Top 5 Organic, Unscented Water Baby Wipes in India for Safe Clean-ups

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Finding the right baby wipe might sound like a time-consuming task but essential nevertheless, especially since it will make messy clean-ups so much easier.

Your newborn’s skin is always sensitive. From choosing the best unscented pure water baby wipes to using them on your infant, everything has to be smooth and careful.

When it comes to baby wipes for sensitive skin, unscented ones are considered the best.

Here is a list of the five best unscented wipes for the babies that you can consider trying on.

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Mother Sparsh Unscented Pure Water Baby Wipes

Unscented Pure Water Baby Wipes in India

Unscented Pure Water Baby Wipes in India

Either it is a sudden change of diaper or your baby’s hands and mouth are all messed up, Mother Sparsh 99% Unscented Pure Water Baby Wipes can provide you with a gentle, velvety soft clean-up for your baby’s normal or sensitive skin.

These baby wipes are made of plant-based medical-grade cloth that is super soft and three times thicker than usual ones. The water-based formula provides a gentle touch to the skin. Since it is devoid of artificial fragrance, it is one of the best baby wipes for diaper rash.

Due to natural thickness, these wipes clean the baby fast in one go. After wiping off, the skin doesn’t feel moist which is a plus to avoid bacteria. If you’re worried about infection or rashes, the wipes are dermatologically tested and clinically examined to give your baby a smooth clean-up experience.

The best part is the absence of fragrance which can be sniffed after using the wipes. It literally feels like you’re using a cotton cloth with water. Let’s face it – it’s not practically possible to take a clean cotton cloth and water to clean up the baby every time they get messy. So, these wipes can come in handy.

Mothers Sparsh baby wipes are high-quality comparatively and have other qualities like skin-friendliness, eco-friendliness, 100% biodegradability, and suitable for normal and sensitive skin.

You can save more by purchasing Mother Sparsh’s Super Saver pack. For more information, check out Mother Sparsh’s website here.


Goodnessme is a brand that has worked hard on making its products safe for babies. They have spent at least three years testing and retesting, and searching for the most suitable ingredients. Their first set of products includes Goodnessme baby wipes with various organic ingredients like aloe vera and organic rose water. The wipes are 97% pure unscented water-based wipes and are dermatologically tested.

These Goodnessme baby wipes are perfect for keeping your baby’s body clean and moisture at all times. If you are looking for something pure, soft, and filled with natural goodness, Goodnessme baby wipes should work for your baby. These baby wipes are vegan and cruelty-free and don’t contain toxins, parabens, alcohol, petroleum, etc.

mamaJOY Pure Water Baby Wipes

unscented pure water baby wipes in india

mamaJOY’s baby wipes are specially designed for the sensitive skin of newborn babies. These wipes are incredibly suitable for premature babies’ skin as they are made with 99 % purified water. They’re not just skin-friendly but earth-friendly too. It is free from alcohol, paraben and harmful chemicals.


Pampers is one of the famous brands of baby products in India. They spend a considerable amount of effort and time in innovation and research to bring the best possible baby products to the world.

Pampers baby wipes are infused with aloe vera extracts and vitamin-e, which are smooth on sensitive skin. There’s no artificial fragrance on these unscented water-based wipes, so only mild natural fragrance lingers when you use them. The anti-rash property of these wipes avoids making rashes or redness on the baby’s skin.

LuvLap Unscented Pure Water Baby Wipes

The hypoallergenic formulation in the LuvLap baby wipes prevents rashes and allergies on sensitive premature skin.

If you are looking for something to use for gentle cleaning, these wipes will be the most suitable because it doesn’t cause the slightest damage to the skin. Like most other wipes, 99% of the ingredients are water and aloe vera; vitamin E is there as ingredients.

These wipes are dermatologically tested as safe for both normal and sensitive baby skins. LuvLap is one of the best baby wipes for avoiding diaper rash.

Why should you go for unscented baby wipes?

Many parents prefer to use unscented baby wipes when their babies are newly born and only a few months old. As they grow a few months older than that, some parents are likely to shift to scented ones, while some like to keep using the same.

It is because some babies’ skin doesn’t agree with the scented wipes on their diaper area. Sometimes, it can also be a matter of preference for some parents as some fragrances might be unpleasant for them.

How to choose the best baby wipes?

how to choose a baby wipe

Here are five factors to consider before choosing baby wipes:


A baby’s skin is constantly developing and hence is very prone to irritation. Harsh ingredients and friction can lead to skin redness, rashes, and discomfort on a baby’s skin. Therefore, you must always check the ingredients before buying the baby wipes. Make sure that the primary ingredients are mild yet effective.

Strength and durability

While trying to make it softer for the baby’s skin, some brands might use it as smooth as cotton material. But no one wants to experience wipes tearing or breaking in the middle of a diaper change. Make sure you choose a brand that has thick baby wipes yet soft.


The right proportion of moisture is essential to check as well. You will realize that if the wipes are too wet, there will be dripping. And if wipes are too dry, you will not be able to clean the skin properly. So, you must find wipes with balanced moisture.


Baby wipes are always made keeping sensitive skin in mind, but the most preferred type will be environmentally friendly and biodegradable too.


The first touch of the wipes with your hand might be soft, but while you use it on the body, the texture can feel rough. To avoid roughness and irritation on the skin, alcohol-free wipes are an ideal choice. They are equally effective as the alcohol ones.

Can you use baby wipes to remove makeup?

Baby wipes uses are extensive and not limited to the baby’s skins only. The wipes contain various ingredients that work perfectly while breaking down oil, wax, or silicone, the same ingredients used by many makeup products.

Baby wipes are also suitable for removing debris and dirt accumulated on the skin throughout the day. So, if someday you are out of your makeup remover, it is okay to use baby wipes as a replacement.

Bottom line

With so many brands providing rash-free and unscented pure water baby wipes in India, it is hard to choose suitable ones. Especially with brands claiming to be all-natural and ideal for sensitive skin. Regardless of the baby wipes prices in India, we recommend you to go for the popular brands which stay true to their words.

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