Top 6 Best Victoria’s Secret Lip Glosses EVER!

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Are you looking for the best Victoria’s Secret Lip Gloss for luxe lips? Your search will end here with this post.

Lip gloss has been used for ages to provide a glossy shine to the lips. It gives a glossy luster and sometimes also provides a slight tint to the lips.

You shouldn’t confuse lip glosses with lip balms. Lips balms have soothing or medical properties, while lip glosses are mainly for beauty purposes. They are made out of wax, pigment, and sometimes essential oils.

The main ingredient, lanolin, provides moisture and shine to the lips. They are generally available in opaque and translucent texture and can have a satin, glossy, glittery, frosty, or metallic finish.

Best Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss

A little Info about Victoria’s Secret Lip Gloss

Roy Raymond founded Victoria’s Secret in 1977. It is one of the leading brands of America which deals with high-end lingerie and cosmetics.

Beauty products are their latest innovation, and before this, they specialized solely on women’s lingerie, which branched out to the women’s wear category after some time. Their catalog dealing with beauty products are super exclusive. Almost 375 million copies are printed every year to be distributed in all of their stores globally.

A publically trading company known as Limited Brands Inc owns Victoria’s Secret. Their beauty branch is known as the Intimate Beauty Corporation and was created in 1988.

The Victoria’s Secret lip gloss range is their best-selling product. Since lip gloss is an integral part of any beauty line, Victoria’s Secret cashed this marketing opportunity and created some of the world’s best lip glosses.

Why Should You Invest in Quality Lip Products?

The beauty industry is the most money-making industry in the world. This is a no-brainer because of the wide range of products and brands available. You can find everything from affordable to luxury. You can choose anything that does your budget.

But it is better to splurge on high-end products when it comes to reaping the product’s real benefits. The high amount speaks for the time and effort put in the making of the product.

Your skin already goes through so much environmental torture like heat, sweat, dirt, dust, pollution, and so much more. Plus, your diet also can have negative influences on the way your skin looks.

Talking about your lips, they are an integral part of your entire face. Your lips can easily reflect your lifestyle habits. They can get dull, dry, chapped, and pigmented after enduring so much. So, it is essential to invest in a high-end product when it comes to lips.

Lip products ensure that your lips are well taken care of. High-end brands tend to add more moisturizing ingredients such as Shea butter, cocoa butter, etc. so that your lips stay hydrated throughout the day and don’t get dry and chapped quickly.

You can rely on a good lip product for rich pigmentation, and also it will give you excellent wear throughout the day. There are many lip products out there in the market which is even formulated for your lip concerns. They can lighten the pigmentation on your lips and can also keep them soft and supple.

For all these reasons, it is worth it to splurge on a high-end brand when it comes to lip products because they boost the health of your lips which the drugstore products sometimes do not do.

Best Victoria’s Secret Lip Glosses

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Beauty Rush Shiny Kiss Flavored Gloss – Strawberry Fizz

Best Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss

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This limited edition is a must-have for every woman out there. This lip gloss is young, bubbly, and highly pigmented.

It is a cult favorite because of its dazzling sparkles and reflective shine.

It is thick and has great staying power. You can layer it on top of your favorite lipstick or wear it on its own for a more natural finish.

A fabulous lip gloss for everyday wear when you want to sport a sultry pout.

Shine Drama Lip Gloss

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This lip gloss is great for people who deal with the problems of dry and chapped lips. This lip gloss is infused with the goodness of Argan oil and Aloe Vera, which keeps your lips hydrated and moisturized for long.

The variant Elusive is a nice baby pink shade that provides a very natural tint to the lips. This lip gloss from Victoria’s Secret makeup collection will enable you to steal the spotlight with its rich and luxurious shine. So get ready to blind everyone with such reflective shine.

Its smooth application makes it essential in all makeup kits.

Gloss Balm

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If you prefer glossy shine in your balm, this one is perfect for you!

It not only nourishes and hydrates your lips but also gives them a light red-hot hint. With this lip gloss, it’s a win-win.

The formula is great and works for every lip.

Victoria’s Secret Minty Shine On Refreshing Lip Gloss

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This is a sheer lip gloss for mint lovers. It gives a natural shine to the lips and is great for every occasion you need to pout.

You get refreshed lips every time you put this gloss on.

The lip gloss is extremely light on your lips, and its non-sticky formula makes it a crowd favorite.

Holo Glow Prismatic Lip Gloss – Electric Blush

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This is a non-sticky, pigment-rich, and smooth lip gloss. It has a thick creamy consistency which will give your lips a nice sheen and taste.

It is lightweight and has an ultra glossy texture which also helps in keeping your lips moisturized. The hologram is the hottest trend when it comes to lip products.

You can use it as a sole product or on top of any matte lip product for a unique shine.

Satin Gloss Lip Shine – Berry Flash

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This is a flirty and young lip gloss that provides the right amount of shine to your lips. It has a highly pigmented non-sticky formula that stays on the lips for a very long time.

As the name suggests, it is a satin-finish lip gloss that provides a nice sheen to your lips. It is an excellent lip gloss to amp up your nighttime life.

Just pop it on solo or combine it with any other lip product, and you are all set to go.

Final Word

This popular brand soothes all of your lip product cravings, and there is something for everyone. Their formula is such that you will never be disappointed with its lip glosses. They keep their customers in mind and tries to resolve and provide products for every lip-related concern.

The popularity of Victoria’s Secret is essentially because they are a highly trustworthy and reliable brand. So grab your favorite and get ready to slay!

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