: 25 ml x 3 and 20 ml x 1

W2 Fairness Facial Kit Review

W2 (Why Wait) is a new brand for me and I’ve never used its product before. It is an Indian brand which has wide range of body and skincare products . This cute lil kit caught my eye and I bought it! This fairness facial kit contains 3 travel sized bottles and 1 small tube. I love these sober black bottles!

1. Face Wash

First step is to use the face wash. It smells musky. I took a dime sized and applied all over my damp face. It was really slippery and was bit hard to wash off easily. Though face becomes dry after using it.

2. Scrub

This scrub looks like a creamy paste but has a gritty and abrasive texture when massaged into face. I used a light hand while scrubbing so it doesn’t hurt my skin. It left my face clean and free from dead skin!

3. Massage Gel

It is a light textured gel which is to be massaged lightly on face for 5-10 minutes. I pat water on my face and then keep on massaging.

4. Serum 

Applying serum is the last of this facial kit. It smells like men’s cologne. It sinks right into the skin after few seconds.

Final Word: 
The result I got after using this facial kit was average and there was a subtle glow on my face which didn’t lasted even for one hour. Using this was a fine experience but there’s one thing which bothers me, it says it’s doesn’t have chemicals but if you look at the ingredients list you’ll see many of them even parabens. If you want to use them for travel it’s a good option and I recommend this for that purpose!

Have you used this facial kit yet? Or what do you think about W2 products? Share your views!

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